Loot Crate Review – Are The Contents Any Good?

loot crate review

Since 2012, Loot Crate has provided a series of themed fan subscription boxes covering varying aspects of entertainment, including gaming, sports, pop culture, and other fields. Over its first five years, they claim to have delivered more than 14 million crates to people in 35 different parts of the world.

At the time this guide was written, Loot Crate offered 24 boxes of varying sizes and values. The crates are broadly split into three categories: General crates (consisting of interesting fandom items), themed crates (all content focused on one franchise), and Apparel crates (a small number of clothing items).

In this review, we'll help you decide if any of Loot Crate's options are worth it for you.

What Makes Loot Crate Unique?

Loot Crate stands out thanks to its sheer variety of crates and established place in the industry. Their website claims that they have a box for everyone, and while that's not quite true, it's close - if you enjoy getting physical products along a theme, you'll probably find something to enjoy.

Unlike some other loot box companies, Loot Crate also has value-focused options, especially in its Apparel boxes. For example, the $9.99 Loot Socks box gives two pairs of themed socks each month, allowing for a subtle level of expression. Overall, we found ourselves quite impressed by the variety of options this company offers, and it's a definite mark in their favor.

Pros Of Loot Crate

  • Wide varieties of crate options

  • Multiple themed-crates for specific fandoms

  • Generally good value (Discounts of 33% or more on street price), with a variety of price levels

Cons Of Loot Crate

  • Main crates can be hard to predict

  • High price of some mystery crates can be a turn-off

​​​​How The Signup Process Works

Loot Crate has two ways of signing up. First, there's a link in the upper-right corner of their site where you can enter your email address (and, on the next tab, a password) to quickly create your account.

lootcrate homepage screenshot

Alternatively, you can sign up during the checkout process when you select a specific loot crate you want. As a physical delivery service, you'll need to provide your name and address, so they know where to send your crates.

Either way, the signup process is straightforward and user-friendly.

Pricing And Value

Pricing for the loot crates varies widely. The cheapest option we could find is $9.99/month for two pairs of socks each month, which feels like a reasonable price for themed products (that have licensing fees, making them more expensive).

On the high end, the Loot Crate DX runs $49.99/month and explicitly offers $75 or more in retail value. That's a very nice discount, and the contents are usually split between collectibles, apparel, home goods, and assorted other products.

Of course, a loot box is only as good as its contents, and that makes it hard to recommend ordering more than one month at a time because the themes and franchises constantly change. Also, the actual quality and value seem to have been dropping (see Public Perception, below), which makes the actual value of each crate far less impressive than they seem at first.

Public Perception

Public opinion of Loot Crate is wildly split on sites, but in recent months, it's trended sharply negative. All data below is accurate as of the time this review was written (2/23/18).

Reviews Logo

3.88 out of 5

Reviews.io gives is a 3.88/5 rating with 326 reviews, with 75% of respondents recommending it. Most reviews were either distinctly positive (170 5-star and 76 4-star) or negative (59 1-star). It's worth noting that at the time we wrote this guide, most of the recent reviews were negative. Frequent complaints included things like incredibly slow delivery, lack of customer service, and missing products. Some people also cited low product quality as an issue.

influenster logo

4.18 out of 5

Influenster has a broadly similar review, with a 4.18/5 rating after 80 reviews. Even among positive reviews, however, there's a concern that the sizing of apparel items is frequently off and that clothes tend to shrink significantly when first washed. That makes it much harder to enjoy the products you receive.

sitejabber logo

1.4 out of 5

Sitejabber is distinctly more negative than the sites above, with a 1.4/5 score after 125 reviews. Complaints here include issues like immediately being charged (with a terrible system for getting money back), failure to deliver items or even entire boxes, and products of particularly low quality. One reviewer cited a small calendar and a low-quality ice cream scoop as not being even remotely close to what they paid for.

trustpilot logo

1.4 out of 10

TrustPilot is even lower, rating Loot Crate 1.4/10. On this site, people have mentioned problems like products being late by months and customer service outright lying to people. More than one review cited that refunds did not occur even when customer service said they would, which is a particularly egregious problem.

The overall trend of reviews is that the company was a great source for geek products when it first started, but the overall quality has gone down over time. Some reviewers cited that the contents of boxes were literally dollar store-level products, which is much less than they were expecting for the amount they paid. This is especially true for Collectible goods, which are supposed to have a reasonable level of quality.

How It Compares

Loot Crate has so many different boxes that we don't have the room to compare all of them. Instead, we're going to compare their main box (the Loot Crate itself) to Geek Fuel's reasonably-comparable box.

Loot Crate Boxes
Geekfuel Goodies
Loot Crate Logo

The basic Loot Crate features 4+ items from various franchises (typically 1 item each), including one t-shirt and 3 or more other items including collectibles, gear, and figures. In general, Loot Crate doesn't ship multiples of the same type of item.

The price for one month is $19.99, plus shipping.

Geek Fuel Logo

Geek Fuel's loot box comes with a varying number of products, but always includes an exclusive t-shirt and a code for activating a computer game on Steam. Other potential contents - of which there are generally several - include toys and action figures, household goods, comics, collectibles, everyday essentials, and hardcover books.

They charge $18.90/month (plus $6 S&H) for the monthly plan, with the price scaling down to $14.90/month (same shipping) for a yearly plan. 6-month and 1-year plans add a bonus item of $10-$20 value in the first box as an added incentive.

Victor: Geek Fuel. The frequent comments about low-quality products in Loot Crate mean that any reasonably - comparable box is likely to be better.


Here are some of the most common questions people have about each Loot Crate.

Can I Switch My ​​​​Subscription?

Can I Give Loot Crate(s) As A Gift?

Is There Any Way To Get Older Items?

Is It Worth It For Me?

If you're looking to get a (relatively) steady supply of geek-focused items delivered to your door, then Loot Crate may be right for you. Their website's FAQ claims that they are actively trying to change and improve their distribution system so that boxes can be sent out more frequently.

At the moment, however, we honestly can't recommend ordering from this company. Between excessively slow shipping times, poor customer service, low-quality items, and difficulty getting refunds, all indications are that you're more likely to bang your head against the wall in frustration than open a box of fun.

If the company can resolve these issues and start getting back to the level of quality they displayed in the past, this recommendation may change. Until and unless that happens, though, it's best to stay away.

Coupons And Deals

Loot Crate offers several types of deals. For example, their website offers discounts or free bundles on a regular basis, making it possible to save 20% or more on a subscription. In addition, you can get rewards by referring others to the program or become an affiliate and try to earn a steady stream of money.

Their page on this gives values for daily conversions - 5 seems reasonable for a popular affiliate, but 500 (and its associated monthly income of $155,000) seems unrealistic.

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