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Flaviar extends its roots as far as London, and has proven that it has what it takes to have the world in the palm of its hands. While it may seem like an impossible feat, this says a lot about Flaviar as a brand as well.

Any company that can start in one country and become present in the United States as well, knows what it’s doing. It must be the void they fill with spirits enthusiasts everywhere, or it could be their high level of attention to detail. From picking the right spirits to making sure everyone’s needs are fulfilled through them (yes even the beer enthusiasts).

We could sit here all day and tell you how good or how bad something is. Over our time reviewing subscription services, it has come to be known the best way to show our readers the power of a service is to take it apart right there in front of their very own eyes. Here we go!

What Makes Flaviar Unique?

The dedication is evident when you take a look at what Flaviar has to offer. Not only do they have their own wine subscription service, but they also offer training via email as well. While you do have to pay a little bit extra for it, you just might find its worth its weight in gold.

Aside from that, you’ll also find they love history, which can be seen best with the claim of being the truest and strongest way to get a 21st century speakeasy into your living room. When the local liquor stores just aren’t enough and your taste buds demand diversity, this would be how you could do exactly that. Let’s look at some of their strongest traits, shall we?

A Club for Explorers At Heart

If you’re looking for the cheapest subscription service on the planet, Flaviar isn’t for you by any means. They are focused on providing the journey for the explorers at heart. The ones who don’t mind trying something new, while sticking to their all-time favs.

Decent Prices In Comparison to Other Alcohol Subscriptions

We’ll dig into this more later in the review, but when we compare the prices of Flaviar with their competitors (including wine subscription providers), they come out at around average. They don’t price-gouge, but they ensure they make enough to stay in business.

Monthly OR Quarterly Deliveries Available

Flaviar understands that some may need to fill their bar at home more than once every 3 months and provides the option to ramp it up to a monthly refill of spirits based on your personal preferences. 

Spirits is the focus, and continues to be in high demand.

You saw the flood of wine subscription services that took the world by storm. But what about those who want a little whisky or vodka in their lives? The aficionados of spirits.

Flaviar saw the demand being unfulfilled and decided that it was time for them to step in and provide the ultimate solution. There are many options and packages that are made up to suit specific tastes which ensure you not only get to discover new flavors, but you’re not at risk of being unhappy.

Their Club Ethos Says It All

Taken from their website, this says everything about what kind of company Flaviar is:

Times have changed since the dark era of 1920's Prohibition, when the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages was outlawed. We’ve compiled a database of over 15,000 different spirits and each year hundreds of craft distilleries open their doors.

While not outlawed, 99% of these drinks are just as unreachable as they were 90 years ago. Most bars and liquor stores carry only 10 to 50 bottles on average, with Jack and Johnnie always in the forefront of the show.

We believe everyone deserves a place in the spotlight. We fight for equal opportunity for producers to reach individuals like you. We, ladies and gents, lead the speakeasy movement of the modern day.


  • Feedback proves they’re an on-point company
  • For those wanting more than wine, this is it
  • All the product are high quality
  • check
    Option for monthly or quarterly subscription
  • check
    Pricing is about average, but not too expensive


  • Every month, or every 3 months, you’ll be automatically charged.
  • Wine isn’t their specialty, so not for those only focusing on wine.
  • exclamation-triangle
    You have to do your time on the waiting list before getting approved.

How The Signup Process Works

Everything is as straightforward as it can possible be when signing up for a Flaviar subscription. Below you’ll see the 3 steps that it entails.

Sign up for the waiting list and wait for your turn.
In order to make sure that they have control over the level of service that they provide to their customers, this is an exclusive club with only a limited number of spots. You can go to their website and sign up for the waiting list. Sometimes there’s a way to skip it, and we’ll update you with the link should we come across it or become informed about it.

•Once your opening arrives, finish setting up your online bar.
One thing about Flaviar is they embrace MYBar which is a way that you can track what spirits you own, as well as what spirits you want to stock your bar with. It ensures that you have all of the data you need to make the most educated decision possible.

•Make sure everything is correct, and make your first payment.
Once you set your frequency, and everything looks right, you’ll be ready to make your first payment. Upon receiving your initial payment, Flaviar will get your first box shipped out to you and await your feedback to improve the selection they provide you with.

Pricing and Value

At about $40 per month on the monthly subscription, it’s definitely expensive when you consider that you’re only getting some fringe benefits and a box of tasting samples. However, this is the price that explorers are more than willing to pay without any arguments.

The quarterly package is less than a hundred bucks, so it’s a subscription that you can definitely save up for here and there. If you want to be able to embrace fresh tastes while being able to have full control over your bar’s stock, this is a strong option. Combine that with the fact that they’re a reputable company, and you have a winner.

Public Perception (Other Flaviar Reviews)

According to Google, they have been able to stick at around 4.5 stars which is pretty dang close to being a 5 star subscription service. The price tag not being the cheapest may or may not have a part in it. However, it’s still a solid position for any company to hold.

Just remember that it is a recurring subscription, so the payments will be made automatically as agreed when you signed up for Flaviar. Other than that, they have seemed to satisfy their customers while quickly fixing any problems that may come to light over time.

How It Compares

There are cheaper subscriptions, and there are better subscriptions for wine. However, as a spirits subscription service, they have set themselves apart and led the industry. It is great for those who want something a little bit more.

As for the price tag, it’s a good deal for what you get as well as the additional benefits that it provides. Just know that in order to get the best service, sometimes you have to pay a few more bucks than you would if you went with an alternative. It’s just a matter of how important filling this void in your life really is to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Are these authentic spirits?

Can I get full-size bottle or is it limited to the tasting bottles?

Exactly when is my subscription renewed?

What’s inside the actual tasting box itself?

What’s the benefits of my Flaviar membership?

Where can Flaviar ship to?

Is It Worth It For Me?

This is strictly for those who want to explore the world of spirits. Whisky, gin, rum, vodka, and the like. If you want to explore new flavors to possibly add to your home alcohol collection, this is the way that I would tell my friends and family to go.

Flaviar has worked hard to refine their service, and it shows. They’re now being rewarded by being looked at as one of the top players within the subscription industry. While it is a little costly, the experience is priceless so there’s no way to place a value on it in the form of dollars.

Review Summary/Overview

We’re glad to be able to have the opportunity to dig into Flaviar and what they have to offer. It’s definitely a company that boasts a great attitude and superior offering. Unfortunately their US reach is limited, but otherwise it is poised to take over the market.

If you’re on the search for a subscription service you can trust to keep around, this is definitely one that deserves careful consideration. You never know until you try it out...

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Alcohol Selection
Alcohol Quality
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