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Update: As of January 7th, 2018, Five Four Club is now rebranded as Menlo Club. Nothing about the box or its contents has changed in this rebranding asides from the name.

What Makes Five Four Club Unique?

Some subscription boxes offer a ton of different clothing styles for both men and women. Not Five Four Club. They stick to a very specific product: casual, contemporary clothing for men. These are fashions for happy hours, weekend barbecues and dinner dates.

If that’s your style, the Five Four Club is an affordable way to build a very respectable wardrobe. Selections include designer jeans, hoodies, long-sleeved shirts and more. The monthly cost is a bit lower than similar subscription boxes, while the unique line of clothes can be mixed-and-matched to create multiple outfits quickly.

Pros and Cons


  • Clothing line is stylish, well-constructed, and exclusive.
  • Each box is priced at a relatively-low $60.​​​​
  • Items include shirts, pants, socks, belts, jackets, shoes, and more.
  • Occasional one-off designer items are offered.


  • No live, personalized stylist like other boxes (only an online quiz).
  • Exchanging items for different sizes can be confusing.
  •  There is no included style guide or fashion advice.
  • Clothing is only the house brands (Five Four, New Republic, and Grand AC).
  • Only men's clothing is offered.

How the Signup Process Works

Five Four Club is designed for a guy who wants to look good but doesn’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about his wardrobe. Sign up is a three-step process.

Sign up involves their unique Style Quiz. Don’t worry – there are no grades or even wrong answers. You simply choose the general types of looks you like best by clicking on combinations of pants, shirts and jackets. Then you enter your shirt size, pant size, shoe size and pant fit (slim, straight or relaxed).

Here’s the Style Quiz home page where you can see examples of the styles available.

There are no long-term subscription plans. You’re basically just automatically enrolled until you stop the service. Simply hop on the site to pause or cancel next month’s delivery (but you have to do so by the 10th of the current month).

You’re guaranteed at least two items each delivery. In theory, they could be just about anything including jackets and shoes. You’ll probably receive more shirts and pants than any other items, although we did see a nice mix of item types overall.

Pricing and Value

Membership is $60 a month. If you’re a brand new subscriber, your first month costs only $29. Each subscription box is valued at $120.

While you won’t typically receive more than two items each month, the quality is high – especially for the price. Considering the initial discount on the first box, you can get $240 worth of clothing for $90 in just two months.

Public Perception

Generally, other people were very happy with the clothing. With a style similar to American Eagle and other contemporary-casual looks, the outfits have a classic versatility. Plus, the clothing has a nice consistency so you’re actually building a wardrobe instead of just acquiring individual pieces.

On the other hand, a common complaint is the lack of a personalized stylist. Most subscription box services provide access to a real-life style expert who works with you directly. Five Four Club only uses an automated system.

Although some exceptions will occur, generally most of the clothing you receive will be from the Five Four Club house brand. Guys who are big on designer brands aren’t usually very satisfied with the quality of the clothing. Basically, Five Four Club is not a huge hit among label-conscious shoppers willing to spend big bucks on clothing.   

How It Compares

There’s certainly no shortage of clothing subscription boxes. Quite a few of them cater towards young, fashionable men. So how does Five Four Club measure up to its many competitors?

First, the target market here is very narrow. Specifically, Five Four Club creates contemporary casual clothes for men. The variety of clothing is limited compared to other services such as Bombfell and Trunk Club, which offer a larger selection and more name brand items.

However, the prices are definitely low. Even if your shipment contains the minimum of just two items, you’re still only paying $30 apiece. This is one of the best subscription boxes for guys on a budget.  

Finally, the lack of a personal fashion adviser is a big departure from most other boxes. But that might not necessarily matter with this service. Because all of the clothing is contemporary casual, the ideal subscriber is more interested in building a wardrobe than creating outfits for specific scenarios.   


Is Five Four Club a good deal?

Does the clothing look good?

Who is behind Five Four Club?

Is the signup process easy?

Is cancellation easy?

Have any additional questions about the Five Four Club? Feel free to ask them in the comments below and we’ll be sure to get you the answer!

Is It Worth It For Me?

Five Four Club doesn’t cast a very wide net for potential customers. But if you’re interested in the specific type of clothing, this subscription box is a solid, economical way to build a wardrobe.

If you’re looking for business clothing or more formal wear, Five Four Club isn’t a great fit.  Bombfell would be a better choice instead if you’re looking to expand your office wardrobe. Trunk Club is probably the best option is your main interest is designer brands (and you don’t mind paying for them).   

The Five Four Club is a great choice for guys on a budget who want a variety of outfits to wear when dating and socializing. Probably most useful for guys in college or just entering the workforce. Guys looking for a wider variety of clothing might prefer the larger (and more expensive) Trunk Club.  

Have you subscribed to the Five Four Club? Share your experience in the comment section below. Tell us the good, bad and ugly about your experience from signup through delivery and more.

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