Ghostbed vs Purple: An In-depth Comparison

Ghostbed vs Purple

The variety of foam mattresses available can be daunting and seem rather expensive, but Ghostbed and Purple have changed the mattress game with online ordering. In this review, we'll go over everything you need to know about each brand including what makes them unique, and what their strongest features are.

Ghostbed mattress

Overall Rating:


Above Average




Twin 58 lbs.

Twin XL 62 lbs.

Full 78 lbs.

Queen 89 lbs.

King 112 lbs. 

Cal King 112 lbs.


Medium Firm

Motion Isolation:


Price Range:

$495 - $1095

Trial Period:

101 Days


20 years


6 years

Customer Service:


Founded in 2015, the goal of Ghostbed was to make the process of buying a mattress easier by eliminating the need to visit showrooms and talk to salespeople. Their website boasts that you can order a mattress in under 3 minutes and it ships for free within 24 business hours.

The multiple layers of performance foam within the Ghostbed are reminiscent of other high-end mattresses for several times the price. With one of the most generous warranties available and free returns, it’s hard to resist trying this mattress.

Purple mattress

Overall Rating:


Above Average




Twin XL 77 lbs.

Queen 122 lbs.

King 149 lbs.

Cal King 148 lbs.


A scientific mix of soft, and firm areas

Motion Isolation:


Price Range:

$1299 - $1899

Trial Period:

100 days


10 years


About 10 years

Customer Service:


The Purple mattress is set apart from the competition by its unique elastic polymer layer that offers optimal comfort and great support. With an above average lifespan for this type of mattress and a generous warranty, the Purple mattress is a solid investment in a quality product.

A unique feature of the Purple mattress is the ability for the customer to decide how thick they would like the contouring elastic polymer layer to be. By adjusting this layer, owners report a slightly different feel that works for all sleeping positions.

Key Similarities

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    The Ghostbed and Purple are very evenly matched when it comes to durability, performance, and quality of craftsmanship. They also support customers purchasing their product online, and online reviews show that owners are very happy with both products.
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    Both mattresses have multiple layers of foam made from different materials that allow each one to provide a customized feel, and optimal comfort for people of all weights, and all sleeping positions.
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    Each mattress boasts a special layer of material which provides the custom fit that owners are looking for. Ghostbed uses a gel foam layer and Purple uses a proprietary elastic polymer that comes in various thicknesses.
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    Ghostbed and Purple have nice covers for their mattresses, but they are thin enough to be easily damaged should they be handled roughly. Its recommended that they are handled with care and rotated at least annually.
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    Ghostbed and Purple both have long warranties and good customer service which can prove very valuable as owners may have questions or wish to return their purchase. Most people who buy these mattresses are very satisfied with their purchase and consistently mention how comfortable and responsive both brands products are.

Key Differences

  • The most noticeable difference between Ghostbed and Purple is the elastic polymer layer in the Purple mattress that makes it truly unique. This layer can be customized to offer the owner a different feel, and it is the flagship innovation that sets this mattress apart from all other competitors.
  • The brands also offer different warranties, with Purple offering a 10-year warranty and Ghostbed offering 20 years. The Ghostbed does not have the above average life of the Purple mattress, but its lifespan is still very acceptable for the type of materials used.
  • The Ghostbed comes in at a slightly lower weight than the Purple mattress which may make it easier to be set up with one person. However, the Purple mattress is reportedly good to go once unpackaged and doesn’t require the same amount of expansion time that the Ghostbed does.

Firmness and Support

The Ghostbed mattress is made from a mix of latex and memory foam and will need to fully decompress before you will be able to comfortably sleep on it. As with many mattresses, the layering of foam gives a nice mix of bounce and responsiveness.

The cover on the Ghost bed has a considerable amount of stretch because it is made from a combination of viscose and polyester. Having a thin cover helps to encourage air circulation and breathability, while also preventing it from bunching up and keeping you from feeling the foam.

Ghostbed features a 2" thick layer of gel memory foam that many owners believe to add extra comfort when placed over the thicker base layer of high-density poly foam. With three layers in total, the Ghostbed delivers above average support and comfort without sacrificing durability.

