Bright Cellars Review – Wine For Your Unique Taste or Just Overpriced?

bright cellars review
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Since 2015, Bright Cellars has…

Made it’s wine style known across the globe.

There are tons of reviews on wine subscription services out there, but there aren’t an endless amount of wine clubs that are worth really digging into. They have to stand out from the rest, you know….make a unforgettable impression….the world-changers.

With that said, you have an idea of how hard it is to grab our attention. The wine industry is wanted by many entrepreneurs, but only grasped by the select few. It’s safe to say that Bright Cellars has definitely caught our eye in terms of their wine subscription service.

What Makes Bright Cellars Unique?

In order to stand out from the crowd enough for us to determine a need for a positive review, they had to do something, right? Well the truth is they actually did a few things. That’s right, not just one or two, but a few. We listed them for you below:

•A grassroots story of 2 guys worth mentioning.
Bright Cellars is the culmination of 2 masterminds working together to exhibit their love of wine and bringing the industry a flavor of its own. The grassroots story that contributes to what Bright Cellars is today will be mentioned later in this review (we couldn’t leave it out).

•Custom experiences win, why wouldn’t they integrate it?
This is yet another spin on providing a customized wine subscription that uses science to get the best possible predictions for success. Just like other wine subscription services of its kind, it uses quizzes and feedback on received bottles to form its judgement.

•Having a Delight Guarantee demonstrates their uniqueness.
If you don’t love a bottle, or as they call it, find that a bottle delights you, let them know and they’ll make up for it in the next month’s shipment. While it’s a replacement that you have to wait on, at least they’re putting in effort.

•Throw some cheese into the mix. No really!
One of the most unique features of Bright Cellars is that you can get great cheese thrown onto your monthly order. Cheese and wine, nothing could get better. Well it could but we’re not the ones to jinx it.

•You can tell it’s the work of great minds you’d find at MIT.
These are 2 guys that were MIT students who decided to team up and change the world in their own way. And for the love of wine!


  • Cheese is an add-on! Enough said.
  • Decent pricing in comparison.
  • High Quality Deliveries, Nothing Sub-Par
  • check
    Known for being a leading service brand.
  • check
    You’ll find them to be completely transparent.


  • First order will be inaccurate, but it gets better.
  • Not as attentive when it comes to providing wine knowledge.
  • exclamation-triangle
    Suiting bargain hunters isn’t their area of expertise.

How The Signup Process Works

•Nothing special about the initial quiz, but it works.
It’s just like the one used for most wine subscription services. Using chocolate and the like to gauge your taste in the beginning. Coupled with ongoing feedback, it could yield just the right selection showing up at your door each month.

•Provide your payment details and confirm your purchase.
Since this is a subscription, you have to provide your credit card details. Everything is secure, but you just need to remember the charge will automatically take place until you cancel so don’t let yourself get surprised.

•Like clockwork, you’ll get fresh wine sitting at your door.
Everything from here is done completely automatic. This is the great thing about technology and it helps to not have to reorder each month to ensure you get a fresh stockpile of wine to add to your cupboard.

Pricing and Value

At an average cost of $15 per bottle, it’s pretty steep when it’s compared to other companies of its kind. This is hardly a bargain, and is one of the biggest drawbacks to consider when deciding on whether to give Bright Cellars a try or not. However, they do have a competitive collection of high quality wines.

If you have the extra money to join and want to get a monthly delivery of handpicked wines that deliver exquisite experiences, this could be an option. For the everyday wine lover, they may find that there are more affordable wine subscription options out there with a similiar level of quality.

Public Perception (Other Bright Cellars Reviews)

You’ll also find that the customer service provided over at Bright Cellars is one of the most popular things talked about during consumer reviews. The quality seems to be above par and produce positive results. There aren’t really any bad things being said about Bright Cellars which goes to show that they’re doing something right and meeting their customer's needs.

Want to share your own experience with Bright Cellars? Tell the community what you think! Leave your review in the comments below.

How It Compares

Bright Cellars brings a premium wine subscription service to the table that doesn’t lack by any means. The main difference is that it does come at a cost, but doesn’t anything good require a notable investment anyways? If you want a premium wine subscription, this could be it.

They do provide you with your money’s worth. And you won’t find them making it extremely difficult to cancel your subscription should the need come to do so. This is why Bright Cellars is one of the top leaders in the wine subscription industry today.


Can I really get free wine at Bright Cellars?

How much of a part does the wine quiz play on recommendations?

Is there any way to track my monthly wine delivery?

Who do I contact at Bright Cellars for help?

Is It Right For Me?

If you want access to some industry-leading wine chosen by only some of the most experienced wine experts, then Bright Cellars will be your cup of wine. As long as you’re willing to spend a little extra for the level of quality that you’re receiving.

However, if you’re on a budget, it won’t be the most cost-friendly. These are the folks that live by the phrase “you get what you pay for.” But they’ve set their prices to meet the high quality standard of the offered wines.

Review Summary/Overview

Overall, this is a strong option when it comes to wine subscription services. It holds its ground for good reason, and as long as they continue to improve upon who they were yesterday, they’ll have a bright and prosperous future ahead of them for many years to come.


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