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Wine Clubs used to only be thought to happen in upscale locations where the rich of the rich come to meet occasionally and talk wine. However, the internet had changed this industry just as it has many others. Now some of the best wine clubs in the world happen through the mail.

We live in a world where we’re always busy and finding the time to stop by the store for some wine can seem almost impossible. Not to mention, we may not have local wine experts around to help us develop a refined taste for wine. This is where companies such as Firstleaf come in to try and fill the void that’s been left for generations. In this Firstleaf wine review, we'll take an in-depth look into the service and decide if it's the right fit for you.

What Makes Firstleaf Unique?

This is the bargain wine club membership that still stands as one of the top companies of its kind. While it is still developing its image and processes, it still delivers wine lovers with what they need right at their doorstep. Take a look at some of our favorite Firstleaf features that we feel makes them unique in the world of wine.

  • Grape to table, just like farm to table. What better way?
    Instead of selling you a bunch of wine overstock that’s been sitting in the warehouse collecting dust, they take the "brought the farm to table" approach to the world of wine. It ensures that their subscribers get the best experience possible. A rare take.
  • The company’s passion for wine is evident in the story they share.
    While many companies fail to let their story speak for itself on their website, Firstleaf paid attention here. They share their personality and the upcoming of one of the top wine club membership programs around in the most pleasant manner possible.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed 100%, unhappy customers not allowed.
    While you can see their attention to detail throughout their website, this is what takes the cake. A lot of companies will hide behind an as-is policy to minimize exchanges or refunds. Not Firstleaf, who flaunts an unhidden 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Brings a Professional Touch to Wine Mail
  • Focused On What You Like
  • Monthly Delivery
  • check
  • check
    Smaller Packages for Infrequent Drinkers
  • check
    Top Shelf Wine


  • Further Customization Could Be Better
  • Selections aren’t for the higher quantities.
  • exclamation-triangle
    Wine Education Opportunities Could Be More

How The Signup Process Works

Just like with most wine memberships, the signup process is simple. Keep in mind that this is a recurring charge that occurs automatically. We’d hate for you to get caught off-guard.

  • Fill out a short wine survey to kick off your membership.
    This is basically finding out what kind of wines would suit you the best. It also lets you choose what regions the wines come from. For wine connoisseurs this could be a priceless opportunity to embrace new kinds of wine.
  • Select how many bottles you want each month.
    Everyone has their own secret number that will serve them well. This is why they offer packages of all sizes. Instead of dropping 20 bottles on you, just grab a few each month if that’s all you need.
  • Look forward to your monthly wine shipments arriving.
    It’s all automated from here, with the exception of the input you provide in the future. You will start getting boxes of wine on your doorstep each month. As long as you continue to remain a Firstleaf subscriber in good standing of course.

Pricing and Value

After reviewing countless wine subscription services, it’s safe to say that with a start price of $5 per bottle this is one of the more cost-friendly options. The total cost depends on what types of wine you’ll get as well as how many bottles your package includes. It seems that the quality is still there even with a cheaper price tag than some of their competitors.

Combine the friendly prices with the satisfaction guarantee and it seems to be a winner in more than one way. As they say, there’s only one way to find out if it’s for you or the possibilities.

Public Perception (Other Firstleaf Reviews)

It seems that Firstleaf hasn’t seen their popularity yet, as Firstleaf reviews are few and far between. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t worth giving a try by any means. In fact, they’ve been featured in many publications because they do stand out among the companies of its kind. It just means that it’s still developing its rapport and customers are still needing to send in their reviews.

How It Compares

The price and quality are two of the strongest benefits of Firstleaf. For a wine subscription, it definitely makes it easy to pencil it into your monthly expenses while adding value to your life as you know it. Being a grape to table type of company makes it an even more valuable opportunity in today’s world where freshness isn’t always a factor.

If you want a company with a lot of customer reviews that are 4 and 5 stars, you might be better off with another wine subscription. However, if you’re willing to give the underdog a chance, this could be one of your better buys. It all depends on how you perceive things and your flexibility.

In comparison to the competition, Firstleaf holds its own. Winc is a worthy competitor and is pretty cost efficient, but Firstleaf edges Winc out in terms of quality. Bright Cellars is another popular wine club and it compares well to Firstleaf. Bright Cellars and Firstleaf both consist of great quality and are both on the more expensive side. Honestly, those two services are the leaders in the wine subscription industry in terms of quality and you'd likely enjoy either.


Can I cancel my Firstleaf membership at any time?

Customization is hard, how do they do it?

How do they choose their wine sources?

Reaching out for help, how do they handle it?

What about changing my box contents?

Is It Right For Me?

The more intense wine gurus may find that another company may be to their liking. However, for those with a small need or for those that don’t need to have the most exotic wines, this is a decent choice. It stands right there among the other leading wine clubs online.

Review Summary/Overview

Many might call Firstleaf the economical choice among wine subscription boxes. The quality is still there, and the main thing is that their customization technology isn’t as in-depth as some of its competitors. However, it’s still right there at the top of the list.


  1. Customer Service


    Value for Price


    Wine Selection


    Wine Quality


    I just received my first shipment today and I was very excited to open my first bottle. Needless to say, it did not disappoint me. Can’t wait to try my next one.

  2. Customer Service


    Value for Price


    Wine Selection


    Wine Quality


    Firstleaf monthly subscription is wonderful. Such a great price for the first three bottles of wine. I really enjoy trying different wines each month. This is an easy way for me try something new .

    • Thanks for your feedback, Margaret! I’m very happy to hear you’re a satisfied subscriber. I’m glad you’re enjoying your new wines.

  3. Customer Service


    Value for Price


    Wine Selection


    Wine Quality


    FirstLeaf offers such a great variety of wines. The introductory offer is very low for your first three bottles. After reviewing the wine they work well to find the best wines for your taste.


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