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You’ve heard of Dollar Shave Club because of their viral YouTube video campaign that said, “Our Blades are ****ing Great” and racked up more than 25 million views. This brand built their reputation on viral marketing, focused solely on price. The company started in 2012 and went from hitting $4 million in sales in the first year and raked in more than $240 million during 2016. The Dollar Shave Club has a strong reputation throughout the industry, and they’ve taken some serious time to hone their business model for affordability.

Let’s learn more about Dollar Shave Club, their pricing, how to sign up, and how they compare to the competition. In this review, you’ll learn everything you need to make a solid purchasing decision about your men’s razor subscription.

What Makes Dollar Shave Club Unique?

Just read the name “Dollar Shave Club,” and you know what their value proposition is about pricing. Their subscription service costs only $1 a month for two, two-blade cartridges. They report more than 1.5 million subscribers so sticking to the lowest price on that market seems to be working for them.

Now that Dollar Shave Club has built up some market share, they are expanding their ad campaigns and product lines to encourage good shaving habits with higher end gels, shave butter, and post-shave spray.

The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee to customers. In many customer reviews, those that did make use of the warranty were able to get a refund for their purchase.


  • The most affordable option out there
  • Easy sign-up process
  • It costs less than $1
  • check
    Executive handle fits the handle comfortably
  • check
    Available in two, four, or six-blade cartridges


  • Cheaper cartridges come with two blades only
  • Expansion beyond shaving is changing their business
  • Less stylish packaging than other boxes
  • Some users report the razors wear out for heavy shavers

How Does the Dollar Shave Sign-up Process Work?  

Ready to sign-up up for the Dollar Shave Club but don’t know how to sift through a Dollar Shave Club review? Just skip to the sign-up process.

The basic cost of the box is $5 for the first month’s starter set and then $9 a month for the following months. The $5 starter set comes with their Executive Razor, four Executive Razor Cartridges, and a trial kit of butter, wipes, and cleaners.

Since they started online, the Dollar Shave Club streamlined their sign-up process for new users. The basic steps are as follows:

  • Chose which product you would like, either pick a starter set or select a razor you prefer
  • Select a replacement cartridge type and frequency
  • Enter your personal information to create your account
  • If you don’t want to get a month’s shipment, you can pause your delivery  

There is no long-term commitment so you can cancel at any time. The company is now expanding to other services so you can also check out the Dollar Shave Club for subscription boxes including oral care, shaving, showering, skin care, and butt wipes.

Pricing and Value

This Dollar Shave Club review does have a trick for navigating the trial and getting the best price. It is easy to convince yourself you are getting a good deal with the $5 Starter Set, but you are then committing to a monthly replacement of their most expensive subscription box. With the $5 Starter Set, you are committing to the costliest blade type since you are committing to that handle.

Instead of the cheaper starter set, go to the “blades” section of the website and select the option you want. The possibilities for monthly boxes (and the first box comes with a handle) include:

  • The Executive – $9 a month, free shipping, comes with four 6-blade cartridges.
  • The 4X: $6 per month, free shipping, comes with four 4-blade cartridges
  • The Humble Twin: $1 per month, $2 for shipping and handling, comes with five 2-blade cartridges

That starter set is only $5 to get going, but some users opt for the more affordable $1 razors. Our official suggestion is to take advantage of your starter set for $5 with all of the trial options and then switch your monthly subscription from The Executive to The Humble Twin. This maximizes your money!

Other notable products on Dollar Shave Club’s site are:

  • Member Favorites Trial Kit: $7, This is a five-pack of their top selling products including smooth shave cream and shower gel.
  • The Immaculate Shave Trial Kit: $5, This is a three-pack of their top shaving products.
  • Mandatory Prep Scrub: $9, This scrub preps your pre-shave skin.
  • Smooth Shave Bundle: Save 20% for $13.50, This is a two-pack of their Shave Butter and Post-Shave Cream.

Public Perception (Other Dollar Shave Club Reviews)

Dollar Shave Club is so confident in their customer reviews, they actually link them directly to their website. Recent reviews are consistently posted and their star rating always hovers above four stars out of five. On a daily basis, the company gets reviews across the spectrum. For example, some customers call it “the best shave ever” while others call the razors “almost good.”

Our recommendation for heavy shavers is to not purchase the most affordable blade option. The blades work well if you are a heavy shaver with The Executive option.  

How It Compares

When compared to other men’s razor subscription boxes, Dollar Shave Club is all about outpricing the competition. The brand offers up the lowest price on the market right now, although the most economical price cartridge does only come with two blades. Other top competitors in the men’s razor subscription market are

  • Harry’s Razors: The company that decided to offer subscription razors in a manner that disrupted the market was Harry’s. They compete on style and quality, but their price is not as low as Dollar Shave Club.   
  • Gillette Shave Club: Because they draw in customers with their name, Gillette can offer a shave club at a competitive price, but they are still a major brand that is also available in stores. Gillette doesn’t provide that ‘curated’ feel.
  • Bevel: The difference with Bevel is their traditional safety razor choice. Bevel targets a more quality conscious versus price conscious customer so expect to pay more than you would with Dollar Shave Club.


Do I Get Products Besides Razors?    

Are There Any Fees for Subscribing or Canceling?

Is It Worth It For Me?

If you are a price conscious guy that is focused on decreasing your errands and simplifying your life, Dollar Shave Club makes getting good razors easier than going to the store. It is only $3 a month for the cheapest subscription, so the risk to your wallet is relatively minimal. If you don’t like it, cancellation is a few clicks.

For men that have specific trimming routines or guys that are enthusiasts of quality, Dollar Shave Club might not be right. The razors are not poor; they just are not made for specialized applications.  

Review Summary

More than anything Dollar Shave Club is about getting a good deal and improving your shaving routine. There were two significant entrants into the market at around the same time – Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club. Harry’s went in with the angle of a better shaving experience while Dollar Shave Club chose to compete on price. Since they are a brand that does well in their category, we recommend giving it a shot if you are price conscious. 

Ease of Use (Website)
Effectiveness of the Razors
Value for Price
Ease of Cancellation
Company Style
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