The Purple mattress also has several layers, which are considered to be medium to medium firm. The base layer offers a solid foundation of support while the top layers, which are thinner, create a comfortable and breathable contour to your body.

The cover on the Purple mattress is also white and is on the thin side to encourage optimal breathability during the night. The foam itself is very breathable, and owners consistently rate the Purple mattress as being more breathable than other foam mattresses.

By customizing the elastic polymer layer of the Purple mattress, owners will be able to get greater contoured feeling out of the mattress and a better feeling of being "hugged." While this is desirable for many, the majority of customers seem to purchase the classic thickness.

Motion Isolation

Both Ghostbed and Purple offer above-average motion isolation, however, there are brands out there with higher scores. For many, this will have no discernable impact on their sleep as it is small, however, those who are more sensitive may notice.

Motion isolation can be very important for those individuals that sleep with a partner or pets, and either of these mattresses will do a good job. However, for the price point of each you could purchase another brand with slightly better motion isolation, so keep that in mind as you review other features.

How well the mattresses contour without disturbing another sleeper is a factor that has come up in customer reviews. Most customers seem pretty happy with the motion isolation and only notice it when their partner is rather close.

Customers that purchased a Purple mattress with a thicker elastic polymer layer seem to get the best-contoured feeling and also have slightly better motion isolation. This thick and movement absorbent layer could be a great choice for those looking for a softer feel without reduced motion isolation.

Construction and Materials

Ghostbed and Purple are both constructed from multiple layers of foam. Purple is different due to its purple layer of highly elastic polymer which may perform better if stretchy sheets are used. While some owners dislike using stretchy sheets, others find it worth it for the comfort.

The top layer of the Ghostbed is a kind of foam that offers consistent airflow to ensure that heat is not stored in that layer and against the skin. The middle layer is a highly reactive gel foam that provides all-night comfort regardless of what position you sleep in.

The base layer of the Ghostbed is the thickest, just like in the Purple mattress, and offers the majority of the support that owners experience nightly. With a sound foundational layer, both mattresses are able to be both soft and supportive, all while maintaining a medium-firm level of comfort.

The memory foam layer in the Ghostbed and the elastic polymer layer in the Purple mattress both offer a contouring feel so that the heavier parts of the body can sink further in than the lighter parts without feeling unsupported.

The Ghostbed will likely take a full day to fully decompress, however, if you live in colder areas it can take up to 5 days before its ready to sleep on. The Purple mattress has a much shorter expansion time before it is ready to sleep and is frequently ready within an hour.

Off-Gassing and Smell

The Ghostbed and Purple mattresses are created by certified manufacturers to ensure that they are chemical free, and free from any other harmful compounds that may off-gas or cause unpleasant smells.

Both companies have shown great commitment to this point, and their mattresses are carefully packaged to ensure that they do not pick up smells while in transport. The result is a mattress delivered to your door with little to no smell straight out of the package.

Many owners equate the smell of the Ghostbed and Purple to that of a new car or a freshly opened pack of tennis balls. Sure, there is a slight odor right out of the package, however, it dissipates quickly and permanently.


Both Ghostbed and Purple have similar price points which could be in part due to the similar multi-layered construction. High quality and innovative materials are also present, and durability is a factor that could result in a higher price. Although both mattresses are very similar, their price is slightly different

  • Ghostbed average price of Queen mattress: $895
  • Purple average price of Queen mattress: $999
  • Industry average price of Queen mattress: $860

Who Should Buy A Ghostbed?

A Ghostbed is perfect for someone looking for a high-quality foam mattress with optimal comfort and a reasonable price tag. Although it has an average life, its performance is well above average and it comes with a very generous warranty. To get more info, check out our Ghostbed review.

Who Should Buy Purple?

Purple mattresses are a great choice for those looking for a mix of innovation and quality for a great night's sleep. With a special elastic polymer layer that can be customized, the Purple mattress is offering up custom mattresses at a very reasonable price. Want more info? Check out our Purple Mattress review.


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