Pet Treater Review: How It Works, Ratings, and User Reviews

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As a pet owner, you will always find ways to spoil your cat or dog. One way that we show our adoration for our four-legged friends is through toys and treats. There are companies that can bring convenience to that process, and Pet Treater is one of those. Founded in 2015 by parent company Jammin’ Butter, Pet Treater offers a monthly subscription that supplies pet owners and their friends with accessories, toys, and treats.

Located in Johnson City, Tennessee, Pet Treater delivers a variety of items to their client’s door on a monthly basis. Are their services a good match for you and your pet? It is our intention to supply you the information below to help you decide that for yourself.

What Makes Pet Treater Unique?

Unlike some subscription services that cater to canines or felines exclusively, Pet Treater subscriptions cater to cats or dogs, or even both! Extra attention is paid to the initial items that are sent, giving your first shipment a “welcome package” feel. Pet Treater is aware of many owner’s sensitivity to food items being made in China and avoids using food items from that country. The majority of their food treats are made in Canada or the United States.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy sign-up process​​​​
  • Reasonable subscription cost
  • A good variety presented in monthly themed boxes


  • The only gift option is actually a monthly subscription
  • Services limited to continental US only
  • No return/refund policy

How the Signup Process Works

On the home page of the company website, you will see two buttons, one labeled “Treat Your Dog” and the other labeled “Treat Your Cat.” Clicking on either will take you to a sign-up page that asks for your email address, billing address, and credit card information. One difference that we noticed was that on the sign-up page for dogs, Pet Treater asks you to select small, medium, or large for your dog’s size (the cat package is one-subscription-fits-all). 

Customers with multiple pets can add additional orders later. Note that this is the only part of the sign-up process that we feel could be improved upon. After this information is entered, you press the “Place Order” button and your first package is on the way!

Price and Value

The cat subscription is monthly and costs $12.99 for each package. This includes free shipping. The dog subscription is also on a monthly schedule and costs $24.99 for each package (regardless of the dog size you select). This subscription comes with free shipping as well. 

You can also purchase a subscription as a gift for a family member or a friend. You simply put in your billing information and the recipient’s shipping information during the signup process. We feel that the price is fair when considering the amount of stuff that you can get in each delivery. Comparing the contents of each package with similar items found in stores leaves us with the impression that you can save money each month.

Public Perception

For the dog subscription, many owners reported positive experiences with their subscriptions. A common theme among new customers was their impression of the first package, which contained past favorites instead of items based on the current monthly theme. The items included proved to be popular with their canine family members. The only negative that surfaced in a few reviews from new customers were concerns that the first shipment took longer than expected in some cases.

Reviews from customers with older subscriptions noted that their dogs enjoyed the selections offered with each box. The addition of grooming supplies and other accessories that are periodically included is satisfying for customers. The monthly themes of a Pet Treater subscription are appealing to many dog owners. Any issues with packages sent for the wrong sized dog seem to be cleared up in following orders.

Pet Treater cat subscriptions also appear to receive overwhelmingly positive reviews from cat owners. Customers are appreciative of both the quantity and variety of items offered. Cat lovers have expressed their appreciation of the quality of the items as well, noting the healthy and natural ingredients in the treats as well as the construction and durability of the toys. 

How It Compares

Pet Treater subscriptions compare fairly well against other dog subscriptions. For example, a similar sized package from PoochPerks starts at $27.94, nearly three dollars more. BarkBox is even more expensive unless you go with a twelve-month subscription. SurpriseMyPet is also more expensive unless you go with a yearly subscription.

It is difficult to compare the number of items offered between dog subscriptions. Each company offers five to seven items each month, so at best we can say that Pet Treater is on par with others. Variety and quality of items appear to be equal with Pet Treater compared to other services. Dog owners who have concerns with food items made in China may give a slight nod towards Pet Treater, as it is company policy to avoid food items produced there.

Cat subscriptions also fair well against other companies offering feline services. SurpriseMyPet is $30.00 a month for cat services, and still $24.00 a month with a yearly subscription. Pet Treater is also less expensive than many cat specific companies such as MeowBox, who charge $22.95 a month. As with their dog subscriptions, Pet Treater is on equal footing with the quantity and quality of items offered by other cat services.

One area that Pet Treater struggles in comparison is in their limited deliveries. Pet Treater delivers to the continental U.S. only. They also do not deliver to APO addresses. Pet Treater’s “gift” options are less impressive than other companies, who offer one-time, three-month, and six-month subscriptions. The only other improvement we could suggest would be the addition of bi-monthly orders.


What types of items are offered with a subscription?

Do you work with animal shelters?

What are Pet Treater's return and refund policy?

How can I contact Pet Treater?

How do I cancel my subscription?

Is there a question that was not answered in the content above? Make sure to leave a comment below with your question in it, so that we can help you find the answer!

Is It Worth It For Me?

Even after discussing all of the previous things, you may still be wondering if a subscription for your cat or dog is worth it. If you are a pet owner who is looking to offer a variety of toys and treats for a pet in a convenient fashion, then Pet Treater may be exactly the service you are looking for. Personal experience would be the best way to determine that answer for you. We suggest that you try the services for one month to decide for yourself if Pet Treater is right for you and your pet. If you do subscribe, make sure to return here and leave a comment below to let us know what your experiences have been.

Coupons and Deals

Pet Treater offers a bonus 20 percent off for the first month of a subscription by using the code “PT-20” at checkout. On the dog subscription page, we noted two alternate codes that can be used. “BARKICECREAM” will get you 2 free pints of dog ice cream in your first box, and “PT-5OFF” will get you five dollars off of your first box. On the cat subscription page, an alternate code of “CATPACK50” will give you half-off of your first month.

Value for Price
Variety and Originality
Customer Service/Support
Positive Pet Response
Ease/Convenience of Subscription
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