Bear Mattress Review – Science Meets A Better Night’s Sleep

Bear mattress

Choosing the right mattress is crucial to getting a good night's rest. Your mattress has the power to either leave you well-rested or the complete opposite.

With hundreds of options to choose from, where do you start?

Bear is the creator of a foam mattress sold directly to the consumer. What’s unique about this particular mattress is that it’s covered in Celliant, an FDA Determined Medical Device textile that is clinically proven to help your body feel better after a night’s sleep.

Sound like a cheesy infomercial that’s too good to be true? That’s what we thought, too! Read on to find out if Bear Mattress lives up to its hype.

Bear mattress

Overall Rating:





50 - 90 pounds

10 inches


Motion Isolation:

Price Range:



$540 - $940

Trial Period: 



100 days

10 year limited

10 years

Customer Service​​​​:


Bear Mattress is a family owned business that has been producing mattresses in its Wisconsin factor for over 25 years. The company has recently been able to take advantage of new Celliant technology to offer something that is unique and well received by athletes and individuals who deal with pain on a daily basis.

Get The Deal

Join today and get $125 off on your first order! Mattresses start at $540.


  • Performance-enhancer for athletes
  • Great for people who experience conditions like neck pain, back pain, or knee pain due to sleeping
  • Affordable
  • Plush and comfortable
  • Great for back sleepers
  • Lightweight mattress means it’s easy to move


  • Not as competitively priced as some options in this market
  • Minimal edge support
  • Might be too soft for side sleepers

Firmness and Support

Very Soft

Very Firm

Bear Mattress: 7/10

The Bear mattress is rated at a six for softness, which means it (like Goldilocks’ favorite bed) is not too hard and not too soft. Bear does offer a hybrid spring and foam mattress which is slightly firmer (7 out of 10), so if you’re a side sleeper, you might prefer that as it will provide your body the support you need.

Motion Isolation



Bear Mattress: 9/10

The Bear mattress, like most foam mattresses, provides superior motion isolation. We’ll explain more about the bed’s foam layers in a moment, but the top layer is very responsive and springs back slowly, helping to keep motion from radiating out to your partner.

Off-Gassing and Smell

At most, you might notice a slight scent on the first day or two, but most people report zero smell from the beginning.

Construction and Material

The Bear mattress is made entirely of foam, but don’t be fooled into thinking all foam is created equal! The company has created a high-tech lineup of materials to enhance your sleep and leave you feeling rejuvenated and rested in the morning.

At one inch thick, the first layer of foam is the thinnest; it’s the Graphite-Gel Memory Foam. Since memory foam is traditionally very hot, most customers appreciate that this one is infused with cooling gel. The foam has a great feel to it, helping to adapt to your contours and give you that snug, hugged feeling that memory foam is known for.

Also, the Graphite-Gel foam (and all layers of foam used in Bear mattresses) are CertiPUR-US certified, meaning they’re manufactured without ozone depleters, flame retardants, or formaldehyde. They are also made without phthalates and they contain low VOC emissions.

The next two layers are each two inches thick; the first is Response Foam and the second is Transition Foam. These two layers both have a very strong bounce back. Since they’re sandwiched between a firm layer and a memory foam layer, this helps the bed to have the springy feel we expect in a mattress.

That brings us to the last layer, which is five inches of High-Density Support Foam. While it’s more than adequate for most people, we should note that if you weigh more than 250lbs or so, you might find that you need more than ten inches of foam to properly support you. Lack of appropriate cushion could result in you feeling the bottom of your mattress.

Finally, the entire mattress is encased in the Celliant material we mentioned earlier. Celliant is not a fiber or treatment or add-in; instead, it’s infused into the polyester fibers that make up the cover. This means it won’t wear out or wash away; as long as the bed lasts the Celliant will keep on working!

Celliant is not just another vague technology to help sell mattresses; in fact, over five medical studies have found conclusive enough evidence for the FDA to classify it as a medical device. The fibers in the cover convert your body heat into infrared light, which has verified benefits for the human body.

Those benefits include better circulation, body heat regulation, and increased oxygen levels in your blood, and have been known to assist individuals who suffer from muscle tears, arthritis, congestive heart failure, and high blood sugar, among others. Below, we’ll share the reactions of people who have slept on this mattress after just one night; prepare to be amazed at their reports!

Does it Sleep Hot or Cool?


Memory foam mattresses have a reputation for sleeping hot. The Bear mattress isn’t hot (the Celliant cover takes care of that), but it’s not the coolest mattress ever.

