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Join today and get a sign up bonus! is a money earning platform where individuals can sign up to receive special offers with the incentive of a small payout for each activity participated in. This site has been in business since 2006, and currently has over 2 million members around the world.

It’s free to join, and you can even view their payment wall where real members post their earnings. They’ve currently paid out over 3 million dollars in total. So, how can you start earning and how much can you expect to make?

How Does It Work?

You’re an active consumer, you likely have opinions about products and services that companies are dying to get their hands on. These businesses pay CashCrate to host their surveys, advertisements, and special offers which CashCrate then pays you to interact with. Signing up is free, which is the first sign of legitimacy in the world of survey sites.

Upon signing up, you will be asked a few questions about yourself so that the site can determine which surveys would be best suited to you. Afterwards, you will be able to earn cash rewards from offers and surveys, as well as receive cashback shopping incentives.

Each of these actions will earn you a certain amount of points which can eventually be turned into a check, gift cards, a PayPal deposit or used for sweepstakes on the site. You’ll need to earn at least $20 worth before cashing in, though.

Unlike other survey sites, CashCrate avoids the point system altogether in favor of cold hard cash. Each task has a set amount of money attached to it that you can earn by completing it.

Pros & Cons


  • There’s no annoying point system, just cash. Each survey will also net you more than a penny, unlike other sites. It’s a lot easier to start earning on this platform.
  • The site works hard to send you surveys that apply to the information you put in, which means you’re more likely to be eligible for them. With other platforms, you could spend over an hour filling out surveys only to find that you weren’t eligible for a single one.
  • Their referral program is a fast track to making serious side money each month if you know friends that will actively use their site. Refer enough, and you’ll be making passive income in no time flat.


  • The website sets unrealistic expectations of what you can actually earn in their FAQ section. You won’t be able to substitute your current income just by using CashCrate, nor will you suddenly have the extra funds lying around for a 5-star vacation. The idea is to make a few extra dollars here and there, giving you a small amount of extra income each month.
  • It can take a long time to earn the money needed to cash in. Some surveys offer a measly few pennies. Progress comes slow enough that you might lose interest, but you will make money if you stick with it.
  • exclamation-triangle
    Your email will be spammed, immensely. We recommend creating a separate email to save yourself a headache. Some users also reported that CashCrate gave away their phone numbers to third parties, resulting in dozens of cold call sales a day.

Ways to Earn Cash

When it comes to earning that extra dough, you have a few options to choose from. It’s not quite as many as similar sites, but it cuts out a lot of tedious searching and gets straight to the point.

Take Surveys

Surveys are the bread and butter of CashCrate. Head over to the Survey tab, and you will see a list that you can choose from, each with a different payout. Pro tip: Head straight for the ones that offer to pay the most.

While you might not be eligible for every survey you come across, chances are you will be able to take and profit from most of them. Users reported qualifying for around 80% of surveys on average. As for pay, you can expect anywhere from 15 cents to a dollar, but finding one worth an entire Washington is rare.


This is actually a much more lucrative feature on the site. You can choose between free and paid offers, with the difference in the latter being that you have to spend money then earn a percentage cash back. Often, the amount you earn back ends up being higher than the price you paid, making most paid offers a chance for 105-110% cashback.

Free offers are much simpler, and take far less time to complete. You profit from these as well, earning a few dollars just for trying out a service. Keep your eyes peeled for recurring payments and memberships, though. There’s nothing worse than forgetting to cancel a free month trial then getting stuck with a year’s worth of Legos.


This one is as simple as it sounds. Shop online like you normally do, then earn cashback on your purchases. Different companies like Amazon and Jet offer different deals, so pay attention to the amount you’ll be getting back before buying anything.

Watching Videos

You’re bombarded with ads all day long, why not start getting paid to watch them? That’s the idea behind watching videos on CashCrate. Companies want you to watch their advertisements, and you might not mind making a few cents to do so. Don’t expect to make a killing here, but leaving them play while you work isn’t a bad idea.


This is where you can play games, enter contests, and interact with other CashCrate members as you earn points towards nifty prizes. Now, the word prize should read more as t-shirt instead of flat screen Tv. So, you might not consider something that doesn’t put cash into your account worth your time. We don’t.

How Much Are Points Worth?

Thankfully, the money you earn is exactly how much it is worth. If you take a survey for 15 cents, then you earned 15 cents. You don’t have to worry about any conversions, so put your calculator away.

No Point to Dollar Conversion ...JUST CASH!




Payment Options

After earning your first $20, it’s time to cash in. How you can receive your money depends on your member status.


The majority of users choose to receive their payments by check, which takes about a month to arrive via mail. While that’s a long time to wait, holding a check in your hands makes your tireless question answering feel like a tangible victory.

You can also choose to use a service called Dwolla, which is similar to PayPal. Once the funds hit your Dwolla account, you can transfer them right into your bank account.


