Top 10 Best Geek Subscription Boxes: Embrace Your Inner Nerd

geek subscription boxes
geek subscription boxes

Geek subscription boxes offer mystery gifts, such as vinyl figures, T-shirts and prop replicas. There are lots of geek box subscription offers out there, with more added every year. These short geek subscription box reviews and ratings are designed to help you find the best box for your interests and budget.  

How Do We Rate Them?

We take our ratings seriously. We check out the websites for all reviewed subscriptions boxes, as well as online forums, review sites, the Better Business Bureau and other trusted sources to determine the final ratings for each subscription box service.

There are several factors we use to arrive at our ratings for each box. Here’s an explanation of the research and standards for each of these ratings:

Variety of Boxes

We look at the different ordering options for each service. Can you choose from several different genre boxes (one for horror, one for Star Wars, etc.) or does the company offer boxes for kids? Services that offer a variety of price ranges, such as “lite” boxes with fewer items for the budget-conscious, will receive a higher rating in this category.

Value for Price

Value for price is determined by looking at the lowest price available for offered boxes, the quality, and the number of items you receive for that price. Do you receive one or more original or limited-edition items that will rise in value or items that cost more when purchased separately elsewhere online?

Quality of Items

What makes a geek box item high-quality? Sturdy items made of vinyl, hard plastic or other durable material will last a long time and be more resistant to scratches, cracks and other damage. Originality also equals quality.  Unique items made only for the subscription box service add more value, personally and financially, to the box.

Customer Service

Good customer service can make or break a subscription box service, regardless of the quality of the items offered. The service will receive a higher rating if customers have several ways to contact the company (email, live chat, contact form.)

Best Geek Subscription Boxes

Here are the ten best geek box subscriptions, according to our reviews and research. The boxes are listed from #1 (the box with the highest overall rating) to #10, with brief description of how we arrived at that rating.  

Geek Fuel offers a wide range of products and covers fandoms from anime to gaming to manga. The diversity will be much appreciated by most people. Unless you're devoted to one fandom at the expense of all others, Geek Fuel can introduce you to new, interesting franchises or games.

GeekFuel homepage screenshot

Every Geek Fuel box contains a magazine, not just a booklet or description card, and includes Steam game codes. Boxes ship worldwide, and you sign up by choosing the box of your choice and adding your shipping and billing information. You can pay monthly, or in three, six or 12-month installments.

Reviews for Geek Fuel either praise the varied selection or refer to the boxes as “hit or miss” for the same reason. Their customer service department receives rave reviews from one customer, who got a replacement item after breaking Pac Man-themed salt and pepper shakers.

For its varied selection, high-quality items, and excellent customer service, we give Geek Fuel a 9.5 overall rating.

Who Should Try It

Any nerd without a one-fandom mind who likes to find out about new franchises and try out different items.


9.5 out of 10


starting at $26.90 per month

If you’re a fan of retro Nickelodeon shows, the Nick Box is for you. Each box contains high-quality, exclusive items from all your favorite Nick shows from the ‘90s. You'll receive figures, comics, T-shirts and other merchandise featuring characters from Rocko's Modern Life, Rugrats, Ren and Stimpy, Hey Arnold! and other shows.

Nick Box homepage screenshot

The Nick Box comes quarterly, and only contains items from 1990's Nick shows, so if you’re not a fan, you’ll want to subscribe to another box. Create an account to be notified when the next box ships, and add your clothing sizes to the profile, as apparel is included in most boxes. Past box themes have included Snowed In and Nick Toons Rewind.

We haven't found any negative reviews for Nick Box. Reviewers praise the unique, high-quality items, and look forward to their next box.

The Nick Box has a higher price tag than many other geek boxes, but it’s worth it for the selection, high-quality and exclusive items.

Who Should Try It

Fans of retro 1990's Nickelodeon TV shows.


