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With a name like Gold Medal Wine Club, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to write up a thorough review on this particular wine subscription services. With the hype of “in a box” subscriptions only increasing, it can be hard to sort out the best from the rest. Thankfully, you came across some of the most passionate wine fans in the world dedicated to writing reviews.

You know that wine drinkers have a different way of looking at things. At times they can be seen to pay more attention to detail than others. After all, differentiating and gauging the different levels of taste takes a special kind of person to say the least. Coming into existence during the year of '92, you’ll find that the Gold Medal Wine Club is indeed one of the oldest of its kind in operation.

What Makes Gold Medal Wine Club Unique?

Aside from its rich history, and being the oldest wine club of its kind, you’ll find that they have tailored packages for all walks of life. No matter if you need the occasional bottle of wine for the fridge, or you have more extreme demands, they aim to fulfill every possible need.

A wine club with such a history has to have some strong attributes though, right? We wouldn’t expect anything less, so let’s get to it.

  • California’s best wines, delivered directly to you.
    While many subscription services don’t focus on a specific region as their source, Gold Medal Wine Club lives up to its name. The Golden state is known for its exquisite wine, and you’ll find the best ones featured by this renowned wine club.
  • Exclusive wines you won’t find anywhere else!
    After over 2 decades in existence, the network of Gold Medal Wine Club is almost unmatchable. They have developed relationships that help them garner the opportunity to give their loyal subscribers something they won’t ever find at a store or other wine club.
  • High rated wines only need apply.
    The Gold Medal Wine Club is rich in history and has been expected to be the ultimate key to the best wines in the world. This is why you’ll only find highly rated (90+) wine being offered to those that entrust them as their source for the industry’s most elite wines.
  • Enjoy wine they way it was always intended , embrace old school.
    1992 was a great year, because Gold Medal Wine Club was born and would change the world of wine for the better. Now with the competition of many wine subscription services, they continue to unearth wine’s history and best elements. And they don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon either!
  • Wine novices will have endless love for the roots of Gold Medal Wine Club.
    The roots of this wine club says a lot, and it has also ensured that some of the industry’s best wine gurus punch in to work at the Gold Medal Wine Club. These are the people that ensure flawless delivery and nothing but the best wine ever to exist. The priceless taste offered by their wines proves it is an effort that has come to reward people like you and I.


  • Authority Among the Wine Industry
  • California Wines Embraced
  • Powered By Experienced Wine Experts
  • check
    Wine Education Delivered (Select Packages)
  • check
    Various Types of Packages for All Tastes


  • Only intended for a couple of great bottles each month.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee Could Improve
  • exclamation-triangle
    Specials Aren’t Easy to Come By

How The Signup Process Works

Just like with most wine memberships, the signup process is simple. Keep in mind that this is a recurring charge that occurs automatically. We’d hate for you to get caught off-guard.​​​​

  1. Evaluate the various packages, and see what fits the best.
    Your options includes subscription packages such as Gold Wine Club, Platinum Wine Club, Garagiste Wine Club, Pinot Noir Wine Club, Diamond Wine Club, and International Wine Club. They have tailored their offerings to suit as many wine lovers as possible. More so than a bunch of the wine subscription companies out there today.
  2. Pick how many and how often.
    The price per bottle will drop with the more that you order. However, don’t forget that the Gold Medal Wine Club focuses on quality rather than quantity. If you need the cheapest price and the most bottles, it may not be an ideal fit for your situation (but you’ll just have to see for yourself).
  3. You’ll have top shelf wine in no time, front door service.
    If you sign up for a recurring subscription, your wine collection will be refreshed seamlessly with the finest wines in the world. You can’t top this when you break out a fresh bottle for your new neighbors that came over to get to know you better.

Pricing and Value

While the Gold Medal Wine Club does cost a little more ($30 max) than competing wine subscription services, this is a club that’s more for those with high expectations. The ones who demand only the best wine and nothing less. It’s with that in mind that the premium price tag doesn’t seem as intimidating as it might at first.

As for the value, you’ll find this subscription parked right in the middle of the road. It’s not the cheapest nor is it the most expensive the industry has seen. You only get the best wine, and they maintain a high standard for each bottle they put into the hands of their supporters.

Public Perception (Other Gold Medal Wine Club Reviews)

For what seems like forever, the Gold Medal Wine Club was the top choice among those who were really serious about their wine. They didn’t just appear when wine subscriptions started gaining in popularity. In fact some may say they have set industry standards but we’re not going to drag it all out into a debate right now.

At the time of this review, they held a 5 star rating from consumers on Google. This means that their extremely high standards have become pretty beneficial. Of course this also means that they are there when the customer needs a little bit of help.

Want to share your own experience with Gold Medal Wine Club? Tell the community what you think! Leave your review in the comments below.

Gold Medal Wine Club vs The Competition

This is absolutely one of the industry’s trendsetters and most trusted wine clubs among the most serious wine aficionados to exist. Its rich history and exclusive partnerships probably play the biggest part in making this a reality. We just know it didn’t come easy.

In fact this might be the #1 option for mail-order wine to date. We try to remain unbiased, but when something sticks out to us like this, we tend to be fully transparent with our readers. 


Are other regions available when it comes to wine origin?

Does this serve as valid competition to customized subscriptions?

If I want to cancel, is it going to be impossible?

What’s the customer satisfaction policy?

Will I get wine educational materials with my subscription?

Is It Right For Me?

If you want nothing but the finer things in life, as well as the finer wines, this is the only way to go. You will find that adding to your wine collection couldn’t get any better than it does when working with the folks over at the Gold Medal Wine Club.

In fact Kevin O’Leary would be satisfied with getting one of their boxes on his doorstep. This says a lot because we all know that “Mr. Wonderful” can be a tough one to crack at times. For those not familiar with him, he’s best known for his role on the TV show “Shark Tank.” 

Review Summary/Overview​​​​

Not just any subscription can get this close to perfect marks as the Gold Medal Wine Club did. While they are on the higher end of things, wine is one of those things that you want nothing but the highest quality on the market. And you typically want it on a regular basis, even at a premium cost.

For those bargain hunters, this may not be the break they’re looking for. For those serious about wine, and known to be picky, this is somewhere you definitely can’t go wrong. And it’s not every day you’ll hear us saying that, as we don’t like to boast too much.


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