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If you are ordering subscription boxes for your razors and your wife has Amazon set up for a few scheduled deliveries, don’t forget to give your teeth some consideration. Quip is a toothbrush refill and subscription service for men and women looking to reinforce good oral habits. It is stylish, high-quality, and all of their toothbrushes are electric.

Our team is always looking for products that our readers would like to have in their daily lives. In this review, we will assess Quip, their products, their pricing, and the subscription services they offer to customers.

Interestingly enough, Quip raised $10 million in 2017 for its business, and one of the investors is singer/songwriter Demi Lovato. If you try their subscription box and don’t like it, you can at least say you tried Demi Lovato’s toothbrush.

What Makes Quip Unique?

Quip offers six brush colors, in either silver metal, slate metal, copper metal, gold, blue plastic, or green plastic. They boast being called “the Tesla of toothbrushes” because of the function and style of their product line.

The electric toothbrush (which is featured in every ad campaign) just looks plain attractive. Quip is unique because of their commitment to changing the way you buy your oral health products, including toothpaste and toothbrushes, while also redesigning products along the way.

The opportunity to conduct a Quip review made it easy to time every brushing. The toothbrush moves every 30 seconds, so you know to brush a new quadrant of your mouth and it turns off after two minutes.


  • Made to clean your teeth for the brushing time every dentist recommends
  • Compact toothbrush isn’t big like other electric toothbrushes 
  • check
    Looks stylish on your countertop instead of clunky and mismatched
  • check
    Get several items you need in just one box 
  • check
    Comfortable metal handle


  • The big name-brands don’t use regular batteries 
  • Bristles don’t oscillate
  • There is not as much testing done on this product than some of the big-brand products 
  • The manual toothbrush isn’t anything special 
  • AAA batteries don’t last three months like some user’s report   

How Do You Sign Up for Quip?

Quip subscriptions come in two options, either the electric toothbrush set or the electric toothbrush only. You sign up for a subscription by deciding if you want a set of products delivered to you every three months, or if you just want a toothbrush refill.

The full set comes with a Quip electric toothbrush, a travel cover mount, a big toothpaste, and a small toothpaste. After three months, you get a brush head, a large toothpaste, a small toothpaste, and AAA battery. The company reports that one battery lasts three months but if you are a heavy brusher, it could wear out.  

It is a quick sign-up process. You need to subscript by creating a profile, adding your shipping and billing information, and then starting your profile. The necessary steps for this process are as follows:

  • Select the Profile tab
  • Select “My Quip”
  • Choose Your Subscription Type and Refill Plan
  • Track Shipment Confirmations and Tracking Numbers

How It Compares 

There is no other subscription box in the oral hygiene market with the style and beauty of Quip’s products. Put against the competition; you get a luxury feeling from Quip. Here’s how they compare to the competition:

  • Boka: They also have a fresh product like which is made from binchotan charcoal and softer bristles. Boka says that this reduces bacteria in the mouth, decreases over-brushing, and stops receding gums.
  • Goby: The only other competitor in the electric toothbrush delivery service, Goby goes high-end with their product line. Goby has excellent customer service.
  • Goodwell: They also make use of the charcoal for bacteria reduction. Unlike Boka, subscriptions come with toothpaste (even the more affordable option).

Before making a final decision about a toothbrush subscription box, we highly suggest narrowing down electric versus manual. Once you determine what toothbrush type you prefer, a lot of companies and products get eliminated.


Can I Return My Toothbrush?

Are There Any Fees for Subscribing or Canceling?

Deals or Discounts Available from Quip

There are a few ways to get a deal if you sign up with Quip. One way our Quip review got a discount was through buying an account for a family member. You can also contribute to the Quip community by connecting dentists, publishing blogs, adding social media coverage, or referring friends.

Their rewards system is very robust which you just don’t see in most other subscription boxes. We love how creative it is to prompt subscribers to submit blog posts or social media pictures in exchange for discounts and sales. Even a simple picture and Quip review could turn to $5 off your next subscription.

Is It Worth It For Me?

In short, the answer is maybe. Quip is fairly-priced and practical, but it also looks nice. The issue with this subscription is that it isn’t about saving money, you must be internally motivated about your oral health. For most people, overusing a toothbrush until the bristles are too old is something they’ve been doing for years. Their mission is genuinely about the automation of oral health.

For less price-conscious users, Quip could be the right option for you. You get an elegant, beautiful family of toothbrushes that encourages good habits among every adult and child in the house. If you like your routine and don’t have any oral health issues, this upgrade may not be necessary.  

Review Summary

Whether this is the right subscription for you depends on pricing and your design preferences. The Starter Set keeps your teeth clean, looks beautiful, and also encourages good oral health. Unlike many other subscription services and competitors, Quip is unable to beat the price of just brushing your teeth. Their electric toothbrush is more affordable than the top Sonicare models out there, but it also doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles (or the force). 


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