9.4 out of 10


starting at $49.99 plus shipping

The Mine Chest subscription box is chock full of bright and varied items. This fact may confuse some people, as the sandbox video game Mine Craft is pretty simple-looking. The video game, which allows players to create their own virtual world or solve problems, is popular with kids, who will love the surprise in a Mine Chest box.

Mine Chest homepage screenshot

Every box offers officially licensed Mojang collectibles, including one T-shirt in every box. At first glance, the box may seem pricey, but items are high-quality, and this subscription box is sent six times a year instead of the usual 12.

User reviews are mostly positive, though some subscribers complained about shipping delays. It’s easy to sign up for the service by filling out a short form on the home page.

We give Mine Chest a 9 overall rating, based on the overwhelmingly positive user reviews and the novelty of the items included in each box.

Who Should Try It

Avid Mine Craft fans, completest pop culture geeks, kids and young teens.


9 out of 10


starting at $39.99 bimonthly

Lookatu’s monthly themed boxes are dedicated to exclusive Japanese and Asian collectibles. Every box has one or two items not readily available in the U.S. (or anywhere other than Asian countries.) Boxes may contain a full-sized figure statue and at least one rare item.

Lootaku homepage screenshot

One, three, and six-month plans are available. Sign up is easy – just enter your email address, confirm it, and add billing and shipping information before you buy.

Many other geek boxes are cheaper, but Lookatu gives subscribers the highest quality items for their money. Reviewers love this box, especially anime fans, and it's hard to find any negative comments online in unboxing videos or written reviews.

Lookatu boxes don’t ship to many European markets, and some subscribers received the wrong size T-shirts in their boxes. Aside from these relatively minor complaints, we also found online praises for Lookatu.

Who Should Try It

Any hardcore fan of Asian pop culture and collectors looking for rare items will love this box.


9 out of 10


starting at $44.99 month

5. 1 Up

Heavy on video game figurines, T-shirts and swag, and low on anime and comics, 1 Up is perfect for gamers. Boxes may contain high-quality items from Marvel and DC, Walt Disney Animation Studio, and Funkos.

1 up box homepage screenshot

You'll get a T-shirt and a Pop! figure, plus four or five other figures, graphics, and wearables, in each box. You'll occasionally find a plushie, and every box has a themed button.  You'll find both current and retro gaming swag in these boxes.

Online reviewers love the variety of items and refer to the box as “epic” and “awesome.” All the reviews we’ve seen give 1 Up boxes a thumbs up. Once in a while, you’ll receive a filler item in one your boxes, but that’s the only iffy element to the content.

Choose from one, three and six-month plans. All plans auto-renews, so you'll need to log in to your account and unsubscribe if you don't want to receive them anymore.

Who Should Try It

1 Up box is geared to kids and teens, but anyone who loves video games and game swag will enjoy it.


7 out of 10


starting at $13.00 month

My Geek Box offers four different subscription boxes -  the regular box, a kids’ box, a budget box and a premier box in conjunction with IGN. Regardless of your taste, you’ll probably find something here you’ll enjoy.

my geek box homepage screenshot

The regular box has a limited-edition T-shirt and four to seven collectibles.

The IGN box is pricier than the regular box, but it contains original items from blockbuster movies such as The Black Panther. There are two kids’ boxes – the Little Princess and the Little Hero.

Choose from month to month, three-month, six month or 12 months subscriptions.

The negative reviews for My Geek Box mostly concern their customer service.  The service has a 61% bad rating on Trustpilot UK, with difficulty canceling subscriptions, changing delivery dates and missing items the top complaints.

When it comes to box selection and quality, you can’t beat My Geek Box. The poor to non-existent customer service is the only reason My Geek Box doesn’t merit a top rating.

Who Should Try It

Anyone who likes superhero or sci-fi movie blockbusters or kids


7 out of 10


starting at $8.49 plus shipping

Bam Box offers horror and pop culture boxes featuring retro pins, fanart, and other unique items. These boxes emphasize cult or lesser-known movies and are an alternative to boxes containing swag from mainstream movies. Choose from a month-to-month or yearly subscription.

bam box homepage screenshot

The occasional inclusion of autographed photos and cards give Bam Box a personal touch. The signatures, from cult movie actors and behind-the-scenes people, give subscribers something that's not included in any other current subscriber box.

