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Get to know the brand that transformed shaving by focusing on a good razor and selling directly to the customer – Harry’s. Now available in large retailers like Target and online with subscription services, try these high-quality shaving and grooming accessories. This highly-esteemed product is available from Harry’s, which has been in business since 2015.

The majority of companies follow the model that Harry’s created, so why not give them a shot? The brand has held its place in the marketplace, taken hold of the subscription market, and even made a dent with in-store sales offerings as well.

What Makes Harry's Unique?

There isn’t much of a downside when it comes to Harry’s because it is cheaper and they make better razors than other companies. In direct comparison, their razors look and feel elegant when you hold them. The brand also offers flexible plans, so you don’t get stuck with too many blades in your bathroom cabinet.

Harry’s entered the marketplace when they raised over $122 million to purchase one of the best razor blade factories in the world. With this purchase, they changed the manufacturing process and redefined the industry. Apparently, Harry’s made enough of a splash that they got Gillette to join in on the men’s subscription box game.

Unlike others on the market, Harry’s carefully expands its product line to include relevant shaving products. Although they have not taken the plunge into the women’s market yet, they have moved from just razors to other options including shave gels, shaving creams, lotions, and more. These additional products do not come with the standard subscription and must be added.


  • Personalized shaving plans easily personalize
  • Owners of a top blade-making factory make the razors
  • Elegant design that fits the hand well
  • check
    Stylish packaging and design 
  • check
    1% of purchases are donated
  • check
    Five blade razor


  • Moving into Target changed their model
  • Blade dulls at a regular rate, no unique features
  • Angle of the blade varies with how you hold the razor
  • Handles move too much for some users

How The Signup Process Works

Our review of Harry’s revealed one thing to us – they have a quick signup process. When you visit the site, a large header covers almost the entire page, and the header prompts you to start a free trial. For just $3 shipping, you get a free trial set with a razor, shave gel, and a blade cover. Sign-up easily either on Harry’s website or their new app (only available for iOS).

During sign-up, you also select your delivery frequency and your delivery type. Frequency options are to get a box every two months, every three months, or every five months. (There is also a convenient chart so you can match your shave frequency to your delivery needs). Delivery options include either a box of eight blades and gel or just the blades.

After that, just enter your information, any coupon codes you have, and you are set! Harry’s account holders need to provide:

  • Email address
  • Password
  • Shipping address
  • Payment method and information

Pricing and Value

Plans, starter sets, and subscriptions are all options available from Harry’s razors. So, how do you know where to begin?  

Harry’s is based on two options – either the subscription model or the individual product purchase. Maximize your dollars on Harry’s by taking advantage of your free trial to start. Every shave plan option comes at a price of less than $2 per blade. This is the most cost-effective model, especially if you pay attention to how often you need refills.  

Harry’s also sells several products, which can be purchased individually. They are:

  • Truman Set ($15): Shave Gel, Razors, Blades
  • Winston Set ($25): Shave Gel, Razors, Blades
  • Harry’s Blades: Pack of 4 for $9, Pack of 8 for $16, Pack of 16 for $30
  • The Truman Razor ($9)
  • The Winston Razor ($20)
  • Shave Gel ($4)
  • Post Shave Balm ($5)
  • Shave Cream ($8)
  • Face Wash ($7)
  • Face Lotion ($8)
  • Harry’s Razor Stand ($15)
  • Harry’s Travel Kit ($25)

Public Perception (Other Harry’s Reviews)

The razors score well in reviews of shaving quality according to Consumer Reports. (Their definition of shaving quality included assessing closeness of shave, comfort, time, sideburns, and under the nose.  In a test of several razors, Harry’s fell in the middle of pricing and also preference.

Some users do report a preference for fewer razors on their blades, and Harry does not offer another option. A common theme among customer reviews is their love for the packaging, the extra touches on design, and even an affordable trial.

We noticed that some customers mention ordering Harry’s at a frequency lower than they recommend. If your razors aren’t dulling and you aren’t a heavy shaver, then pause the subscription for just a month (this also saves money). We highly recommend knowing your correct reorder frequency rather than relying on what Harry’s recommends.

How It Compares

When compared to other men’s razor subscription boxes, Harry’s reviews all notice that this brand seems to spend more time on the overall aesthetic of the box. Other boxes we consider to be close to them in quality include:

  • Dollar Shave Club: This club offers the lowest price per razer (only sixty cents!), but their product comes with fewer blades per cartridge. Dollar Shave Club has a similar selection to Harry’s and signing up is quick also.  
  • Gillette Shave Club: The most expensive box and the highest price per razor, the Gillette Shave Club gets its advantage with their name and quality product. Even the style of this box is corporate and too wide.
  • Bevel: The difference with Bevel is their traditional safety razor choice. The cost per razor is a bit higher, but Bevel is targeting a more upscale customer than the other boxes on the market.

Of every subscription box in the men’s razor industry, there is always a relatively simple sign-up process. These companies make their money on ease of use and functionality on their websites, and every single company has spent time on customer experience and user interface.


How Difficult is it to Cancel My Harry’s Subscription?  

Is Harry’s the Same Product Online and in Stores?

Is It Worth It For Me?

With only three dollars for a trial, there isn’t much of a reason to avoid Harry’s. It is our opinion that even the most price-conscious If you don’t like it, just cancel your subscription before the first one delivers.

If you’re a man that shaves at least three times a week and wants a simple shaving solution, then we think Harry’s is worth it for you. If you’re a heavy shaver with a specific trimming routine, this may not be a good idea for you, so we recommend buying electric shavers instead.  

Coupons and Deals for Harry’s

Check online for discount codes, every so often Harry’s will release a coupon code to listeners of a podcast or their online subscribers. For the cost, Harry’s razors is an excellent deal. They started the trend of fighting the “big guys” in the industry and cutting down on the high costs of blades sold in stores. Less than $2 a razor is unprecedented in the majority of stores!

Review Summary

Looking for a good deal and hoping to spend less on your razor routine? Harry’s comes with beautiful packaging, an easy to use website, and a quality product. They are a strong brand that spent a considerable amount of time changing the process of razor manufacturing to offer a superior product to each user. For a shaving product, Harry’s delivers as promised and doesn’t overcharge on costs.

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Effectiveness of the Razors
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Ease of Cancellation
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