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InstaGC is a rewards site focused on a variety of different activities, including completing surveys, watching videos, shopping online, and conducting searches. They claim members have redeemed more than 1.05 million gift cards over time, and while this is impossible to verify independently, it's a promising start.

The company is operated by Day Online Solutions, LLC, which was established in 2007 and also owns the Affiliate Marketing website SparkLeads and website security site ProxStop. As of the time this review was written (2/22/2018), Day Online Solutions had an A+ rating with the BBB and one negative rating, which is quite good for an online survey company.

What Makes InstaGC Unique?

InstaGC offers eight ways to earn points within their system. Also, users can set and work towards specific rewards, rather than just collecting points and trading them in. For example, you could set a $25 Amazon certificate as your reward and earn your way towards that. InstaGC also encourages the use of their mobile version, which has additional opportunities to earn points within the system.

Alongside that, there's also a public chat system where members can talk with each other, as well as a robust set of guides that provide genuinely helpful advice.


  • Many ways to earn points
  • User-friendly features
  • Helpful guides


  • Has download offers (see below)
  • Varied earning opportunities
  • exclamation-triangle
    Guides aren't immediately obvious on website (you need to click 'Support')

How The Signup Process Works

InstaGC offers a rapid signup process, allowing people to log in through Facebook, Twitter, or Google. Alternatively, signups can be done on their homepage, with a username, password, and email address for verification. Members are given 10 points (worth 10 cents) for joining, 10% of the amount needed for a minimum cash-out. It's not an amazing enticement, but it is nice to start with something.

Ways To Earn Cash

InstaGC has eight major ways of earning cash. In addition, you can earn extra points for referring people, but this shouldn't be attempted unless you have a large network of interested followers.

Answer Surveys

The most basic way to earn points in the system is to answer surveys, though these are only available in certain countries. Before you can answer surveys, you'll need to fill out your profile information and a standard profile on the survey page. This helps match you to the right types of survey and reduces the chance of a disqualification.

That said, DQ's still happen. On the first five disqualifications in a day, InstaGC offers a single point in compensation - which isn't much, but still better than nothing.

CrowdFlower Tasks

CrowdFlower is an outside system that you can access through InstaGC once you link your accounts. In this method of earning points, you're asked to accomplish various tasks like tagging images with information, categorizing a list of websites, and otherwise providing the smart, human aspect of getting a job done. Tasks are typically quick and easy, and since there's always more work to do, it's a steady way of earning points.

Download Programs

Some companies like to distribute software, and InstaGC offers rewards for doing so.

However, you're probably wary of viruses being distributed through areas like this - and rightly so. InstaGC actually agrees on this point, especially since they can't personally scan each bit of software. Instead, their website recommends using Sandboxie, a sentiment that we wholeheartedly endorse.

If you're not familiar with it, Sandboxie is a program that essentially isolates part of your computer and stops it from affecting the rest of your machine. You can download any number of viruses into the sandbox, then delete them with a single action because they literally can't get out. We're not too fond of offering the downloads at all, but at least InstaGC actively recommends a tool to mitigate potential harm.

Search The Web

InstaGC offers its own search engine as an alternative to popular basic engines. By using this like a normal search engine and clicking on results, you can steadily earn a small number of points. Note that they are emphatic in that you should not try to abuse this since it can and will result in getting banned. If you're worried about accidentally searching too much, it's better to just not use this at all.

Trial Offers

Trial offers tend to offer a lot of points, but they also require more effort from you. In short, you're asked to try something (usually a digital product, but sometimes a physical one) for a specific period. Credit is only given to your account after the trial period, assuming the company running the trial is happy with your participation. You're not able to grab points then quit the trial.

Visit Websites

One of the easiest ways of earning points. Here, you're simply asked to view and visit websites for a short period before moving on to the next, which boosts view counts and helps other sites get noticed. Point rewards tend to be low for this, but since the time investment is also low, you can idly participate whenever you have free time.

Watch Videos

This is a fairly straightforward method of earning points - by watching videos from a playlist, you can steadily earn points based on the number of videos viewed. InstaGC offers three playlists that can run on different devices. 1 point is earned for every 20 videos viewed, with a cap of 250, 500, or 2000 videos each day. Bonus points are awarded to people who watch a significant number of videos, but only if InstaGC profits during the week.

Naturally, it's fairly easy to just let videos play overnight on a machine (with the audio very low, but not muted), making this an easy way of earning points. That said, you may pay more in electricity than you earn, so this probably isn't the best way to earn a lot of points.