Bam Box has a forum where subscribers can trade items with each other, and there’s a tracking page where you can check on shipment status for your boxes.

Reviewers enjoy the selection of unique items. You'll also get good value for your money - one reviewer found an item in her box sold for $15 elsewhere on the internet. We only found one complaint, about a missing item, which was resolved with a refund.

Who Should Try It

Fans of obscure horror or cult films and collectors who look unusual, one of a kind items


7 out of 10


starting at $26.99 plus shipping

Geared towards girls and young women who love gaming, Gamer Girl Monthly offers items you won’t find in other geek boxes. You’ll find gamer-inspired jewelry and licensed merchandise from Tomb Raider, World of Warcraft and other popular games.

gamer girl monthly homepage screenshot

Tote bags, journals, bath bombs, candles and hair bows with gamer themes are also included in the boxes. Gamer Girl has a month-to-month subscription, and you need to manually cancel the service or inform the company you want to skip a month.

When you sign up, you get to choose the game franchises that will be included in your box. You’ll also get to choose the types of jewelry and non-jewelry items (hair bows, bath products) you want.

Gamer Girl has a B+ rating in Better Business Bureau, and reviewers love items like the Pokémon-themed scented candles and game controller ring. Customer service is passable, but there are still some issues here and there. Also, some jewelry may be flimsy and fall apart after you wear it a few times.

Who Should Try It

Female gamers looking for licensed merchandise and unique items, such as game-themed jewelry and bath products.


7 out of 10


starting at $23 month

9. ZBox

ZBox, part of the Zavvi entertainment brand, offers geek boxes with official, licensed merchandise from franchises as varied as the Goonies and Dr. Who.  The main box offered has a mix of items, including prop replicas, but the company also offers a second “Threads” box containing a graphic novel and T-shirt. Boxes contain a magazine instead of a description card.

zbox homepage screenshot

ZBoxes are available in one, three, six and 12-month subscriptions. Regular ZBoxes cost $19.99 a month if you subscribe for a year. Thread boxes are $9.99 a month. ZBox site also has an extensive online store featuring Blu-Rays, T-shirts, vinyl figures and other individual items.

Reviewers praise the quality and variety of items, but customer service is hard to reach, according to users. ZBox sends boxes worldwide, but shipping is extra if you want tracked delivery.

Customer service is the main drawback to a ZBox subscription. Many customers complain that it's hard to cancel a subscription or even contact the company- there are no email addresses or phone numbers for Zavvi/ZBox on their website. You can only contact customer service after you log in to your account.

Who Should Try It

Geeks who like to explore a wide range of popular merchandise.


6.5 out of 10


starting at $9.99 per month

Smuggler’s Bounty offers Star Wars collectibles worth $50. Subscribers receive exclusive wearables, collectibles, and one Pop! Vinyl figure per box.  Memorabilia from recent movies and the original trilogy are included in the boxes and the subscription boxes will be sent bi-monthly.

smuggler's bounty homepage screenshot

Smuggler’s Bounty has a no refund policy, so if you’re dissatisfied with an item or box for any reason, you’re stuck with it. Damaged boxes, T-shirts or comics can’t be replaced, either.

Every box has a theme, so if you’re not a fan of that particular character/film, you may not find anything you like. Past boxes have included Force Awakens, Last Jedi and Star Wars: Rebels animated series themes.

Who Should Try It

Fans of Star Wars who want original, quality memorabilia.  Unfortunately, Smuggler’s Bounty will cease operation in September 2018, according to a recent blog post, and is not accepting new registrations.


6 out of 10


starting at $25 plus shipping

All of the geek boxes in our Top Ten list have interesting, quality items, but the best one for you depends on your budget and personal preferences. Read geek subscription box reviews from collectors with similar interests to learn more before shelling out your hard-earned cash for a subscription box.

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