Glossybox Review – How Does It Compare To Other Beauty Boxes?


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So you've been feeling a little dull and have decided that you want to spice up your makeup routine. Naturally you turn to a beauty box to fit your cosmetics crave. 

If you have spent any time online searching beauty subscription boxes, it's likely that you've stumbled across Glossybox.

At Glossybox, they believe sampling is the most effective and organic way for women to fall in love with a product.

The company is located in over 10 countries and all cosmetics are packaged with love by their own in-house beauty experts.

To keep up to date with the trends, Glossybox has beauty scouts located in all corners of the world including Paris, Milan, Tokyo and New York. Altogether, they have a team of over 150 beauty enthusiasts working to source the best products.

How Does It Work?

Glossybox dedicates a portion of their website to explain the entire subscription process in the following "How it Works" video.

To sum up, each month Glossybox selects 5 beauty products and packs them into their signature pink boxes to be delivered straight to your doorstep. Once your payment is made, an order reservation for your box is put in with the warehouse. 

The packing process can take up 5 business days, as their warehouse crew works hard to strategically position each product into each box.

Once the box leaves the warehouse, you will receive an email notification of its shipment along with its tracking number. With this information, you can monitor its delivery. It is important to keep note, though, that sometimes there may be shipping delays due to a stall involving the vendor/brand fulfillment process.

Aside from product shipment, you can discover the latest beauty treats, trends and tips under the Glossy Report tab


  • Products are good quality
  • Themed boxes
  • Full-sized products included


  • Subscriptions are pricier
  • Possible shipping delays

Plans & Pricing

Choosing the right payment plan is just as important as selecting the right beauty box. Listed below are the 4 payment plans that are made available to you as a subscriber.

Monthly Plan - $21

The most commonly used out of the 4, the monthly plan is the most basic. It's safe as well. If you're a new subscriber, I would recommend choosing the monthly plan because you are free to sample Glossybox's services without any long-term commitments. 

3 Month Plan - $58.50

This plan is a little more lengthy than the monthly one, but it's still fairly short. Plus you still have a quick exit if you decide it just isn't for you.

6 Month Plan - $111

For a fee of $111, subscribers can get a half a year's worth of beauty products. This type of plan may be beneficial to someone who is a committed subscriber and doesn't want to have to make frequent payments.

12 Month Plan - $210.00

Subscribers who purchase a year supply of Glossybox boxes are in it for the long haul. They know that this is the beauty box for them and have no intention of looking elsewhere.


They aren't the cheapest boxes on the market, but at the end of the day all payment plans are viable options depending on where the customer is at loyalty-wise.

All subscribers have free shipping within the United States.

Customer Reviews

Usually things either go one way or another, but opinions varied amongst Glossybox reviews.

Some people loved every aspect of Glossybox. They thought that the customer service was spot on, and they loved the products they had received. 

Then there were the consumers who felt the complete opposite. They hated how customer service operated, and some claimed that they had never received their boxes.

It's always important to take all negative comments into consideration when evaluating any beauty subscription box. Looking at both sides, it's safe to say that your experience could vary depending on your preferences.  

Want to share your own experience with Glossybox? Tell us what you think! Leave your review in the comments below.

Glossybox vs The Competition

Glossybox is most similar to Birchbox and Ipsy. All three send approximately 4-5 products, and they also offer some of the same cosmetic brands.

Price, on the other hand, is the aspect that varied. Ipsy and Birchbox both go for rate of $10 a month. One month of Glossybox is almost double that amount, which means it comes in as the priciest of the three. 

Product Quality

There are several variations of product sets on Glossybox each month, all which are chosen based on location and personal preferences.

All products are considered high quality and safe for topical use, but there are not as many popular name brands included within the mix. This means that on some occasions they will squeeze in some cosmetics from brands like Tarte or Too Faced, but those instances are more rare.

Subscribers should always expect a range of 4-5 products in their boxes each month. These products could range from makeup to personal care. Usually a fragrance is added as a bonus as well.

Each box has a special theme. For instance, this January's theme was "A Fresh Start" which meant the box was full of different moisturizing agents and cleansers. It includes 5 products, and three full sizes. The overall value of the box was over $100, which is a great value for cost considering that it is only $21 for a month.

Is It Right For Me?

If you're a busy individual, you may reap a lot of benefits from a website like Glossybox.

For a set fee, products are shipped straight to your door. Better yet, each box has a set theme depending on the time of year. Ultimately it's a great way to keep your makeup game strong while on a busy schedule. 

Since it is a little pricier than some, Glossybox may not be right for you if you are looking to spend a little less. Altogether, if you're someone who's looking for convenience or a little bit of fun, Glossybox offers them both.

Deals and Coupons

What's great about Glossybox is that they're always offering different sets of codes and coupons for their subscribers. Right now, by entering the code "MARCH50" you can get 50% off storewide. 

If you're a new subscriber, click here and enter the code "GBOX40" to take off 40% of your first monthly purchase. 


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