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In 2012, Blue Apron started with an ambitious goal. This company would not only make home cooking more enjoyable and delicious, but they also set out to change the food system from the farm to the table and every step in between.

Now, Blue Apron delivers fresh, sustainable, and perfectly portioned ingredients right to your door with easy-to-follow recipes. The service aims to provide “a better way to cook,” and it accomplishes this goal in many ways. Below is our Blue Apron review and a discount offer.

How Does It Work?

These days, everyone is incredibly busy with plenty of commitments. These busy schedules leave little time to create the home-cooked meals you crave. After all, there’s a lot more to cooking at home than just firing up the stove.

First, you have to research recipes. It can be challenging to find healthy, delicious recipes that you can make with any skill level. Once you have seen a recipe, you must go to the grocery store to find the right ingredients. Sometimes you have to visit multiple stores to find what you need.

Worse yet, some ingredients can be tricky to find or can come from unsustainable sources that you may not wish to support. If you get through all these steps, you still have to follow the recipe and may end up with extras of some of the ingredients. You know where those scraps end up: as food waste.

Blue Apron sets out to put an end to this madness. You choose from the list of fresh recipes you want to receive each month. You can choose family meal plans and even vegetarian meals.

Then, Blue Apron ships a box filled with only the ingredients you need and a recipe card that even beginners can follow. This company does not repeat recipes within a year, so you get to explore all kinds of new dishes.

Unlike some subscription boxes, Blue Apron allows you to choose how often you want a box. If you’re going on vacation or just don’t want a box that week, skip it. When you’re done, keep the recipe card for reference, because you may want to make that tasty meal again. 


  • Sustainable foods
  • The right amount of ingredients
  • Family plans available
  • check
    Learn to cook
  • check
    Delicious, healthy meals


  • Some customers have trouble switching between vegetarian and meat options
  • Can take beginners a long time to cook
  • exclamation-triangle
    Ingredients are not sorted

Plans & Pricing

There are several plans for you to choose from with Blue Apron. The two central decisions to make are how many servings you intend to prepare for each recipe and how many recipes you want each week.

Choose the two-person plan if you only want to cook for you and one other person (or if you want to cook alone and have leftovers). This program has two options for delivery: twice or three times per week. Feeding two people two times per week costs $47.95 per week and $7.99 weekly shipping.

The option for three deliveries per week comes out to $59.94 each week with free shipping. In total, both plans come out to $9.99 each serving, which is significantly less than eating out.

Two-Person Plan

Two Recipes

Three Recipes

$47.95 per week

(plus $7.99 weekly shipping)

$59.94 per week

(free shipping)

Choose the family plan if you intend to cook for four people each time. This plan comes with the options for two, three, or four deliveries per week:

Family Plan

Two Recipes

Three Recipes

Four Recipes

$71.92 per week

$107.88 per week

$143.84 per week

Each other these options come with free shipping and comes out to $8.99 per serving. If you have ever eaten out as a family, you know what a deal that is. Please note that vegetarian options are not available for the family plan.

Customer Reviews

If you have considered subscribing to this service for a while, you may have noticed that unpaid Blue Apron reviews are difficult to come by. After all, the company does not allow reviews on its Facebook page.

It is a tightly controlled brand, but we uncovered some reviews to get a good idea of what real customers think. Overall, reviewers enjoy this service, but some have a hard time justifying the price.

Users note that the ingredients come fresh and that even the most novice chefs can follow the recipes well. The meals end up delicious and even Instagram-worthy. Many people note that they use sauces and sides they learned to make with Blue Apron on all kinds of meals.

The downside for some is the price. $8.99 to $9.99 is a great deal compared to eating out, but not necessarily doable for all budgets. However, some customers found that if they canceled a few of the shipments each month, they could fit Blue Apron in the budget.

The other problem some subscribers note is that some boxes come incomplete. Every once in a while, the company forgets to include a key ingredient, which negates the benefits of not having to go to the grocery store.

When customers have taken these complaints to the company, Blue Apron offered discounts on upcoming boxes. This coupon may be enough compensation for some people, but it left others feeling frustrated.

Overall Customer Rating

After scouring the internet for reliable reviews, we found that the average customer rating is about a 7 of 10. Most people love the service, but some customers have serious concerns.

Recipes Available At Blue Apron

Blue Apron includes plenty of delicious recipes on a rotating basis. Check out these:

Blue Apron vs The Competition

Today, there are plenty of meal delivery services on the market. Each of these services aims to make dinner better than ever and revitalize the joy of cooking. So, how does Blue Apron stand up? Compared to other kits, like Plated, Sun Basket, and Green Chef, Blue Apron is just easier to use.

Instead of paying for boxes whether you wanted them or not, this company allows you to customize deliveries so that you only pay for what you really want. The recipes are easy to follow and help build a better understanding of cooking more generally.

However, Blue Apron’s cooking times tend to be longer than others. Be sure to consider that if you’re short on time for dinner. As far as price goes, the cost per serving is lower than most meal delivery services. That’s great for anyone who is concerned about their budget.

Is It Right For Me?

If you and your family want to try incredible new dishes and don’t know where to start, this is a good place to start. Blue Apron reviews say that this meal service is great for people who want to expand their palettes and learn to cook in new ways.

If you are a true beginner cook or if you have very little time on your hands, you may want to try a different service.

Deals and Coupons

If you have ever listened to a podcast, you probably know that Blue Apron offers discounts on your first order. You don’t have to remember your favorite podcast’s offer code to get the coupon. Click the offer on the top of Blue Apron’s home page to get $30 off of your first order.

Review Summary/Overview

Blue Apron allows you to try recipes you never would have dared to explore, learn new cooking techniques, and support a sustainable food system. The company offers plenty of options to meet all kinds of needs, whether you’re cooking for two or the whole family. Overall, it’s a great meal kit delivery service.


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