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It's one thing to buy daring makeup and accessories, and it's another to actually wear them. Imagine having the confidence to wear that bright red lipstick that's been sitting at the bottom of your makeup bag for the past several weeks.

In 2011, Marcelo Camberos and Jennifer Goldfarb created Ipsy, a beauty subscription box with the mission to inspire women around the world to have that exact confidence in expressing their own unique beauty.

Magazines and designers have been the ones to decide what is "in" now for years, and to put it frankly, we're tired of it!

That's why at Ipsy.com they have made it their goal to democratize beauty for everyone. The word Ipsy is even a play off of the word "ipse", which is Latin for "self."

How Does It Work?

Each monthly "glam bag" comes with 5 products that are personalized for you - plus videos, articles, and more are included on their website. With the constant flow of new products, you are free to mix and match styles to create your very own. 

Their intentions have remained the same since the start, which is to give each individual the tools to form their own definition of beauty.


  • Low subscription rate
  • High-quality products
  • Great customer service


  • Sometimes packages arrive late
  • Might be wait-listed

Plans & Pricing

Just like Birchbox, Ipsy sends out a large variation of items in their glam bags each month. It's always a fun surprise that customers look forward to because you never know what you'll find.

No matter which subscription you choose, each glam bag you receive will look different thanks to varying colors and patterns. That way you can reuse them instead of having an excess amount of the same exact bag.

Ipsy ships to both the United States and Canada for free, but if you do not live in either of these countries then you will be charged for shipping. Once they ship they are delivered straight to your doorstep via USPS. Listed below are the 3 available subscription options for potential "ipsters."

$10 - Monthly

With the most basic of subscriptions, you will receive 5 personalized beauty products in a cute glam bag. You are billed monthly, and have the convenient option to cancel your subscription at any time. Out of all the paid plans, this one is the fan-favorite.

$30 - 3 Months + Free Gift

This subscription has all the same amenities as the first one, but instead you pay ahead for the following 3 months. It renews automatically unless canceled, and by signing up you are gifted a free Lancome Duo Set

$110 - Yearly

With the yearly subscription, you pay upfront and get one glam bag for free. This subscription renews automatically, and is used by the most dedicated of "ipsters."

Customer Reviews

On customer review sites like TrustPilot, members of Ipsy had given the site a collective review of 4/5. 

In their Ipsy product reviews, most agree that Ipsy's customer service is very helpful and quick to respond. If a member has a problem or concern, if any, they can except a speedy response from an Ipsy administrator

Along with great customer service, many remarked about how personable the company was when designing their glam bags. Members felt like each glam bag they received was tailored to their own unique taste.

Even though there are some complaints of being wait-listed, the negatives made up less than half of the reviews. Ultimately Ipsy is very user-friendly, and members recognize that. Kim Luarks, a dedicated ipster, remarked that Ipsy is a "Great way to try things I can't afford!"

Ipsy vs The Competition

One of the biggest competitors of Ipsy is Birchbox.

While both have a subscription rate of $10 and start off with a short quiz to determine which products best suit you, they certainly have their differences.

Ipsy has other products, but they mainly focus on makeup. Birchbox, on the other hand, focuses more on personal wellness products. Members have also said that Ipsy offers more products than the latter.

Birchbox may be a legitimate beauty box website like Ipsy, but Ipsy has many benefits that members just can't refuse.

Are Ipsy Products Safe?

Ipsy showcases some of the largest names like Urban Decay, Too Faced, Tarte, and so much more. All products are high quality and 100% safe for topical use. That means you never have to worry about being sent sketchy products, nor do you have to worry how the cosmetics will react with your skin.

Is It Right For Me?

Ipsy is perfect for individuals who do not have the time or simply do not like the hassle involved with picking out that perfect shade. They do all the hard work for you.

Ipsy is not for someone who likes to know what they are getting, or likes to stick to the same routine. With Ipsy it's always something new.

So if you are looking to experiment with new makeup of products, without the unreasonable costs, then Ipsy is the right site for you!

Deals and Coupons 

Right now you can get any Bare Minerals product and receive 20% cash back.

Bare Minerals is a cosmetics brand that offers natural-looking products that are healthier for your skin. are composed of natural minerals found in the earth. The foundation contains titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, mica and iron oxides. Eyeshadows contain only mica and iron oxides, while the blush is made from mica, bismuth oxychloride, titanium dioxide and iron oxides.

There are over 50 products to choose, and all are shipping directly to your door. This deal is offered exclusively by Ipsy, and can be accessed by clicking here.



  1. Quality of Products


    Value For Cost


    Customer Service


    I like that almost all of the products I receive are from well known brands, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s super affordable either!


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