Avocado Mattress Review – Just a Trend or Here to Stay?

Avocado mattress

A mattress is an important purchasing decision because it has such an impact on how you sleep. Depending on your mattress, you'll find yourself waking up refreshed or barely gaining a wink.

Avocado is a green mattress company located in the United States that’s been making green and eco-friendly mattresses since 2015. The company handcrafts all mattresses right here in the United States and offers competitive pricing thanks to its direct-to-consumer sales model. It’s a perfect mattress for many, but it also has its cons.

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Overall Rating:





Up to 166 pounds

13 inches


Motion Isolation:

Price Range:

Medium or Firm


$959 - $1599+

Trial Period: 



100 days

25 years

10+ years

Customer Service​​​​:


Avocado excels in moscategories thanks to its commitment to quality and excellence in customer support. As a company, it has chosen a “quality over quantity” approach.

Get The Deal

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  • Free shipping and free returns
  • Zone technology minimizes pressure points at the pelvis, lower back, and shoulders to eliminate neck, back, and hip pain
  • Their products make penguins smile
  • Isolated controls provide superior motion control for couples
  • 100% Dunlop latex that is sustainably-tapped and does not off-gas
  • Made without polyurethane foams, chemical flame retardants, chemical adhesives, or memory foams (all of which can be considered toxic)
  • Firm yet gentle support that can be augmented with a pillow top
  • Great for side sleepers
  • 1% of profits are donated to environmental nonprofits
  • Full set-up available for additional charge (including removal and recycling of old mattress)
  • One of the best warranties in the business
  • Made in the USA


  • Not suitable if you have a strong wool allergy
  • Not ideal if you prefer an extremely plush mattress
  • Not recommended for use with a boxspring
  • Not available for testing in showrooms (only sold online)

Firmness and Support

Very Soft

Very Firm

Avocado Mattress: 7/10

Avocado provides a “firm yet gentle” support that we rate as a 7. The company explains that it does not make softer mattresses, as most people find this level of support to be the healthiest and the most likely to eliminate back problems that are so common today.

You are, however, able to add an extra level of softness by adding the pillow topper, which is available for another $300-$500 and brings the firmness level down to a 6.

What you will notice is that your mattress is slightly firmer is some places and slightly softer in other places. This is due to its zone technology, which was designed in response to customers’ needs for more back support.

Your mattress will be softer under your shoulders and your hips and firmer under your lower back. This reduces pressure points that can cause pain and makes the mattress ideal for people who struggle with pain or discomfort when they wake up.

Motion Isolation



Avocado Mattress: 8/10

The Avocado mattress is great for couples, thanks to its isolated coils. Many traditional mattresses are constructed using innerspring or coil technology. This means that strong metal wires are coiled and then layered with soft materials to create a bouncy, springy feel.

The problem with traditional coil mattresses is that the coils are all connected so that when, for example, your partner sits up or changes position on the bed, the entire mattress reverberates. In a pocketed coil mattress, each coil (there are over one thousand coils in an Avocado queen mattress) is pocketed in a fabric slip so that when one coil is depressed, no other coil is disturbed.

Off-Gassing and Smell

Because the Avocado mattress is made with zero VOCs or polyurethanes, you won’t smell anything besides sweet, fragrant wool!

Construction and Material

Avocado mattresses feature several core materials. Steel coils are used as the foundation, and then at the top and bottom of each mattress is a natural latex rubber pad, make from Dunlop latex rubber foam. Dunlop foam is created by tapping trees (not cutting them down) and does not include any synthetic or petroleum-based polyurethane foam.

In addition to non-off-gassing foam, then, your mattress is composed of a very durable, high-quality latex that will stand the test of time and remain comfortable for years. It’s also excellent regarding temperature control, worth noting if that’s a concern for you.

The second main material used in an Avocado mattress is Joma New Zealand Wool. The traditional go-to long before synthetic materials became popular, Joma Wool is also sustainable and (also like Dunlop foam) naturally antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites.

The mattresses’ hand stitched and hand tufted outer covers are made of certified organic cotton. This means you won’t have any pesticides or chemicals on your mattress cover and because it’s also certified for the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), you can also feel good knowing the cotton was grown meeting rigorous ecological and social criteria.

