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One particular monthly subscription box that’s been getting a lot of buzz lately is BootayBag.

The women’s underwear subscription service sends subscribers two new pairs of underwear each month for the low price of just $12.

Unlike more popular underwear subscription services like MeUndies, BootayBag focuses on women in particular, putting together a wide range of options ladies of all tastes and preferences are sure to enjoy.

That means that despite the fact that it flies lower under the radar, there is still a booming marketplace that BootayBag has cornered with their unique subscription idea.

The company was recently founded by Ellyette Gheno in response to the success of underwear subscription services. She noticed that there were none that focused solely on women – except for those that are lingerie-specific – so she set out to create an answer to this lacking.

BootayBag has done just that. It’s filled a hole that needed to be filled. Our BootayBag review cuts through the noise and hits on the core of what the service is about – and who it’s for.

Our goal is to help you decide whether BootayBag is the right underwear subscription box for you.

What Makes BootayBag Unique?

Perhaps the most unique aspect of BootayBag is its women-centric focus.

Other underwear subscription boxes have cornered the lingerie market, but few have done a good job focusing on the women’s underwear market.

Of course, top dogs like MeUndies offer extensive selections of women’s underwear, but these companies don’t focus solely on women.

BootayBag’s focus on women only mean that they offer one of the best selections of women’s underwear of any monthly underwear subscription box.

In addition to regular women’s underwear, BootayBag offers a wide selection of thongs. You can choose to receive only thongs, never thongs, or one thong and one normal underwear each month.

Another unique aspect of BootayBag is their commitment to discrete shipping. The packaging is simple and plain so no one knows what you’re ordering.

Finally, BootayBag is dedicated to giving back to the community. Post a picture of your BootayBag underwear on social media with the #undermatters hashtag and the company donates $1 to the Melanoma Foundation.

Pros and Cons


  • Women-centric​​​​
  • 2 pairs each month
  • Very affordable price
  • Ability to chose type of panty
  • Lots of design and color options


  • Currently offers only Small, Medium, and Large
  • Difficult to order correct size for some items
  • Less durable than some would like

How the Signup Process Works

Like all of our favorite subscription boxes, BootayBag nails the signup process.

It’s simple and straightforward enough for anyone and everyone (even those with minimal computer skills) to use with success.

You simply go to the BootayBag subscription page, or fill out the form on their homepage, and answer several quick questions.

First is your size. BootayBag currently only offers underwear in small, medium, and large. We hope to see them expand at least to extra-small and extra-large sizes in the near future.

Next is your preferred style. As mentioned above, you can choose “always thongs,” “never thongs,” or “mix it up.” You will receive two pairs of your preferred style of underwear each month.

Now, you’re given the option to add any additional items you’d like These include bralettes for $13 each. You can choose extras as one-time add-ons or monthly add-ons.

The final step is choosing a monthly or yearly subscription. A yearly subscription is a better overall value but locks you in for an entire year of service (which you must pay up front).

Pricing and Value

BootayBag is one of the most affordable underwear subscription box services around.

At only $12 per month for two pairs of underwear, each pair of underwear you receive is bought for a $6 value.

Despite the low pricetag of BootayBag products, the underwear they offer is fairly high quality. It fits well (once you find the right size), is comfortable, and lasts for a long time.

Of course, the low monthly price does mean that the underwear isn’t quite as high of quality, especially where durability is concerned, as other leading underwear subscription boxes that charge almost twice as much per pair.

As mentioned above, signing up for a full year of service nets you an even better overall deal on your underwear subscription.

Numerous coupon codes and special offers are also available to bring the price of BootayBag’s wares down even further.

Public Perception

BootayBag maintains a great reputation among past and current customers.

It’s not uncommon to hear about users rave about how much they love BootayBag. The main compliments include the variety of designs and the cuteness of the products themselves.

Indeed, just how cute BootayBag’s offerings are is a sentiment that’s echoed throughout most user reviews. While some users do note that the underwear isn’t quite as durable as they’d like, this is almost always followed about just how much they like the looks of each pair.

It seems that most users also like just how easy BootayBag is to use. Both the subscription and the selection process are highly rated by previous users.

How It Compares

So now let’s get into the real test – how does BootayBag compare to other underwear subscription boxes?

The short answer to that question is very well. BootayBag has a lot going for it that sets it apart from the competition.

Chief among these benefits are just how easy it is to use, the vast selection of underwear available, and the very low price.

The fact that BootayBag focuses solely on women’s underwear is another highlight. This service is by women for women. No guys allowed.

The catch is that BootayBag doesn’t offer quite as much variety as other top competitors such as MeUndies.

It’s hard to deny the fact that MeUndies offers one of the largest selections of underwear (for both women and men) of any underwear subscription service.

Of course, BootayBag aims at a slightly different audience than MeUndies. BootayBag’s offerings are slightly on the cuter side (think subdued patterns, lots of lace, and sexy designs).

BootayBag doesn’t offer very many bright, silly, colorful designs like MeUndies is known for – but that’s not what a BootayBag customer is generally after anyways.


How does BootayBag work?

How do I sign up?

How much is shipping?

Is It Worth It For Me?

BootayBag is a great option for all women that love to have fresh undies on a regular basis – and who doesn’t.

The catch is that their underwear generally falls under a cutesy, feminine design style. The commonly feature lace, frilliness, and girly colors.

Those that prefers a simpler design, as well as those that prefer a more bright and bold design, should probably look elsewhere.

BootayBag is also limited in the sizes they offer. Those that normally wear an extra-small or extra-large in underwear won’t have much luck with them.

Aside from that, BootayBag is an excellent choice for women looking for cute, feminine, top-quality underwear for an extremely affordable price.

Coupons and Deals

There always seems to be new coupon codes for BootayBag popping up online. is one of the best places to start your search for these coupon codes.

BootayBag itself offers a number of stellar deals. For example, you can sign up for 3 months of service for just $36 or an annual subscription for $132.


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