Best Antarctic Krill Oil Review with Omega 3-6-9


Best Krill Oil Reviews

There’s more to krill than meets the eye. Learn about the best Antarctic krill oil options that contain brain and body fuel like Omega 3, 6, 9, and other essential nutrients.

1. Nutrifect Nutrition Antarctic Krill Oil

Nutrifect Nutrition Antarctic Krill Oil

Nutrifect Nutrition Antarctic Krill Oil’s convenient soft gels deliver 500mg of krill oil per serving, including Omegas 3, 6, and 9, plus phospholipids and astaxanthin.


  • Super antioxidant astaxanthin
  • Added phospholipids for cell regulation
  • Small pills for easier swallowing


  • One serving requires two soft gels
  • Only 500mg per 2-tablet serving
  • Fishy aftertaste

2. New Cell Nutrition Antarctic Krill Oil

New Cell Nutrition Antarctic Krill Oil

New Cell Nutrition Antarctic Krill Oil soft gels have EPA, DHA, phospholipids, and astaxanthin and are an easy everyday krill oil solution.


  • Super antioxidant astaxanthin
  • One soft gel contains 500mg krill oil
  • No fishy aftertaste


  • Some individuals may require higher dosing
  • Omega 3 only, no Omega 6 or 9 listed
  • Reportedly gluten-free, but not certified

3. Majen Wellness Premium Antarctic Krill Oil

Majen Wellness Premium Antarctic Krill Oil

This Premium Antarctic Krill Oil breaks down the complex nutritional profile so you can see exactly what you’re getting per serving.


  • 1000mg krill oil per serving
  • 400mcg astaxanthin per serving
  • Omega 3 and Omega 6


  • One serving is two soft gels
  • Only 40mg Omega 6
  • 140mg Omega 3 is less than competitors

4. Krill Oil by Pomme Green Nutrition

Krill Oil by Pomme Green Nutrition

With 1000mg of krill oil per dose, Pomme Green Nutrition Krill Oil delivers a measured amount of EPA, DHA, and phospholipids.


  • 200mg of DHA/EPA and 200mg of phospholipids per serving
  • One serving contains 1000mg of krill oil
  • No fishy aftertaste


  • Omega 3 only, no Omega 6 or 9 listed
  • No antioxidant ingredients added
  • One serving is two soft gels

5. Onnit Krill Oil

Onnit Krill Oil

Onnit Krill Oil packs a punch with 1000mg of krill oil per serving, and detailed information on each nutrient ensures you’re getting what you need from each dose.


  • Contains astaxanthin
  • One serving contains 1000mg krill oil
  • 400mg phospholipids and 240mg Omega 3s


  • Omega 3s only, no Omega 6 or 9 listed
  • One serving is two soft gels
  • Slight fishy smell

What is Krill Oil?


Krill oil comes from tiny crustaceans that resemble shrimp. Krill are food for some types of whales, seals, seabirds, fish, and squid. There are around 85 species of krill, and the Antarctic variety is an abundant species that lives in the Southern Ocean. 

These small animals eat phytoplankton and algae and assimilate the Omega 3’s that those organisms eat. Other fatty acids in krill oil include eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). The amount of each oil in a batch of krill varies depending on the season and the animals’ diets.

Krill Oil Benefits

Nutritional supplements with Omega fatty acids are beneficial for the human brain, heart, and certain medical conditions. These fatty acids include EPA, DHA, Omegas, and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). ALA is essential for human growth and development, and along with Omega fatty acids, it contributes to disease prevention and brain health.

Many types of fish contain Omega fatty acids, and ALA can also occur in some plant sources. Antarctic krill oil is rich in EPA and DHA, but also three Omega sources and ALA. This means krill oil offers a complete fatty acid profile in the form of a single supplement.

Studies have shown that taking krill oil can reduce high cholesterol and reduce triglycerides. It can also help relieve osteoarthritis, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms, and rheumatoid arthritis. At the same time, the fats in the oil can bring down swelling and make blood platelets less sticky. That means the blood is less likely to form clots, a positive side effect for people who have a predisposition to heart disease.

Another supplement with a similar nutritional profile as krill oil is flaxseed oil, which contains Omega 3 fatty acids, Omega 6 fatty acids, and vitamin E. However, flaxseed oil lacks the Omega 9 that krill oil contains. Taking flaxseed oil doesn’t result in a complete fatty acid profile. Also, the amount of fiber in flax can cause digestion troubles as users adjust to it.

Krill Oil vs. Fish Oil

Although krill and fish oils both come from aquatic animals, their nutritional profiles are not the same. Fish like mackerel, herring, tuna, salmon, and cod are often sources of high Omega 3 fish oils. However, fish oil only contains EPA and DHA. Further, krill oil includes three forms of Omegas, resulting in a higher nutritional profile.

Fish oil can lower triglyceride levels in the same way as krill oil. Still, concerns surrounding the potentially high level of mercury in some types of fish deters many people from taking fish oil.


What is the recommended krill oil dosage for the typical person?

Can you have an Omega 3 deficiency?

Is one of the benefits of Omega 3 weight loss?

Our content does not constitute a medical consultation. See a certified medical professional for diagnosis.

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