Daily High Club Review: Everything You Need to Know About It

Daily High Club
Daily High Club

Daily High Club (DHC) provides innovative smoking products for tobacco use on a subscription basis. The company prides itself on making new products, glass pieces, and brands known to the public. Daily High Club also has made it a mission to provide accurate smoking basics information to people around the globe.

As with all subscription boxes out there, and there are tons nowadays, there are many things that DHC does well and others that it struggles with. This review will look at both and give an honest review of the company and the products sent out to users every month. We will consider the quality of products, customer service helpfulness, other reviews by experts and customers, and everything else we can dig up.

We offer this one-stop review to help you to determine if Daily High Club is the right option for you and your lifestyle. All information is truthful and verified before posting. Let’s look at what DHC is and what it offers customers.

What Makes Daily High Club Unique?

Daily High Club is different from other subscription services in a handful of ways. While it is not the only smoking subscription on the market, it is one that fills a specific niche and promises particular products in every box, specifically glass items. Other unique items offered by DHC include dry pipes, scientific glass, water pipes, vaporizers, and celebrity products.

This subscription box ships internationally and lists no barriers as far as countries. No matter where you are located, it seems that DHC is determined to be an option you can count on.

Many other companies ship to a dozen countries or operate only in the United States and Canada, so seeing the global market fulfilled is exciting.

Daily High Club Logo

Many of the items offered by DHC are curated by celebrities and other highly regarded members and companies of the cannabis community. A few of these individuals and brands include Tommy Chong, B-Real, Dr. Greenthumb, and Crystal Cult. Other boxes revolve around a theme, such as bubblers, LGBT pride, concentrates, or Cinco de Mayo. The products are often offered nowhere else, which makes the company an excellent choice for collectors and smoking enthusiasts.

The folks at DHC operate a blog, as well as various social media sites, which includes articles about the boxes themselves along with smoking information in general. Some of the recent posts are titled "How To: Understanding Vape Vocab,” “DHC’s Weekly Meme Roundup,” and “Top Father’s Day Gifts: DHC’s Best Smoking Supplies.” It’s easy to see that the company cares about their client base and works to provide them with entertainment and information that is relevant to them.

Daily High Club Homepage Screenshot

It’s also refreshing to see DHC is committed to the needs of its clients. One example of that lies in the recently released DHC PRIDE Box. It comes with glassware with a rainbow on it, rolling papers from an anti-bullying company, eco-friendly lighters, a pride headband, a mini pride flag, a pride lanyard, six cones, a pride bong mat, and tea from Hemp Kettle, an LGBTQ-owned business in Washington, DC.

A final area where DHC is leading the market is in privacy. Every box they send is encased in a tear-resistant plastic that has no distinguishing marks. The smaller boxes are shipped in opaque envelopes. In addition, purchases from Daily High Club will show on your statement as DHC Supply for an added level of security and privacy.

How the Process Works

Getting started with Daily High Club is simple. You just need to navigate to the website and click on the link that says Join. Once you've done that, you can choose the subscription box you are interested in. The next page will tell you more information about the subscription box. It provides pricing for monthly renewal, six-month renewal, and yearly renewal. There are also handy boxes to tick if you want to add a few extras to your order. After you choose what you want and select your country, you can go on.

Daily High Club

A Surprise Every Month

Daily High Club

Discreet Delivery

Daily High Club

Cancel Anytime

Next, you’ll fill in your information and make a payment to get your first box headed your way. From there, it’s just a waiting game until the package shows up at your home. Then you can enjoy the products and move back to the waiting stage until the next month’s package reaches you. It’s really that easy.

Pros & Cons


  • Products are consistently high-quality and tailored to smoking enthusiasts

  • Three subscription types to choose from based on smoking habits

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products

  • Online store with many useful items at affordable prices

  • Discreet delivery and billing


  • Boxes can take three weeks or more to arrive

Pricing and Value

There are three different subscription options to choose from with Daily High Club. Each offers various products and has a unique price tag associated with it.

