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Located in New York, BarkBox is an online subscription-based provider of pet-themed products. Founded in 2011 by Matt Meeker, Henrik Werdelin and Carly Strife, the company has built a great reputation due to its quality of its service. In order to help you figure out whether it's right for you and your pet, Deal Meister's official guide below will go over the most important aspects of BarkBox's services.

What Makes BarkBox Unique?

BarkBox is a subscription service designed to make your dog happier. Each month, a BarkBox containing natural treats, chews and our original toys will arrive at your home. In order to keep things varied and interesting, every new BarkBox has a special theme that will be the delight of pets and owners alike. Examples of past themes are: Dogmas in the City, Chewrassic Bark (Jurassic Park theme), Throwbark Thursday, and New York City.

There may be other subscription services that cater to pets. However, BarkBox is unique because of its exclusive toys and treats. When it first started, BarkBox would find the best products and put them together in a box. Today, the company produces its own toys and bakes its own treats, ensuring variety, originality and a high level of quality.

In addition to being unique, BarkBox stands out for its commitment to provide personalized attention and service to each one of its customers. To that end, the company has established its Happy Team, a group of experienced dog enthusiasts that provide customer support via text, chat, email, phone and the BarkBox app.

In terms of quality, BarkBox is up there with the best. Each of its BARK original toys is made according to the highest safety and health standards. Additionally, all toys are playtested and approved by real, incredibly demanding dogs. Similarly, BarkBox's treats are made with healthy high-quality ingredients such as wheat, corn and soy. They do not contain artificial flavors, artificial preservatives or weird ingredients of any kind.

Pros and Cons


  • Toys have unique and original designs.​​​​
  • Treats are made with natural, straightforward ingredients.
  • Many different sizes of toys and treats are offered.
  • BarkBox's Happy Team offers fantastic customer support.
  • 10% of all profits are donated to dog rescue organizations.
  • The BarkBox app makes the ordering process easy and convenient.
  • Delivery is efficient and reliable, also offers tracking information for each box. 


  • BarkBox subscriptions automatically renew, forcing customers to cancel. 
  • The toys aren't as durable as many would wish. 
  • Individual toys and treats have no description. 

How the Signup Process Works

Subscribing to one of BarkBox's monthly delivery packages can be achieved through the company's website. We're talking about a well-organized, simple and straightforward online subscription box that allows you to select the options that are most convenient for you and your favorite pet.

At the moment of your subscribing, you will be required to enter your personal information. Additionally, you will be required to enter some information regarding your dog. Without a doubt, the most important information you will be required to enter regards the size of the pet. You will need to choose one of three categories: "Small and Cute", "Just Right" and "Big and Bold".

BarkBox ships out its packages every 15th of the month. Depending on the area you live in, it can take up to three days for the package to arrive at your home. Once a customer has subscribed to this service, they will receive a new BarkBox each month until their subscription is canceled or it expires.

Pricing and Value

Subscribing to one of BarkBox's monthly delivery packages can be achieved through the company's website. Customers can subscribe for a minimum of one month for $29 (including delivery fees). Shipping is free for all orders. This is a great option for potential customers who want to try the service before signing up to one of the more expensive plans. However, if they feel so inclined, customers may also subscribe for three, six and twelve months for the following prices:

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    $25/month for a 6-month subscription
  • check
    $21/month for a 12-month subsciption

It is very important to note that the entire amount will be charged as soon as the subscription is requested, so you may want to be absolutely sure before committing to one of the more extensive packages. Potential customers should also be aware that all subscriptions are renewed the 3rd of every month. For that reason, whenever you want to stop the service, you will need to remember to cancel a subscription before (or immediately after) the plan expires.

Public Perception (Other BarkBox Reviews)

Going through the available BarkBox reviews, it is not difficult to realize that, in general, customers are very pleased with this service. More specifically, customers tend to love the quality and variety of the products featured in every BarkBox.

