420 Goody Box Review: What You Can Expect from this Subscription Box

Do You Goody Box - Former 420 Goody Box
Do You Goody Box - Former 420 Goody Box

One of the most prominent smoking-related subscription boxes on the market is 420 Goody Box, also known as Do You Goody Box? The company offers innovative and unique products related to the use of tobacco. These might include everything from glassware to vaporizers, edibles, rolling papers, and other gadgets. The company ships both nationally and internationally.

In this review, we’ll be investigating 420 Goody Box so potential customers can make an educated decision about whether it is a useful subscription for them. We’ll look at the price of the service, the level of quality found in customer service, the selection quality of the products, and the options available. We’ll also dig into reviews from past customers and experts in the industry to get an idea of the reputation of the brand.

What Makes 420 Goody Box Unique

Goody Box

420 Goody Box has monthly themes that make the boxes unique each time you receive one. For instance, the June 2018 box is themed “Chronic Network.” It also shows that the theme features characters from the Rick and Morty television show. Other boxes have included an apocalypse theme, high society theme, and Inspector Gadget theme. Some of the boxes are on sale for a premium price after the month has passed.

420 Goody Box Items

Unlike other 420 boxes that we have reviewed, this one comes with a sheet of paper that explains what is in the box. That may not be a significant thing for many people, but having a little information about the items you are going to be using is a plus to most.

The actual box for 420 Goody Box has a beautiful design inside. The outside is plain for privacy, but the inside has custom graphics that work well. Sometimes the graphics are related to the theme of the month, which is also a plus.

How the Process Works

The first step for subscribing to 420 Goody Box is to visit the website. There is a link marked “Join Now” that you will click. The page that you are redirected to shows you the different options in terms of subscription boxes. You can choose between the Loot Pack, the Goody Box, and the Top Shelf. After selecting the appropriate choice, you will move to another page where you may choose from a monthly plan, a three-month plan, and a six-month plan.

After completing this step, you will fill out a page with your information, including t-shirt size. You’ll give a shipping address and review the order before sending it through.

Next, the company will build your subscription box, including gear, munchies, and novelty items. The box will then be shipped to your door in a discreet package. At that point, you can take advantage of the items in your box. The next month you'll get a new box, and the process will repeat for the duration of your subscription.

Pros & Cons


  • Has a high ratio when it comes to value to cost

  • Monthly themes keep the box fun and exciting even after multiple packages

  • Multiple subscription options allow for more control of your budget


  • Not every item offered feels as high-quality as you might like

Pricing and Value

There are three different box types, each with its own price and product selection. The least expensive option is $10 plus $3 shipping and handling. It comes with four to eight products but includes no glassware. It's a reasonable option for the occasional smoker or someone on a tight budget.

Moving on, the Goody Box is the second subscription type. With this box, you receive five to nine items. One of the products will always be a smoking piece or a vape pen. This is the most popular box, and it has a price of $22 plus $6 shipping and handling. However, the value of a box will range from $45 to $85.

The Loot Pack

The Loot Pack
$9.95 / month

The Goody Box

The Goody Box
$21.98 / month

The Top Shelf

The Top Shelf
$78.98 / month

The last option available from 420 Goody Box is the Top Shelf, which is $80 a month with $7 for shipping and handling. The value inside this box will be at least $150 and up to $250. Every box in this line comes with a top shelf piece, along with many other essentials to enjoy.

As an example of a past box in the Top Shelf line, we looked at the High Society Box. This particular box included a dry vaporizer, rolling tray, roach clip, smoke pen, stash container, prerolled papers, one-hitter, hemp rolling papers, sticker, and a snack. That’s a pretty reasonable number of items for the price you are paying. Is it the best price? Maybe not, it all depends on how much emphasis you place on premium glassware.

Public Perception (Other 420 Goody Box Reviews)

The general consensus seems to be that 420 Goody Box puts out a vast product assortment. People are happy with the shipping time, the customer service team, and the selection of products that come each month. It's well appreciated that the company ships internationally and that the prices are reasonable.

Some people do think the Top Shelf option is a little overpriced, and others have mentioned that while most products are high-quality, some seem a bit like an afterthought. On the other hand, many customers are delighted with the selection of products, so it's likely something that varies from person to person.

As far as expert reviews go, 420 Goody Box seems to have mainly positive scores, often near the top of the charts compared to other companies. The reasons for that range from the 100% guarantee to the value for the cost and the utilization of known brands and quality products. While it’s impossible to please everyone, 420 Goody Box seems to be doing well in the public perception area.

How It Compares

This subscription box probably has the most extensive selection regarding type. There are three options, but each is unique in some respect. The Top Shelf box, which promises a high-quality piece of glassware or another smoking tool, is one of the more expensive options from any brand. However, it also brings the most value to those who are regular smokers.

420 Goody Box Homepage Screenshot

The 420 Goody Box staff run contests with prizes including $300 worth of gear. What makes this worth noting is that all it requires to enter is to take a photo of your box and share it on social media. While it’s unlikely any one person is going to win, it’s a nice perk on the off-chance that it happens to you.

The product quality is high with 420 Goody Box, and you can expect to receive products from brands that are well-known in smoking circles. Even the less expensive boxes often feature products you may have heard of before. This is nice since you can vet what you receive and get an idea of what the product is like before using it.

420 Goody Box has many social media accounts to keep in contact with customers and fans. The company also has a blog, but it seems as if that isn't used much anymore. It may be better to learn more about the company on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or YouTube pages. Twitter, in particular, is fairly active on a regular basis.

This company ships internationally with specific rates that apply at the checkout. There is no real information about what countries are covered, which may mean that they all are. It’s hard to say. It wouldn’t be the first subscription operation to operate globally if that is the case.


What is 420 Goody Box and What Comes Inside?

Is Shipping Discreet?

When Will My Box Ship Out?

Can I Cancel My Subscription at Any Time?

How Does a Gift Subscription Work?

Who Do I Contact If I Have a Complaint About My Box?

Is It Worth It for Me?

The answer to this question is “it depends.” If you are the type of person for whom smoking is a lifestyle, the Goody Box and Top Shelf box might fit your needs best, depending on budget. If you don’t smoke more than occasionally, the Loot Pack might be a good compromise. That box is designed for smokers and rollers who want to get essentials by mail each month.

Anyone who is involved in smoking will find that one of the options by 420 Goody Box fits their needs. It’s just a matter of determining which it is and how much you’re prepared to pay. With the Top Shelf having a price of $80, even if it is perfect for your lifestyle, it might be too expensive for regular use. That’s up to you to decide. The other two options are less extreme and can also meet the needs of many people.

Coupons and Deals

Like many smoking subscription boxes, 420 Goody Box offers a referral program. That means when you get a friend to sign up for the box, they’ll save $5. In addition, you get $5 yourself to use as you like. If you have a few friends who you enjoy smoking with, referring them might give you a nice discount on your next purchase.

There is also often a coupon available in the website chat for a certain amount off your first box. It might not be a ton of cash but saving anything is better than nothing, right?

Beyond that, there are contests to win significant loot from the brand, and if the company chooses to retweet a photo of your box on Twitter, you gain a free pipe. That’s not too shabby.

Review Summary / Overview

Quality of Products
Variety of Options
Gift Options
Value for Cost
Customer Service
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