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Our mission is to help shoppers make smarter purchasing decisions. We provide helpful resources to educate smart shoppers, and we write unbiased genuine reviews about products and services.

Meet The Deal Meisters Team

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Roger sets the strategy for the content we publish and makes sure all of our content meets our editors' guidelines. From a young age, he has been making money in unconventional ways and saving money for various life goals. In his spare time, Roger enjoys doing creative writing, watching the sun set, and spending time with friends.

ROGER CUNNINGHAM  //  Chief Editor

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Dakota plans out and publishes awesome content that keep our readers coming back for more. In his free time, Dakota enjoys hiking and exploring the outdoors, testing nutritional supplements, and keeping up with the latest tech.

DAKOTA FINDLEY  //  Assistant Editor

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Bryce uses his wizardly powers to bring people to our site from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels. In his free time, Bryce enjoys eating chicken and rice, shaving his facial hair, and updating Instagram.


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Lisa contributes all sorts of content to Deal Meisters, with a special interest in food related topics. A true foodie at heart, in her free time Lisa enjoys cooking, trying new local restaurants, creative writing, and relaxing at the beach.


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Sydney Robertson is pursuing a double major in Digital Marketing and Media Writing at Liberty University. She enjoys using her writing essay skills to help people make smarter purchasing decisions and save money. In her free time, you can spot Sydney exploring your local art gallery or playing the guitar.


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Joe Pfender is a Human Communication Studies major at Shippensburg University. Joe enjoys writing about making money, being frugal, and the realm of politics. In his free time, Joe loves playing basketball and listening to music.

JOE PFENDER  //  Writer

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Kara is a sophomore at Arcadia University pursuing a double Bachelors in International Business and Italian Language Studies. In her free time, she enjoys working out, binge-watching Criminal Minds, and shopping.