Many have also praised the reliability and efficiency of BarkBox's delivery service. Additionally, there has been very positive feedback regarding the company's user-friendly and informative website. In combination with its social media platforms, this website provides a reliable source of information and a great way for customers to voice their concerns.

Although it's a fantastic service, BarkBox is far from perfect. There have been some complaints regarding the way in which the membership process works. One of the most important such complaints has to do with the automatic renewal of memberships. Having missed the notice regarding this feature when signing up, many customers are surprised (and even outraged) when they discover they have been charged again without their explicit consent.

How It Compares

As you probably know, there are various other pet-related subscription delivery services available.

Without a doubt, one of the BarkBox's most direct competitors is PawPack. Similarly to BarkBox, PawPack is a monthly subscription box for dogs. What differentiates PawPack from other similar services is its emphasis on eco-friendly, all-natural products.

Another service that competes with BarkBox is Surprise My Pet. Even though it's relatively new, this company has been gaining popularity since it opened in 2015. Even though it's somewhat expensive, its products are very high in quality.

In addition to these services, there are various others that have a similar concept. Some of the most popular are Pet Treater, PetGiftBox and PupBox. Even though all the aforementioned services are quite good, BarkBox is definitely capable of standing up to them. This is how BarkBox compares to other services in three main aspects of its service:

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    Price: One of the biggest advantages BarkBox has over its competitors is the incredible affordability of its price. While most companies of this type charge over 40 monthly dollars, BarkBox charges a maximum of $29 for its service.
  • check
    Variety of selection: One of the most reiterated complaints customers have against subscription boxes is the lack of variety they have to offer. Often, boxes arrive with unoriginal items, or even worse, items that have already been sent. Luckily, BarkBox makes a point of constantly changing its delivered items, resulting in a variety that's always pleasantly surprising. What's more, each month has a new theme every month, further strengthening the variety of the service.
  • check
    Ease of sign-up: This is an aspect of BarkBox's service in which it falls short in comparison to its competitors. Even though the service's website is, in itself, very user-friendly and straightforward, its sign up pages could be easier to navigate. At the same time, customers of the service could benefit from obtaining more detailed information regarding important aspects of signing up such as the dreaded automatic membership renewal.


What do you get in a BarkBox?

Where is BarkBox located?

Can you cancel BarkBox at any time?

How do I track my Barkbox order?

Who is the owner of BarkBox?

Is It Worth It For Me?

BarkBox is a recommended service for owners of active, playful dogs. If you have a pet dog that loves toys and treats but gets tired of them quickly, then BarkBox is perfect for you. However, if you're the owner of an older or more passive dog, this service may not be the right fit for you.

Review Summary/Overview

In conclusion, BarkBox is a valuable service that provides a variety of high-quality toys and treats for dogs. Efficient and reliable, this is a service that will be cherished by owners of fun-loving, energetic canines. If you haven't tried it yet, go to BarkBox's website and sign up today! If you have, please let us know about your experience in the comment section!

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  1. Value for Price


    Customer Service/Support


    Variety and Originality


    My little Pablo loved his barkbox subscription box! The NYC box was adorable- he loved chomping on the stuffed taxi. It was pretty durable for a dog his size (he’s a Boston Terrier), and we got the “small and cute” package. Some of the treats he didn’t care for, but that’s to be expected- he’s a picky eater. I can’t wait to see what the next themes are! It’s as much of a treat for me to to unbox his dog toys and treats as it is for him.

  2. Value for Price


    Customer Service/Support


    Variety and Originality


    I LOVE THE THEMES!!! Very few subscription boxes in general offer themes every month that appeal to a wide variety of people- let alone pet boxes that do this. BarkBox has got the best box on the market for dog toys. It’s like LootCrate but more universally appealing. Very happy with the 2016 themes. Not sure if I can afford all year 2017 but we will see.

  3. Value for Price


    Customer Service/Support


    Variety and Originality


    great box and a great price for it. wish they had a line for cats!


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