Learn How To Sleep With a New Tattoo

tattoo artist tattooing on a man

You sat for hours to get fresh ink, but now comes the hard part: sleeping. As complicated as new tattoo care can seem, learning how to sleep with a new tattoo is vital for avoiding infection and helping your investment heal perfectly. Check out our tips below!

As common as tattoos are, you should think of them as open wounds, because that’s exactly what they. They need the same kind of care as an open wound, with special attention paid so that they don’t become infected.

Why Sleep is Scary When You Have a New Tattoo

Sleeping is an especially big problem because when you sleep, you’ll be unaware of things like your tattoo getting stuck to the sheets or your hand, foot, or leg getting swollen while you’re sleeping.

You might also scratch accidentally or roll over onto your tattoo, damaging it or increasing the chances of foreign substances like bacteria, dust, or dandruff getting into your tattoo and causing infection.

Here are some of the problems you can run into when you’re learning how to sleep with a new tattoo:

  • Your new tattoo can stick to the sheets
  • Your new tattoo can ooze or run and stain your sheets, blankets, or pillows
  • Dandruff or bacteria from the bed can get into your tattoo and cause an infection
  • Blood or lymph can pool in your hand, foot, or leg–or wherever you got your tattoo

Steps for Sleeping With a New Tattoo

To avoid these, problems, do the following:

  • Wash your sheets and blankets frequently and keep pets out of your bed, at least till your tattoo is fully healed
  • Wrap your tattoo at night to keep it from sticking to sheets or becoming infected (your tattoo artist can help you with this)
  • Use old (clean sheets) or dark colored sheets that won’t stain
  • If your tattoo is on a limb, sleep with it propped up, to reduce swelling and drainage

Our final piece of advice for how to sleep with a new tattoo is to get a good night’s rest, as this will help speed the healing process and have you back to normal much faster!


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