While these four layers (springs, Dunlop foam, Joma New Zealand Wool, and organic cotton) are painstakingly stitched together by hand, you should also know that the entire mattress is GREENGUARD Gold Certified by UL Environment. This certification ensures that the product meets third-party, rigorous emissions standards for pollutants such as VOCs, phthalates, and formaldehyde.

Does it Sleep Hot or Cool?


Thanks to the moisture-wicking properties of its cotton cover and foam and wool innards, Avocado mattresses are usually very comfortable. If you find you need extreme cooling support, it might not be the right mattress for you (or you may want to supplement with a cooling gel topper).

Public Perception

Generally, the public loves Avocado mattresses, especially since the company has been so thoughtful in how it has designed and then marketed its product. It might not appeal to people who aren’t interested in paying extra for “green,” but its target demographic loves these mattresses because there aren’t other affordable green products on the market right now.

In the video below, you’ll see one person’s Avocado unboxing. She explains she chose one of two delivery options. The first is a classic mattress-in-a-box option, where the mattress is vacuum packed into a medium box and dropped on your doorstep and the section option (the one highlighted in the video) is a delivery straight to your house, complete with optional removal and recycling of your old mattress (this costs an additional fee).

The reviewer points out that this second option means the bed won’t be left in your driveway. We also love how easy it is to move the mattress and the fact that there are handles built right into the side!

Talked about learning more about toxins from foam and latex mattresses and a great experience with the company’s customer service. The reviewer does, however, recommend paying the extra to have it unboxed for you, as she had a difficult time dealing with that process!

The Purchasing Process

From ordering to delivery to setup: As we’ve mentioned, the delivery and setup process can take one of two options, with the self-setup being somewhat onerous and the delivery being extremely convenient. Outside of that, the shopping and ordering process is exceptional--if you’re comfortable using the internet.

If you’re not computer savvy, the completely-online shopping and purchasing process will probably frustrate you; otherwise, you’ll love the chat function that’s available every day and the approximately one hundred articles in the help section on the website, answering frequently asked questions.

We also appreciate that the company shares over a thousand reviews on its website. The reviews help inform your purchase since you can’t try the mattress before you buy. There’s one caveat, however. If you happen to live near Hoboken, NJ, you can visit the company’s Experience Center, open Mondays through Fridays, 11am-7pm.

Customer Service

Avocado has a reputation for providing prompt customer service, but it does not list a phone number, so your options are limited to emails, the contact form provided on the website, or online chat. Most customers, however, have few complaints about these modes of contact.

Another terrific customer service feature is the company’s one-hundred-day trial period. You have a little more than three months to try the mattress for yourself. Return shipping is free, or Avocado will work with you to find a charity to deliver the mattress to.

What also stands out is the company’s 25-year warranty. Where most companies heavily prorate their warranties, Avocado offers a ten-year unlimited replacement period followed by a fifteen year prorated replacement offer that is outlined on the website.

How Much Does It Cost

Avocado provides six different mattress sizes, include Twin XL, Full, and California King. Prices start at $959 for a Twin, $1399 for a Queen, and $1599 for a King. A two-inch pillow top can be purchased for an additional $240-$500.

How It Compares

In some respects, Avocado is very similar to many of its bed-in-a-box competitors. Like Casper, Ghostbed, Purple, and others, it offers high quality at lower prices thanks to its direct-to-consumer model. The similarities end there, though.

Frankly, we’ve yet to find another mattress in this category that can offer the kind environmental benefits and freedoms from chemicals and potentially harmful materials. That this mattress manages to provide all this with a handmade, premium level of quality at its low price point is amazing! Click here to see how Avocado compares to some of the most highly sought-out mattresses on the market.

Is Avocado Right For You?

This mattress is ideal for the person who prioritizes a green lifestyle and doesn’t want to sacrifice a right arm or a high level of craftsmanship or comfort.

If you’re on a budget or want lots of options to choose from, this isn’t the mattress for you. Instead, we recommend checking out our reviews on the Casper mattress. That said, if you love a firm yet gentle feel and appreciate being able to sleep every night with nary a VOC in sight, this is your mattress! If that’s you, we can’t wait for you to give the Avocado a try. Don’t forget to let us know what you think of the shopping process and trial period below! 

Overall Comfort
Quality of Materials
Motion Isolation
Return Policy
Customer Service
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