Cannabox Review: A Go-To Partner For All Smoking Lovers

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In this review of Cannabox, we look to provide all the pertinent information needed to determine if this smoking subscription box is right for you.

Cannabox launched in September of 2013 and has been gaining members ever since. The company is geared toward recreational smokers and users of medicinal marijuana and provides a service offering smoking accessories that might otherwise be difficult to discover and obtain.

Our review will consider the quality of products offered by Cannabox, along with the options for subscribing. We will also provide information about how to sign up and what value the box offers, and we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the subscription box service. We believe this will give you the insight you need to make an educated choice about whether to sign up for the service.

What Makes Cannabox Unique?

Cannabox is a subscription box for smokers that provides all the smoking essentials you could need. IN addition, the brand uses pop culture references to make its products stand out from the pack.

The cost of a subscription is reasonable, and you’ll receive items each month that are worth twice as much as what you pay. Subscriptions are even less expensive if paid in three- or six-month intervals.  

Cannabox Logo

While you can expect limited edition smoking essentials from new companies, other items include gadgets and t-shirts. The brand seems to be more suited to a casual smoker than a heavy user, who may prefer glass pieces, rolling papers, and things of that nature. However, for the pop culture lover who also enjoys smoking, it’s a robust box with a lot of fun items to pick through. Each month there is a different theme, which keeps the subscription endlessly entertaining.

This service ships to the United States, including Puerto Rico, as well as Canada, Australia, Spain, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. This is a huge presence, which is surprising when compared to competitors.

Cannabox Homepage Screenshot

Cannabox has a presence on Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. There are often fun contests and giveaways going on, allowing the community to get involved with the company in a more tangible way. The accounts also offer tips, memes, and other fun bits of trivia applicable to the audience.

The website for Cannabox also has a full-fledged support system with answers to all sorts of common questions. You can also send in a request at any time with the click of the button. Generally, you won’t have to wait a long time to get a response.  

An example past box from Cannabox contained a glass piece, rolling papers, lighters, candy, and other fun goodies.

How the Process Works

The sign-up process for Cannabox is straightforward and simple. All you need to do is visit and join. You will then choose your membership plan of choice. This will start the subscription process.

Next, all you do is wait for the box to make it to your home. Once it does, you can expect to open it and find full-sized smoking gear and essentials chosen by experts. There will be six to nine items in each box. You can then use the items you receive and you are all set for the delivery coming the next month.

Pros & Cons


  • Items are worth much more than what you pay for the subscription.

  • Pop-culture-themed boxes are fun to receive and enjoy.

  • Cost for a subscription is reasonable compared to competitors.

  • Subscription has no commitment so you can cancel whenever you like.

  • Available in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, Spain, Ireland, and the U.K.


  • Not the ideal assortment for a heavy smoker.

  • Doesn’t include items such as pipe cleaners and papers.

  • T-shirt designs can be hit or miss.

Pricing and Value

There are three unique plans that you can sign up for with Cannabox. The first is a monthly plan that will cost nineteen dollars and eighty eight cents a month plus seven dollars and ninety five cents for shipping and handling. You can also pay for three months upfront, which is eighteen dollars and eighty eight cents a month plus shipping and handling. That comes out to eighty dollars and forty nine cents quarterly. The final option is the six-month plan that is one hundred fifty four dollars and ninety eight cents. That makes each month only seventeen dollars and eighty eight cents plus the shipping and handling charges.

Cannabox also offers what are called Cannapacks. These contain items from old boxes and can be ordered for fourteen dollars. They contain five to seven products but are not available in a subscription form.

In addition to those options, there is an essential box that goes out monthly. This box costs only ten dollars a month and includes five to seven products. You can expect items like lighters, cigars, grinders, stickers, and rolling papers.

If you decide to cancel your membership, all you need to do is login to your account and click cancel. You can also send in a support ticket and ask for your membership to be cancelled. Make sure you cancel at least 24 hours before your next box is scheduled to ship to avoid being charged. Those who have a three- or six-month membership can turn off auto-renew by contacting support.

Public Perception (Other Cannabox Reviews)

There are many satisfied customers of Cannabox and for various reasons. Many customers note the unique themes as part of why the subscription service is satisfying. Others talk about the stellar customer service that the team provides. Nearly all reviews are five out of five stars, but there are a few four-star ratings on some sites. This is usually attributed to receiving a theme item that wasn’t wanted by the person who received the box. In general, new customers seem pleased with the quality and assortment of the items that make it to their door.

On the Cannabox website, you can see dozens of reviews, both good and not-so-good. Some of the most recent testimonials come from KeKe who says, “I get Cannabox for my wife and she absolutely loves it!! I also think everything in the box is awesome!!!” and Oscar who notes, “I fell in love with the Dabpool piece!! The Kill Bill grinder blew my mind also <3 I’m always excited to see what I get next. Five stars for the on-time shipping and everything always comes in handy!!”

How It Compares

While some 420 subscription boxes offer a year-long option, that isn’t the case with Cannabox. For most people, that won’t make a massive difference but it is worth noting.

The contents of the box itself are more varied than some other boxes with Cannabox adding in pop culture references in the products its send. You will likely get smoking essentials, along with gadgets or apparel, like t-shirts or socks. Each month there is a new theme, which makes receiving the box never get old. That said, some people prefer fewer of the toys and culture items and would prefer more smoking items. If that’s you, Cannabox may not be the best option.

Cannabox Goods

Each box comes with a t-shirt styled for the smoker lifestyle, which might be a perk for those who like to proclaim their smoker status via clothing.

The price for the Cannabox can be described as average. Other boxes range from ten dollars all the way up to over a hundred dollars. Cannabis boxes similar to this one are often in that same price range. All in all, it’s a decent box and it fills a niche for smokers who enjoy pop culture references.


What Is Cannabox and What Comes Inside?

How Often Will I Receive a Box?

When Will I Be Charged?

Can I Request Discreet Shipping?

What Can I Do If My Box Is Missing Something?

What Is the Outlet?

Is It Worth It for Me?

Everyone is different, so it’s hard to say if Cannabox will work for you. However, if you enjoy smoking culture but you also find yourself entertained by pop culture, you won’t go wrong choosing this box. Those who are heavier smokers who appreciate items solely used for hobby may find it’s not the best box on the market. It’s a box that has a low price tag, so we suggest giving it a shot if you’re on the fence. You can always unsubscribe if it doesn’t hit the spot for you.

Coupons and Deals

There are a couple of ways to save money on Cannabox. If a friend is referred under your name, the friend gets 10 percent off the chosen plan. You also get a five dollar coupon for each referred friend.

A loyalty program is also available. You get 20 points for each dollar you spend, which are good for six months. The points can be used on any product on the website and are available as a payment method when you check out. You’ll receive a notification that you have points and how much the points are worth. You do not have to be a subscriber to build up and redeem points.

Review Summary / Overview

Quality of Products
Value for Cost
Customer Service
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