Can You Sleep With a Waist Trainer On?

Waist Trainer on a Man

Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Jessica Alba swears by waist trainers, but are they safe to wear while you’re sleeping? We dig deep and share our research below to help you determine if you can sleep with a waist trainer on or not.

When you’re deciding the question, “can you sleep with a waist trainer on?” it’s important to understand a little about waist trainers and how they work. While they’re something of a craze now, they’ve been around for a long time, dating all the way back to the south (remember Scarlett O’Hara’s tiny waist in Gone With the Wind) and Victorian times. 

While many celebs and self-proclaimed weight-loss experts will tell women to live in their sleep trainers 24/7, it’s not safe, for several reasons.

Reasons to Not Sleep With a Waist Trainer

To determine can you sleep with a waist trainer on, you should know that using a corset, especially if you’re not simultaneously working out your core or if your core muscles weren’t strong, to begin with, can cause your abdominal muscles to further deteriorate, leaving you extremely weak when your waist trainer is removed.

A weak core, as many of us know first-hand, impacts every part of our bodies and it can lead to back pain, pelvic floor problems such as incontinence, and even injury. You lose the muscles you don’t use, and when your body becomes used to a sleep trainer, it can begin to rely on it.

Another reason to not sleep with a waist trainer is that it can cause or worsen all sorts of digestive problems, such as acid reflux because it’s putting pressure on your internal organs and potentially even causing them to shift. This is uncomfortable at best, and at worse can cause difficulty getting deep breaths for quality sleep, incontinence, difficulty eating, indigestion, and more.

The only potential exception to these rules is if you’re not able to wear your corset during the day, and want to wear it at night, instead. However, this should be done with a great deal of caution, keeping in mind the potential side effects we’ve already listed.

The bottom line when you’re wondering can you sleep with a waist trainer on is that you probably shouldn’t.


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