PayPal deposits are available, but only after you’ve cashed at least one check. That’s a little annoying in our opinion, but waiting for the first check is a tolerable nuisance. There’s also the option of direct deposit at this tier for residents of the U.S.

Gold and Elite

At this level, you have the option to be paid weekly. To become a Gold or Elite member you’ll need at least 100 referrals or $250 in lifetime earnings, and make at least $100 a week to meet the minimum payout requirement. Again, most people are happy just to take the check.

Alternatively, you could choose from a very limited selection of gift cards or use your money to enter contests. Neither option is that great compared to other sites with similar offerings.

Customer Reviews

If you have considered subscribing to this service for a while, you may have noticed that unpaid Blue Apron reviews are difficult to come by. After all, the company does not allow reviews on its Facebook page.

It is a tightly controlled brand, but we uncovered some reviews to get a good idea of what real customers think. Overall, reviewers enjoy this service, but some have a hard time justifying the price.

Users note that the ingredients come fresh and that even the most novice chefs can follow the recipes well. The meals end up delicious and even Instagram-worthy. Many people note that they use sauces and sides they learned to make with Blue Apron on all kinds of meals.

Overall, CashCrate reviews fall in the 4-5-star category. Members have no issues with receiving prompt payment, and their customer service receives five stars across the board. Most users reported earning an extra $20-50 a month, which isn’t that bad for answering a few simple surveys.

Negative remarks included glitches where members did not receive points for the surveys they took, and that the site does not refresh its survey list often enough. However, the majority of users agreed that this is a legitimate way to make a couple of extra bucks.

CashCrate vs. The Competition

Compared to similar survey sites, CashCrate stands out by offering cash instead of silly points. It also isn’t as flashy as some of its competitors, making the site easier on the eyes as well as your bandwidth.

All in all, it is essentially the same experience as the dozens of other survey sites out there. You’ll get paid a matter of cents for your time, but at least those cents are actually pennies.

CashCrate Hacks

There aren’t any CashCrate Hacks that will fill out the surveys for you, and you definitely wouldn’t want a bot accepting trial offers on your behalf. If you want to increase your earnings from $20 to $100 a month, then you have to get serious about scheduling these activities into your day.

New members often make roughly 3-5 dollars a day, which doesn’t sound like much at first. Add that up, and you’ll find that $3 a day nets you an additional $1,095 a year, while $5 a day equals $1,825 a year. That’s without a game plan.

Set a monthly or daily goal, then create a schedule that will allow you enough time to complete the activities needed to reach it. Maybe you fill out a few surveys while having your morning coffee, then a few more while watching TV in the evening. Maybe you send out one invitation to a different friend every day, then check the offerings afterward.

It’s all about finding time to interact with the site. This will get easier as you become accustomed to the site, netting you higher earnings of $3000 plus. That breaks down like this:

$5 in surveys + $5 in referrals + 50 cents in offers a day, multiplied by 365 days a year equals $3,832.50.

The Deal Meisters’ Tip

Refer as many friends as possible. There are always incentives taking place, like earning an extra $3 for their first $10 earned. However, the number one money maker is profiting off of their commission.

The more friends who sign up, the higher the tier level you will achieve. Each tier comes with a different percentage of earnings based off of your friend’s. So, at the highest level, you stand to make 30% off of each referral’s commission and an additional 20% off of any of their referral’s earnings.

To put that in perspective, let’s say you referred five friends. Those five friends each referred another three, and all 20 of them make $100 a month. That means you earn $450 a month ($5,400 a year) while doing absolutely nothing.

Is It Right for Me?

That depends on whether or not you think the time spent checking offers and filling out surveys is worth an extra 20-30 dollars a month. If you spend a few hours a day watching TV or curing boredom by surfing the web, then you can easily complete these tasks at the same time. If your schedule is packed as it is, then you might want to consider something else.

You’ll also have to ask yourself if you mind your information being sent to third parties. Not everyone likes a large amount of spam, but setting up a separate email account can fix that issue. This might also be a good option for you if your friends would benefit from the site since you can make money off of their earnings.

Is CashCrate safe? Yes. Your private information, aside from your phone number and email, are kept private. There’s no scam, no hacker threats, and no reason to suspect your computer will get a virus.

Deals and Coupons

Upon looking for further ways to earn, we did find two deals to help sweeten the process of signing up. First, CashCrate will give you a dollar just for becoming a member (which is free). It might only be a buck, but there aren’t too many chances in life to earn a dollar for a minute’s worth of “work.”

The second is the referral program, which is an excellent way to earn passive income. Seriously, get any friends who are the slightest bit interested in signing up and you’ll be making a decent chunk of cash in no time.  

Review Summary/Overview

Is CashCrate legit? They sure are, and their good standing with the Better Business Bureau backs that up.

You can make money online through this site. While it isn’t going to be enough to quit your job and settle into an early retirement, having a little extra spending cash each month is something worthwhile. Spammed email aside, making money to fill out surveys and accept offers is as easy as it gets.


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