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Founded in 2015 by then 18-year-old Max Fata, 99 Cent Razor was the first shave kit club to feature razors for women. The company offers a variety of subscription packages for both women and men, with disposable razors and razors with replaceable heads. Razor subscription packages start as low as $3.96 every six months (that’s 66 cents a month) and range up to $11.92 per month.

We have prepared this review to help you determine if 99 Cent Razor is the subscription shaving box for you.

What Makes 99cent Razor Unique?

Charitable giving. Yes, the most unique thing about 99 Cent Razor is that the company donates 99 cents of every order to charity. Their favorite, and default, charity is START Rescue, an animal rescue and rehome stray animals. From its conception, 99 Cent Razor has donated to START Rescue. Now, though, the company offers customers thirty charitable organizations to which they can direct their donations.

This charitable giving is an option not found on any of the other subscription box offers (razors or anything else) that we have reviewed. Unique among subscription companies, 99 Cent Razor is helping the world with real direction and money.

99 Cent Razor is also the first razor subscription service to feature razors for women. From the beginning, they recognized that women had been an overlooked population in the razor sales venue. For its first year, the company logo featured the colors pink and blue to market their razors to customers of either gender.


  • Quality razors are offered at a low price.
  • 99 cents of every order is donated to a charity that you choose.
  • The company features razors and shaving products for women and men.
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    You can tailor your subscription to meet your shaving needs.
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    They offer a variety of subscription and non-subscriptions products.
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    The website’s entertaining blog covers topics from “how to shave your neck” to reviews of other subscription razor boxes to “companies that support causes.”


  • They do offer fewer products for women than they do for men.
  • They have recently changed razor suppliers, so some of the old favorites (named after dogs, by the way) are no longer available.
  • The company has undergone some major changes in the last few months, and not all pages of their website have accurate information.

How the Signup Process Works

Becoming a member of 99Cent Razor is as easy as ordering your first package. Simply click on the image of the razor, bundle, or product you want, then select the frequency that you want the package sent to you.

Then you can add to your order or proceed to the checkout.

Pricing and Value

The pricing of a subscription at 99Cent Razor is dependent on your selection of products.  The lowest price is for a single razor handle with blades at $3.96 for each delivery. Those deliveries can occur as frequently as every month, or as infrequently as once every six months. The most expensive razor is $11.92 per delivery, again from once a month to once every six months.

Products are also offered in bundles. The bundle price will depend on the products you choose to include in the bundle, but the bundled prices are significantly lower than the price of the individual products. For example, in a women’s bundle, the OWN Beauty deodorant is $4.95, while the individual purchase price is $5.50.

The cost of each product and bundle is definitely worth the price. The prices are lower than or comparable to other shaving subscription boxes. The value of each purchase will be determined by your preferences. There’s no value at all in a product you don’t like and won’t use.

Public Perception (Other 99cent Razor Reviews)

We sought reviews of the 99Cent Razor subscription and found overwhelming evidence that this is a quality product. Most reviewers raved about the quality for the price, claiming the razor is as good as the much higher priced razors at the big-box or discount stores.

We looked for, but could not find any negative reviews—not about customer service, delivery, or the product. At worst, reviewers stated that they found the razor to be better than you would expect for the price. Another almost criticism was that the reviewer would stick with their current brand, but there was nothing wrong with this razor.

How It Compares

We compared the 99Cent Razor subscription boxes to similar subscription boxes and found that 99Cent Razor offers the best value and options. For example, the lowest price subscription at 99Cent Razor is $3.96 per month, while the lowest at another shave club site is $5.00. Prices for products were similarly lower with 99Cent Razor.

With some shave or grooming kits, you do not get to select the items in your box; the same is true for some beauty boxes for women. With 99Cent Razor, you select and receive only the items you want.  There is little value in a box of beauty or beard items that you do not want.

In the consumer reviews that we accessed, we found that many customers preferred the products from 99Cent Razor to those from higher-priced subscription boxes.


When can I expect my order to arrive? 

Can I return the razors if I don’t like them? 

How does your charitable giving work? 

Is It Worth It For Me?

If you shave, whether you are a man or a woman, male or female, this is a service from which you will benefit. If you are not fully satisfied, subscriptions can be canceled quite easily by clicking on the cancel my subscription link at the bottom of the home page at 99Cent Razor and following the instructions.

When you subscribe to 99Cent Razor, let us know. Provide your own review in the comments section of this page.

Coupons and Deals

99Cent Razor is currently offering the first month free with any subscription.  By free, they mean no shipping charges either.

Review Summary/Overview

Overall, 99Cent Razor is an excellent value for the price. We found no negative reviews of the service or the products. In addition to the value of the product, this service regularly donates thousands of dollars to charitable organizations—an effort with a different kind of value.


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