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Levitra, which may be known by its generic name of vardenafil, is a drug that relaxes the muscles in the walls of blood vessels so that blood flow can increase to certain areas of the body. Although the medication is most commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction in men, some doctors may prescribe it for other reasons.

Levitra coupon

Chemical Structure of Levitra (Vardenafil)

Levitra Coupon (Discount Card)

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Proper Usage

Do not take Levitra or any other male enhancement medications without a prescription from your doctor. Always follow all instructions on the label and do not alter your dosage without first speaking to your doctor. Levitra is not meant to be used as a long-term medication. You can take your medication with or without food and about one hour before you expect to participate in sexual activity.

Dosage and Strength Options

Dosage and strength options depend on the patient. Healthy adult males usually receive an initial dose of 10 milligrams about 60 minutes before sexual activity. The doctor may increase to as much as 20 milligrams or decrease to 5 milligrams depending on how well the medication works and the patient's tolerance levels.

Patients who are on stable alpha blocker therapy may begin taking 5 milligrams per day. Patients who are age 65 or older may also begin taking 5 milligrams per day. Neither patient should increase the dosage without speaking to a doctor first.

It is important to note that erection does not occur simply by taking the medication. Sexual stimulation is still required. Patients should wait at least 24 hours between doses.

Side Effects

Levitra causes some common side effects in some patients. These may include feeling flushed, headache or dizziness, having an upset stomach, feeling pain in the back or developing a stuffy nose.

Some patients experience more serious side effects and should seek medical help immediately if they experience them. Serious possible side effects include changes in vision, sudden hearing loss, irregular heartbeat or symptoms of a heart attack. Others may include swelling, feeling short of breath, an erection that is painful or lasts for more than four hours or seizures.

A patient who experiences symptoms of an allergic reaction, such as swelling of the face, tongue or throat, should contact 911 right away.

Drug Interactions

Do not take Levitra if you are already taking medications for erectile dysfunction. Several other types of medications may interact with Levitra as well. Patients should speak with a doctor first if they begin an antibiotic or antifungal medication or if they take medications to treat high blood pressure, prostate disorder or heart rhythm. Some HIV/AIDS medications may also interact with Levitra.


Levitra can lower blood pressure. Because alcohol has the same effect, taking this medication with alcohol is more likely to cause dizziness, fainting, headache or heart palpitations. Drinking grapefruit juice with the medication may increase blood levels and effects of the dosage. Talk to your doctor before taking Levitra if you have cardiovascular disease, alcoholism, hearing loss, a seizure disorder or liver disorder. Other diseases that may interact include renal dysfunction, Qt prolongation, priapism, retinitis pigmentosa or Pku.

Safe Storage

Levitra should be stored in a closed container at room temperature. Avoid excessive heat or cold, direct light and moisture. Store in a high cabinet away from children. Do not use expired medication.

Related Drugs

Levitra's active ingredient is the generic drug vardenafil, which is also the active ingredient in Staxyn. Other erectile dysfunction medications include avanafil, sildenafil and tadalafil, more commonly known as Stendra, Viagra and Cialis. Never take more than one of these medications at a time. If you feel that one medication is not working for you and would like to try another one, always speak to your doctor first to ensure the switch is safe.


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