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Do clothes make the man? Maybe, maybe not, but clothes and accessories certainly do contribute to the image of the man. Appearance carries far more weight for all of us than we would like to admit. Wearing the proper tie or using the right cologne can make you feel great—and feeling great can lead to being great.  Gentleman’s Box, founded in 2014, is all about creating the right image for Gentlemen from all walks of life.

In this review, you will be given the information you need to determine if the Gentleman’s Box is the right subscription box service for you.

What Makes Gentleman’s Box Unique?

You can’t eat, drink, party, or fix a car with the items in this men’s subscription box. The Gentlemen’s box is designed to improve the style of men who want to improve their image. Unlike the underwear or beer of the month, Gentleman’s Box does not assume that all men are knuckle draggers at heart. This company understands that men want to look and feel good, and they know that looking and feeling good is not always easy.

The Gentleman’s Box monthly selections are carefully curated to provide those little touches of gentlemanliness sought by men all across the country. There are four box options to choose from: socks of the month, tie of the month, premium, and classic.

Each monthly classic box contains four to six hand-picked seasonally themed items for you to sample and use to improve your style. The quarterly premium box has a limited quantity per quarter and you must qualify to subscribe. The sock and tie of the month boxes will help gentlemen accessorize with style.

Besides the great products in their monthly boxes, Gentleman’s Box has a great and active blog with topics ranging from how much to tip your server to how to look stunning in that ugly Christmas sweater. Even if you chose not to subscribe to the boxes, you would benefit from reading the blog.



  • Boxes are seasonally themed and contain the highest quality items in each category.
  • Each membership includes a subscription to GQ Magazine, a $15.00 value.
  • The classic box sends you a tie, socks, two fashionable accessories, and a grooming sample.
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    Gentleman’s Box offers a special gifting program for groomsmen to help make your wedding rock.
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    If you like the items in your monthly box, you can purchase more by shopping at their online store.
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    Shipping costs are included in the monthly subscription price.


  • You do not get to select the items in each box.
  • The company does not offer an option to return items unless the items are broken or damaged in shipping.
  • The company does not offer refunds.

How the Signup Process Works

Joining the Gentleman’s Box membership is a simple three-step process. First, choose your box: tie of the month for $15.00 per month, socks of the month at $12.00 per month, classic for $25.00 per month (or an annual subscription, prepaid at $23.00 per month). The premium box is $100.00 per quarter.

Then select your add-ons: a tie valued at $25.00, a pocket square valued at $10.00, or a mystery box valued at $100.00.

Finally, proceed to the checkout. It is just that easy.

The most difficult part of the sign-up process is deciding which of the boxes and add-ons to purchase.

Pricing and Value

Priced at only $25.00 per monthly box, the classic Gentleman’s Box is a fantastic value. Why, the GQ Magazine alone has a cover price of $7.99 per issue. In addition, the classic box can be purchased as an annual membership with a savings of $24.00.

Taking a quick look at the items in recent classic boxes, we estimate that the products had a total value of over $50.00 if you had purchased them at the mall. All these items are packaged and sent to your door for only $25.00 per month. Oh, and the box itself has value as it is custom made and perfect for holding your collectibles—or your new assortment of ties.

Some men we know would pay $25.00 just to have someone else do the shopping for them. The Gentleman’s Box not only selects the items for you but also packages them and ships them to you. Knowing how busy men are in today’s world, this is both a money saving and a time-saving membership.

Each box also contains a pamphlet or booklet that offers tips and ideas for improving all areas of a man’s life. With free access to the blog, the included literature in each box, and a subscription to GQ Magazine, the Gentleman’s Box can help any guy become a real gentleman.

Public Perception (Other Dollar Shave Club Reviews)

We diligently search for and read other reviews of the products we review. We found several reviews of Gentleman’s Box, on both independent review sites and within the social media sited of the company and the site itself.

Reviewers are generally pleased with the contents of the box and with the customer service provided by Gentleman’s Box representatives. The company has a “Great” rating on Many reviewers applaud the quick response time of customer service and were satisfied with the way their problems were handled.

Negative reviews tended to be about the quality of the accessories or the fact that the modern items didn’t suit the style of the man for whom the box was purchased. We think the images and descriptions on the website do a good job of clarifying the types of accessories and the style of the items.

How It Compares

Compared to other subscription boxes for men, not including the beer or meat of the month, Gentleman’s Box ranks high. Providing the themed boxes each month, with good value and reasonable price, the company offers the chance for the modern man to expand his horizons—a priceless experience.

The items in the monthly box have a retail value that far exceeds the price of the box.


When will my box be shipped?

What is the Groomsman Box? 

How do I contact Gentleman’s Box? 

Is It Worth It For Me?

If you are a modern man looking to improve your look, your life, and your style, then Gentleman’s Box is perfect for you.

If you are more comfortable in flannel shirts and cargo pants than in a collared shirt and chinos, the Gentleman’s Box is probably not for you.

Coupons and Deals

Gentleman’s Box accepts coupons from a variety of sources.

Review Summary

Overall, Gentleman’s Box is a great subscription box for men who are seeking to improve their sense of style and self.


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