If temperature control is at the very top of your priority list but you still want the benefits of that fantastic infrared light, you might be more interested in Bear’s hybrid mattress.

Unique Features

  • If there are any other unique features (besides firmness/support, motion isolation, and smell/off-gassing) that this specific mattress/brand offers, please add a headline and a couple paragraphs for each unique feature.

Public Perception

People love this mattress. In fact, in a sign of deep transparency, Bear utilizes Google reviews on its site. Out of over 700 reviews, a whopping 83% of customers give the Bear mattress five stars. Another 11% give the bed four stars, which means that a mere 6% of customers rank the bed at three stars or below!

You can see from the unboxing video we’ve included below that the Bear mattress comes in an impossibly small box, and takes relatively little effort to unbox!

This next video highlights the wonders of a foam mattress--how it can be both soft and comfortable and firm at the same time. In fact, this couple can’t stop raving about their new Bear mattress.

Make sure you check out the video at about the eight-minute mark, so you can get a bird’s eye view of the amazing motion isolation. Here’s a hint: three kids are bouncing up and down and barely making any waves!

The Purchasing Process

From ordering to delivery to setup: Bear Mattress has made the shopping and ordering process a breeze, thanks to a clear website and limited options. Specs are readily available and if you have questions, the website has a plethora of help articles available plus an online chat function.

If you want to speak to somebody in person, Bear provides a very easy-to-find phone number as well as email addresses. Your Bear foam mattress will ship free via FedEx within 4-7 business days (the hybrid ships within 7-10 days) from locations around the United States.

As you can see in the videos we’ve provided before, unboxing is a breeze! You’ll receive what seems like an impossibly small box in the mail that’s fairly easy to move (the largest foam mattress is only 90lbs).

Once you’ve removed the box and the plastic from around the bed, it will inflate. Occasionally it can take up to 24 hours to inflate, but most of the time your mattress will be ready to sleep on almost immediately.

While your mattress options are refreshingly simple, you do have options for extra accessories. Mattress covers, pillows, and bed frames and foundations can all be purchased for an additional cost.

Customer Service

Customers report being able to contact Bear quickly and easily. Problems are resolved in a friendly manner leaving the customer satisfied.

While the company offers completely free returns within the 100-day trial period, Bear does ask you to keep your bed for at least 30 days before initiating a return. While your new mattress doesn’t need to be broken you, it might take you that long to adjust to your new bed.

We should note, however, that accessories and non-mattress purchases do not fall into the 100-day trial period. They must be returned within 30 days and only if unused.

Bear does provide a ten-year warranty on its mattresses (both hybrid and foam), though we don’t see many reports of this warranty needing to be used. Certain things can void the warranty, like removing the fire cover, so make sure you read it carefully before using your bed!

Bear also recommends utilizing a mattress protector, and we know what you’re going to ask: will they infrared light and technology still work? Yes! The technology works through sheets and bedding, though you can purchase a mattress cover specifically designed to work with Celliant tech through Bear.

How Much Does It Cost

Bear’s foam mattress comes in six different sizes (including twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king). The twin starts at $540, the queen jumps to $840, and both the king and the California king are $940. Adding details like a mattress covers, pillows, or frame will add to the ticket price.

The hybrid, however, is a bit more expensive. It comes in just three sizes; the queen is $1350, and the king and California king are $1650.

Currently, Bear is offering up to $125 off your mattress via its winter sale. Visit the website for more details and to see if the offer is still available.

How It Compares

Bear mattresses compare very favorably with other mattress-in-a-box brands and even traditional memory foam mattresses. The quality of materials is high, and so is the warranty offered and trial period. You’ll pay more, but you also can’t find the Celliant technology anywhere else, so it might be worth it.

To learn more about how Bear Mattress differentiates from its competitors out there, check out our Top 10 Best Mattresses for more details.

Is Bear Mattress Right For You?

If you’re an athlete or you suffer from chronic muscular pain, you will adore this opportunity to sleep better; Bear mattresses are beloved by their owners!

This mattress won’t be best for people who are heavy or who prefer the bouncy, springy feel of a traditional bed, but if you are looking for a night’s sleep that’s barely disturbed by your partner’s movements, this mattress is a great option thanks to its superior motion isolation.

Feel like you can’t wait to get a better night’s sleep on new Celliant technology? Let us know what you think in the comments below! 

Overall Comfort
Quality of Materials
Motion Isolation
Return Policy
Customer Service
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