1Up Box Review: Why Gamers Are ‘Leveling Up’ Their Loot Box

1up box goodies
1up box goodies

After months of hype, we finally got around to writing our first 1Up Box review. And all we can say is that we are sorry we didn’t get to it sooner. Because competitor boxes, 1Up Box is truly the real deal subscription for geeks and gamers alike.

At $15.92 plus shipping per box, 1Up Box comes in at a competitive price without the filler and flair of other subscription boxes. Each month, 1Up Box sends up to 8 premium gaming and geek collectibles, wearables, and accessories to your door. And everything are contained in a flashy green box and an information card inside that details the month’s theme.

Each box is guaranteed to have no less than $40 worth of retail products, which means you essentially doubled your money’s worth with every box. Knowing this, we considered 1Up Box a safe bet to try out. And we were not wrong.

While it has its drawbacks in comparison to other geek boxes, 1Up Box is too good for gamers like us to ignore. Unlike others, 1Up Box puts gamers first. And for this reason, we consider it a solid subscription if you find other geek boxes to be lacking in this department.

To find out more about 1Up Box, and if it might be right for you, read out in-depth 1Up Box review below. We tried out three months’ worth of boxes, to bring you a fair and balanced breakdown of everything 1Up has to offer.

What Makes 1Up Box Unique?

1Up Box separates itself from the pack by specially tailoring each box to gamers. While other subscription boxes are targeted toward anime, manga, or comic books, 1Up Box puts these fandoms to the side. Instead, 1Up truly shines by featuring swag, both new and nostalgic, that appeals to the gamers in us.

Now, we’re about to get into some serious detail about what makes 1Up Box a serious competitor in the geek box arena. If you’re short on time, or would rather just to get the quick details, we provided a short summary below:

Pros Of 1up box

  • Loaded with high-value Pop! and Funko figures

  • Comes with an exclusive 1Up Box t-shirt

  • Every box features a themed button

  • Awesome packaging and graphics

  • Low cost

  • Lots of gaming swag (Up to 8 items per box)

Cons Of 1up box

  • Generally intended for younger audiences and teens

  • Occasionally includes off-brand filler products

  • Not everyone loves novelty plushies

  • Only ships to US and Canada

Where Do You Sign-up?

To subscribe to 1Up Box, you need to begin by creating your account here. Once you confirm your email address, you will have to fill out billing and shipping information. Then, pick a subscription package and viola, you’re finished. Pretty easy, huh?

Pricing and Value

1Up Box offers three subscription packages, with the 6 Month Plan boasting the greatest overall savings. Since maximizing value is always our number-one priority, we recommend choosing this option. However, if you are interested in giving 1Up Box a trial run, simply select the 1 Month Plan and cancel after you receive your first box.

1up box homepage screenshot

The prices below are listed in US dollars and include shipping and handling fees. Just note that these are “limited time offers” according to their subscription page.

  • 1 Month Plan ($29.95/month)
  • 3 Month “Sweet” Plan ($28.00/month)
  • 6 Month Plan ($27.33/month)

Now, bear in mind that each of the above options auto-renews at the end of its specified payment period. This means you will have to log into your 1Up Box account and click the “Unsubscribe” button if you don’t want any unpleasant surprises on your upcoming credit card bills.

And while pricing is important, value is king. This means that no 1Up Box review can be completed without discussing the overall value each box contains.

In terms of value, the exclusive t-shirt and Pop figure alone almost always make up the total cost of the box. Some have 4 or 5 additional figures, graphics, or wearables and every box certainly exceeds its price tag.

Between the three boxes we received, we found the retail value of a box to average roughly $50. This means you have saved more than 50% of each box in a 3 month subscription plan. Plus, you get exclusive swag and gamer collectibles that you won’t find (or even think to look for) anywhere else. In our view, this makes 1Up Box a great value for the price.

Oh, and if you’re looking for the very best deal, we got your back. Simply use coupon code “AWESOME” at checkout and save $3 off your first box.

What Others Are Saying About 1Up Box

1Up Box, while new to the geek box scene, is certainly gaining steam within the community. At the time of writing, 1Up Box has a Facebook following of 17,000 fans and counting. (By the way, you can ‘Like’ their Facebook page here.) On their Twitter page, they have another 10,000 followers.

Clearly, 1Up Box is picking up traction. And we don’t think it’s happening by chance. Rather, 1Up Box is doing what all great startups do to move into the next phase of development—finding a specific niche, like gaming fandom, and going after it. And by providing the best gamer-specific swag, 1Up Box is finding itself alone among the crowd.

And if you want a second opinion, no worries. For that, we recommend looking no further than this unboxing video by a 1Up Box fan. In the video, the reviewer is thrilled when he pulls out an exclusive t-shirt featuring concept art from League of Legends, one of our favorite games!   

Aside from gaming, we’ve heard great things from fans of DC and Marvel Comics, Adventure Time, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and Funkos. Personally, we’ve received boxes with items licensed by each. The sheer diversity of items found in 1Up Box has led to several rave reviews we’ve found online.

One such review heralded 1Up Box as “epic”, claiming that there was “always value” in every box. Another fan noted that 1Up Box was “awesome” and that she “can’t wait to see what 1Up Box comes up with for next month”. Clearly, then, we can’t be the only one geeking out over them.

How 1Up Box Compares to the Rest

No 1Up Box review would be complete without putting it side by side with some of the best in the biz. Below, we have put together a comparison breakdown of 1Up Box against some of our other favorite subscription boxes such as Loot Crate and TekCrates.

All prices shown below are in US dollars and include shipping and handling fees unless otherwise stated.

1up box logo
Loot Gaming Logo
TekCrates Logo
nerd block logo


$13/month + shippin



$20/month + shipping

Variety of Selection

Ease of Sign-up

Item Quality


When is the 1Up Box shipped out each month?

How do I cancel my subscription?

Will I receive tracking information when my box is shipped?

Is It Worth It for Me?

Based on our experience, we found that 1Up Box makes a great addition to any game lover’s subscription box lineup. While rival Loot Crate might be superior for the more general interest nerds among us, 1Up Box is perfect for those who grew up on video games and still love the culture today.

If you walk into a game store and wish you could take home all the figurines, backpacks, t-shirts, and other swag items from the wall then 1Up will truly be the level-up you need. For a mystery box that won’t disappoint, 1Up Box is a safe choice by sparing the anime and comic overload common with other boxes. Instead, gamers are king with 1Up Box.

1Up Box Review Summary

After subscribing to 1Up Box, we quickly found a new favorite subscription box. Maybe we’re biased because we are game lovers at heart, but every box was loaded with video game swag that we actually use. Although prone to throwing in the odd plushie or filler trinket from a fandom we aren’t familiar with, nearly everything in a 1Up box is stuff we’d really buy.

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