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Have you ever sipped a South of Fifth and reminisced about time spent on Miami Beach? Have you ever considered having one delivered to your door? Did you know that an artisanal cocktails delivery service existed? Mail order libations are now available nationwide and making an intriguing splash. Let me explain a little more about your mixologist in a box. 

What Makes Cocktail Courier Unique?

New York based Cocktail Courier offers everything the best mixologist would offer you at the bar, even the garnishes. All you add is the ice, although having some nice glasses is a plus. Fresh ingredients arrive in chill packs.

With Cocktail Courier, you can choose weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly deliveries and also choose the types of liquor you like and select from a menu every Monday. None of the competition offers such flexibility and selection.


  • Try new ingredients
  • Terrific gift
  • Good value for price
  • check
    Learn about mixology
  • check
    Flexible deliveries
  • check
    Personalized choices


  • Need to use fresh ingredients right away
  • Selection of cocktails is somewhat limited
  • exclamation-triangle
    Service may be late

How The Signup Process Works

Signing up with Cocktail Courier is easy. There are plenty of promo codes online, so you might want to source one first to have it handy, as they ask if you have one on the second page.

Then you pick which liquors you like. We'll explain that a little in the FAQ section, but it's wise to choose everything you don't dislike.

The subscription service offers 3 month, 6 month, and 12
month options, each available for 49.99 a week, and you can choose weekly, biweekly, or monthly service.

There are a few things that Cocktail Courier doesn't mention on its site. One question was how many drinks you receive in a kit. The kits work for 4-12 cocktails, depending on how strong you want to make your drinks. Each kit comes with mixing instructions.

When you are signing up, you are asked for your liquor preferences. Each week, a cocktail speaking to that taste is selected for you. I like choosing every category possible, allowing for a lot of selection. If you don't like the picks of the week, you can pick from other offerings online. The selection process happens on Monday via email.

If you are buying a subscription as a gift, you simply add their email information and the date that you want a notification that they have been gifted. Then they set their personal preferences as to the frequency of delivery and pick their liquors of choice.

Pricing and Value

If you like cocktails, and even if you are comfortable making complicated libations yourself, it can be pricey to buy each ingredient for a single event. Cocktails in a box can seem pricey, but when you add it up they can be a bargain. 

If you've never had a cocktail in a kit before, I recommend having a single box delivered first to try the service. Cocktail Courier's boxes range from about $20 (for 2) to about $70 (drinks for 8). The $53 dollar box is probably the most similar to the weekly box subscribers receive for $49, a few dollars more expensive. Ala Carte boxes differ in serving quantities, so it's a little difficult to tell.

Subscribing is less expensive than ordering individual boxes but it is fixed at $49 a week, no matter how many weeks you order. Tax, tip, and delivery fee are always included, making it a good value for the price compared to a bar. 

Public Perception (Other Cocktail Courier Reviews)

Besides liking the convenience and price, many customer's favorite quality about Cocktail Courier is that they include exotic and specialized ingredients that broaden palates and enhance mixing skills. You may have heard of elderflower, shrub, and lemongrass essence, but a cocktail service delivers it (with instructions) and you can give artisanal ingredients a try without having to hunt them down. 

Some customers have complained about late delivery, which is not good if you are planning to use the box exactly when it is expected to arrive.

By and large, these subscriptions and boxes are outstanding favorites as gifts, whether the customer gave the box or received it as a present. I consulted Cocktail Courier's Facebook page for an unbiased source of other people's experiences.

How It Compares

There are other cocktail services out there, so how does Cocktail Courier compare?

American Cocktail Club offers a monthly delivery service for "34.99+" a month. The liquor is optional and presumably more expensive. One can only receive one box a month and it isn't clear how the drink selection process works.

Saloon Box offers monthly deliveries for about the same price as Cocktail Courier but there is no weekly option and drink selection, if there is one, it's unclear. Perhaps because of this, the sign up process is even faster.

Shaker and Spoon also only offers monthly subscriptions. The prices are comparable to Cocktail Courier's, but one doesn't get to select the liquor included.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How do I choose what cocktails I am sent?

Is it easy to cancel the subscription?

Is customer service helpful?

If you have other questions, please write them in the comments section below.

Is It Worth It For Me?

Cocktail Courier is beloved by people that enjoy craft cocktails. Even people that are hooked on something simple, like Jameson's and soda, get a kick out of trying something entirely new weekly or monthly. Even a nondrinker can appreciate a cocktail box as a unique gift. One of the things I love about the service is that even if 3 people bring a box to a party, no two are alike. 

If you are a beer drinker or wine aficionado exclusively, this may not be for you, unless you're tempted to stretch your palate and the same goes for gifting the boxes.

If you entertain, want an occasional treat just for yourself, or want to learn a little about mixologies, these boxes are wonderful. They make a monthly stay-at-home date night special, affordable and intimate, which is especially awesome if you have a little one around.

On the other hand, Cocktail Courier subscriptions might not be for you if you travel for work a lot and might miss your deliveries frequently. If you still love the idea, ordering al la carte might be a better option.

Deals and Coupons

Not only is Cocktail Courier a good deal as priced, there are a number of coupons and promo codes available as well as sales on Cocktail Courier's website, so even if a 9 dollar beverage sounds high, you can trim your price down substantially.

At this writing, Cocktail Courier is offering a 20% off special, and promo codes abound.

I found codes at and with a simple google search. claims to offer an average of 5 Cocktail Courier codes a month.

Review Summary/Overview

Cocktail Courier offers the first really full service and flexible subscription box of its kind. It's a great value by itself and coupled with a promo code, cocktail courier provides excellent bang for your buck.

Customers love the variety that is tailored to their palates and the new ideas and recipes they receive. Whether you love specialty cocktails or just like to give smashing gifts, we recommend Cocktail Courier highly.

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