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Subscribing to a monthly box of cat lover's goodies is a great way to keep you and your pet entertained. CatLadyBox is a subscription service that is perfect for both cats and their people. Each month, they ship unique and high quality cat lovers items with a different cat-oriented theme. Find out if CatLadyBox is right for you by reading more of this review. You'll be given all the information you need to decide if this monthly subscription is worth it for you.

What Makes CatLadyBox Unique?

Each month, the CatLadyBox Team searches for unique and high quality cat-themed items to add to the goodie box. Items are included from craft festivals, art galleries, independent artists, and cat-themed websites. There is always at least one item that is a limited-edition or exclusive design.

There are two options to choose from: the Basic CatLadyBox, containing 2-3 cat lover's items for you, or the Crazy CatLadyBox, containing 2-3 cat lover's items for you plus 2 awesome kitty toys for your fur baby. 

Each month you receive an information card with a description of the items contained in the box. Featured on the back of the information card will be unique and custom artwork. Some items from previous month's boxes include vintage cat cocktail glasses, cat lady jewelry, a convertible tote and clutch bag, black cat ears, a stainless steel water bottle, cardinal catnip toy, and a crazy catnip pencil toy.

Pros and Cons


  • Exclusive and limited-edition items
  • CatLadyBox donates a part of proceeds to cat rescues every month
  • You can buy the products in the box if you want more of them
  • Gift options available for the cat lover in your life
  • Your cat will love it all, down to the box it comes in!


  • Your cat might not like all items in each subscription
  • CatLadyBox doesn't accept returns
  • Monthly cost may not be affordable in the long-term
  • For those living outside of the U.S., currency exchange and shipping fees may not be cost effective.

How the Signup Process Works

The signup process works in three easy steps: 

First, choose your CatLadyBox. There are two options: the Basic CatLadyBox (which includes only items for people), or the Crazy CatLadyBox (which includes items for people and their cats). There is also an option to choose your shirt size.

In Step 2, you choose your monthly payment plan. Options include a 1, 3, or 6-month plan. The longer your subscription, the cheaper per month the box of goodies.

In Step 3, you receive your items. They will be shipped the last week of every month and you will receive a new box every month thereafter.

Pricing and Value

The Cost for the regular Cat Lady Box is $34.99 per month. For only a few dollars more, you can make your kitty happy with the Crazy Cat Lady Box, which is $39.99 per month. The monthly plan automatically renews every month, but you can cancel at any time.

Shipments go out the last week of every month, between the 26th and the 31st. They send a shipping confirmation email with a tracking link, so you know when to expect your package.

Shipping to the U.S. is free. The cost of shipping to Canada is $8.95/box, and $12.95/box for shipping to the United Kingdom.

Public Perception

Most reviewers love their CatLadyBox items that arrive every month and they state that their cats love the toys too. Reviewers consistently stated that they looked forward to their new box of goodies and felt that the items they received were of high quality, fun, and things that they would use.

A few reviewers wished that they could receive less novelty items every month in exchange for a few more high quality and useful items such as shirts or home decor. CatLadyBox tries very hard to satisfy their customers, but just in case you want to cancel your subscription, here is a link to cancel their service.

How It Compares

CatLadyBox is comparable to other types of pet lover monthly subscription boxes. The price, variety of selection and ease of sign-up were all on par or above level with other services. Most reviewers felt that customer service was very strong. here...


How will you know what size of clothing to send me?

When will I get my first box?

Can I return the items I receive in my subscription box?

How do you help give back to the community? 

How do I gift a subscription for a cat-loving friend or loved one?

Is It Worth It For Me?

A CatLadyBox monthly subscription may be worth it for cat lover's who can afford the monthly subscription and enjoy receiving unique and interesting cat-oriented items and toys. For those living outside of the U.S., shipping charges could get pricey. However, you can cancel your subscription at any time and most cat lovers would enjoy giving it a try. Please leave your comments below and let us know about your experience with CatLadyBox. 

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    I really like how this box sends items for myself and not just for my cat. It really embodies the true “cat lady” profile, lol. The return policy could be a bit better though


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