The All-Natural subscription is the least expensive option and runs only $1 a month with a fee of $2 extra for shipping and handling (shipping is $3.25 for customers outside of the U.S.) This box comes with an organic bee wick matchbook, filter tips, and rolling papers.

El Primo

El Primo
$30 / Month


$12 / Month


$1 / Month

Moving up in price is the Connoisseur subscription box. This box is $12 a month with free shipping in the United States, $7 shipping to Canada, and $11 shipping everywhere else. This is a curated subscription box with seven to nine products. The range of products is much higher than in the All-Natural subscription and may include smoking essentials and smoking devices.

The final subscription is called El Primo. This one is $30 a month with free shipping in the U.S., $11 shipping to Canada, and $18 shipping elsewhere. This is the most popular option, and it comes with tons of products and swag. Each box will have a glass piece, and the product value is at least $80. You can also expect you'll get your smoking essentials each month.

The pricing of DHC is reasonable considering the number of items that come in the mail. With the El Primo offering more than 200% the value you pay, it’s not a box that lacks when it comes to value.

Public perception
(Other daily high club reviews)

Based on many reviews scattered on websites online, DHC is one of the more premium options available. It consistently garners rave reviews due to the selection of products, quality of customer service, and reasonable pricing.

It's not uncommon to see subscribers who talk excitedly about the many countries this brand offers its products to, something other smoking subscriptions don't always provide. DHC is also known for delivering great gift options for family and friends of smoking enthusiasts.

The smattering of less than perfect reviews is often related to the long shipment process with some people not getting their first box for weeks after purchase. Otherwise, the company seems to be loved by the community that is caters to.

How It Compares

One of the significant ways why DHC sits at the top compared to other smoking subscriptions is due to the ability to ship internationally. The company has no limits and will ship anywhere you have an address. Shipping is more expensive outside of the United States, but you'll still get the same quality products delivered to your home.

Some of the boxes from DHC really excel compared to competing subscription box companies. As an example, one of the specialty boxes for 2017 was curated by none other than Tommy Chong. This box includes Chong’s Glass Steamroller, a raw bamboo rolling mat, Chong’s Choice Clipper Kasher, Dragon bristle pipe cleaners, Futurola King Size Tommy Chong papers with filter tips, Chong’s Choice Glass Filter Tip, odor eliminator spray, V-Syndicate grinder card, Elements prerolled cones, and a handful of stickers.

The pricing at DHC is impressive when you think about everything you get in a box. Compared to other smoker's subscription boxes, it's a bargain. When you add in the privacy options that DHC employs, you can see the company is a cut above the competition. The professionalism and care put into the products and the shipping services are at the top of the charts.


Is There an Option to Cancel or Modify My Subscription?

Are Refunds Available?

Which Month’s Subscription Will I Get?

When Should I Expect My Package?

Is the Packaging Discreet?

Are Past Boxes Still Available?

What Are the Products Intended For?

What Happens If My Glassware Arrives Broken?

Is It Worth It for Me?

The answer to this question is a bit difficult to quantify. If you appreciate smoking products and enjoy a good discount, there’s no reason that DHC won’t fit your needs. There are a few populations who will likely get the most use out of their subscription. They include:

  • Enthusiasts who appreciate having a regular supply of premium products
  • People who want quality supplies for a lower price delivered to the door every month
  • Individuals in remote areas without access to smoking supplies
  • Enthusiasts who are disabled or otherwise unable to leave home
  • Friends and family members of enthusiasts who want a unique gift option

Coupons and Deals

If you are a subscriber at DHC, you can refer your friends to receive $4.20 in credit. There is also an affiliate program for businesses who want to partner with the people at DHC. The base commission is 10% of sales.

There are also deals on the store at DHC, but those are for individual boxes or products, not for the subscription service itself.

Review Summary / Overview


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