Weekly Bonus

Finally, InstaGC offers a bonus of up to 5% on your points to each week. Completing a task (such as taking a survey or watching a video) earns a bonus unit, each of which offers a flat boost of 0.01% to your weekly total. Users are capped at 500 units (5%), but there is no hard limit on the number of bonus points that can be earned.

How Much Are Points Worth?

One point is worth 1 cent. However, InstaGC does have a minimum payment threshold of 100 points ($1), and some rewards (especially gift cards) may have higher requirements.

That said, InstaGC occasionally has discounts on specific gift cards, making points more valuable than usual. A 10% discount is fairly standard, and anything higher than that is probably a one-time event.

Payment Options

InstaGC offers five types of payment options. These include:

  • Cryptocurrencies: Cryptocurrency rewards included Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin at the time this guide was written. Given the nature of the cryptocurrency market, it's possible this will change over time.
  • Direct Deposit: This option is only available for members of the United States, but allows for cash to be deposited directly into a bank account. A processing fee of 15 points (15 cents) is charged for each redemption.
  • eCheck: eChecks are printable checks that can be taken to banks or other check-processing institutions. Following a 25 point fee, requests are usually processed within 1-3 business days.
  • Gift Cards: Arguably the easiest choice, gift cards are available for a wide variety of companies. Most of these are in-stock and can be delivered within a few minutes, but there are a few "non-instant" gift cards (mostly high-value ones) that InstaGC may need up to 48 hours to acquire for you.
  • PayPal: Finally, InstaGC can deposit rewards into a PayPal account, following a 20 point processing fee. First-time requests are slowed for security reasons (and may take up to 7 business days), while later requests are processed much faster.

Public Perception

InstaGC reviews generally view it as a positive, legitimate way of taking surveys and completing tasks to get rewards.

SurveysSay noted that there were a few complaints about inaccuracies in the rewards system, but these were definitely exceptions instead of the norm.

SurveyPolice had split opinions, with a 2.9/5 rating after 31 user reviews. Positive reviews mentioned things like completing surveys and watching videos to get a steady stream of points, while negative reviews had comments on some accounts being locked. One reviewer noted that InstaGC tends to lock accounts at the first payout because they need proof of identity before paying.

TrustPilot was similarly split, with a score of 6.2/10 after 14 reviews. Positive comments here cite things like being worth the effort and having friendly staff, while negative comments accused the site of not paying points as advertised. It's worth noting that InstaGC has responded to many of these reviews, and in one case noted that an individual's frozen points would indeed take 7-14 days to clear (which they stated beforehand).

Overall, despite some negative experiences, the public perception of InstaGC is that they're legitimate.

InstaGC vs. The Competition

Overall, InstaGC compares well to the competition. While it doesn't have the highest payout rates, people can and do cash out rewards for $50 or more at a time, and earning points is steady and easy with the right process.

That said, this site is definitely at its best when you're able to invest a moderate amount of time or set up videos to auto-play and earn points with no extra effort on your part. Serious users can expect to earn 100 points ($1) or more per day, and particularly devoted people can earn 500 points or more each day. That's not much from any given session, but $30 to $150 per month for relatively easy work you can do at home isn't a bad deal at all.

InstaGC Hacks

The best InstaGC hack is to set up the video lists to automatically play advertisements. You can do this on up to three devices at the same time and earn up to 100 points per-day for basically no effort other than telling the videos to start running.

From there, it's best to mix things up a little. Crowdflower tasks and downloading programs can earn quite a bit of points in a short amount of time (especially if you use Sandboxie to protect your computer from the software downloads), making them the best choice if you want to earn some real money in the system.


Here are the most common questions people have.

How Much Can I Earn A Day?

Is It Safe To Download The Software?

I Have A Question You Didn't Address!

Is It Right For Me?

If you're looking for a legitimate way to earn a small but steady stream of extra income, InstaGC is a good choice. It may not have the highest payout rates, but everything we've seen suggests that it's reliable and that errors tend to be user-caused, rather than signs of a fundamentally abusive system.

If you're asking "Is InstaGC safe?", we'd like to point out that they know some outside offers are a little worrying, and they actively recommend an effective solution.

Deals And Coupons

We were unable to find any special deals or coupons for InstaGC, aside from the 10-point signup bonus and the occasional discount on gift cards.

Review Summary

We set out to answer one question: Is InstaGC legit? After extensive research, we came away with a positive impression of this company, and we recommend it as an option to consider if you're looking to do survey-type work.


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