Gamer Girl Monthly Review: The Gamer Box For Girls, Or Gimmick?

gamer girl monthly review
gamer girl monthly review

The geek subscription box market has become highly saturated in recent years. With the increasing number of geek boxes available on the market, there is a growing need to specialize box contents for specific niches and fandoms.

In that regard, Gamer Girl Monthly fits the bill perfectly. Gamer Girl Monthly is one of the hottest new geek boxes which specializes in gaming and nerd-inspired jewelry and collectibles for girls and women. Many of these items are licensed by some of our all-time favorite game series like Spyro, The Legend of Zelda, World of Warcraft, Tomb Raider, and Super Mario.

Better yet, Gamer Girl Monthly has been given a B+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Even better is the fact that the main reason Gamer Girl Monthly is held back from an A Rating is the “length of time the business has been operating”, according to the official BBB statement. This means we can all trust that this box is the real deal, with no chance of fraud or deceit.

For this review, we got in touch with our feminine side by going all-in on one of the most talked about new subscription boxes on the market. After nearly four months’ worth of boxes, we’ve prepared for you an in-depth Gamer Girl Monthly review that does not disappoint. So if you’re a girl who loves games, or you at least love wearing game-themed jewelry, read on and find out if this box is for you.

What Makes Gamer Girl Monthly Unique?

This box is truly original, setting the bar for girl-oriented geek boxes everywhere. Gamer Girl Monthly simply goes above and beyond what you would expect from geek subscription boxes to provide exclusive wearables that you won’t find in Loot Crate.

Gamer Girl Monthly is loaded with items you honestly won’t find in any other gaming subscription box (or any other sub box for that matter). To provide some examples, here are some of the game-themed items we received in our boxes:

  • Bath Bombs
  • Candles
  • Tote Bags
  • Purses
  • Hair Bows
  • Journals

We told you Gamer Girl Monthly was original. I mean, we can’t see there being a bath bomb in our Loot Crate any time soon, do you?

Now, we’re about to get into the nitty gritty details about Gamer Girl Monthly. This includes the good and the bad. But if you’re just here for the quick facts, don’t worry. We put together a simple breakdown of the best and worst aspects of Gamer Girl Monthly below.

Pros Of 
Gamer Girl Monthly

  • Loaded with totally original items

  • Lots of jewelry you can’t find elsewhere

  • Personalized boxes, never pre-made

  • Over 36 licensed gaming franchises

  • Affordable price

  • B+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Cons Of 
Gamer Girl Monthly

  • Might not appeal to girls who aren’t into jewelry

  • Contains lots of small items like rings and necklaces

  • Not many figurines or t-shirts included

  • No discount subscription rates

Where Can I Sign-Up?

This is another area where Gamer Girl Monthly really sets itself apart. In contrast with other more tedious sign-up processes, Gamer Girl’s is actually kind-of fun. Well, at least about as fun as sign up forms go. To start, check out their “Subscribe” page here.

gamer girl monthly homepage screenshot

The first thing you’ll notice is the familiar logos of dozens of your favorite game series and franchises, including Super Smash Bros., Minecraft, Mass Effect, and Animal Crossing. In total, you have 36 different game selections to choose from. The games you select are those that will be eligible for inclusion in your box. (Pro-tip: Select them all!).

Once you’ve chosen your desired games, then it’s on to choosing the types of jewelry you want. These are either necklaces, earings, bracelets, or rings. Again, whichever you choose will be available for inclusion in your box. Then, select your preferred non-jewelry items such as art prints, headbands, plushies, and stickers. (Again, we recommend all of them!).

After that, you’re basically done. All you have to do is finalize your account by confirming your email address and inputting your billing and shipping info. Then within minutes, your next box will be lined up for delivery.

Pricing and Value

Unlike other geek boxes, Gamer Girl Monthly doesn’t offer sliding subscription rates. This mean no discounts, which is a slight drawback for an otherwise rock-solid subscription box.

Currently, pricing is set at $13.00 USD per month, with shipping starting at $3.99 for USPS delivery in the United States. Outside the US, Canadian customers can expect a $9.99 shipping charge and a $12.99 charge everywhere else.

But what Gamer Girl Monthly does have in common with other subscription services is that your subscription auto-renews at the end of every payment period. This means you need to remember to manually cancel your service if you want to avoid “mystery” charges on upcoming credit card bills.

Buzz About Gamer Girl Monthly

While being less than two years old, Gamer Girl Monthly has already amassed a tight-knit following of passionate female gamers. Many of these women and girls have provided helpful reviews and anecdotes that can further help you decide if this box is right for you.

For example, one fan, Rei, wrote that she “loved” the Pokémon-themed scented candles in her box, as well as her Xbox controller necklace. Another anonymous subscriber mentioned that her game controller ring was “cute” and “perfect for gamer girls”.

While still small, Gamer Girl Monthly review community is thriving. If you don’t believe us, check out this sweet unboxing video from a real Gamer Girl Monthly fan. With loot like that, you can expect more unboxing videos to catch on like wildfire.

Currently, Gamer Girl Monthly boasts about 18,000 ‘Likes’ on their official Facebook page, with even more on their Twitter and Instagram accounts. So, if you still need more convincing, take a look at their social media pages to see what other subscribers are saying.

How Gamer Girl Monthly Compares to the Rest

Any true Gamer Girl Monthly review needs to put the box in context. This means comparing it to all the others out there on the market. Below, we compiled a short list of competitors that Gamer Girl Monthly is up against. This way, you can see for yourself how Gamer Girl Monthly compares in terms of cost, value, and customer service.

Note that all prices shown below are in US dollars and include shipping and handling fees unless otherwise stated.

Gamer Girl Monthly Logo
1up box logo
Loot Gaming Logo
Lootaku Logo




+ shipping



Variety of Selection

Ease of Sign-up

Item Quality


Where do you ship?

How easy is it to cancel?

Help! Some of my jewelry broke!

Is It Worth It?

Are you a girl? Do you love to game? Or are you just “girly” at heart and love to game? Either way, Gamer Girl Monthly is a solid alternative for feminine gamers who aren’t satisfied with the generality of other geek boxes like Loot Crate or Geek Fuel.

We consider Gamer Girl Monthly to be a worthwhile choice for teen and pre-teen girls who are into jewelry, bath bombs, and totes. And while older women and tomboys can still enjoy this sub box, it doesn’t strike us as being quite their niche. Rather, we recommend this subscription box for so-called “girly girls” who love their jewelry as much as they love their latest games.

As you might expect, we don’t recommend this box for most boys and men. For, well, obvious reasons. But also, because Loot Crate, Lootaku, and 1Up Box also cater to the gaming niche while keeping it light on products that men don’t often buy, like flashy jewelry or bath bombs.

Gamer Girl Monthly Review Summary

If you’re still on the fence, we suggest giving our Gamer Girl Monthly review another read. You’ll find that it provides the perfect balance between femininity and general gaming culture and fandom. Sound right for you, or for the gamer girl in your life? Then we recommend giving them a shot. You can start by hitting up their Homepage here.

Variety of Boxes
Value for Price
Quality of Items
Customer Service
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