Lootaku Review: Why Geeks Everywhere Are Making the Switch

Lootaku collectibles
Lootaku collectibles

1Up Box Review: Why Gamers Are ‘Leveling Up’ Their Loot Box​​​Lootaku is a subscription-based mystery box jam-packed with collectibles for gamers, anime fans, and geeks of all kinds. Released monthly, every Lootaku box is loaded with 5-6 items, with zero filler, fluff, or promo junk. And unlike rival loot boxes, Lootaku features full-sized figurines instead of small vinyl novelty figures. This makes Lootaku a cut above the rest.

Founded in 2015, Lootaku has taken the geek box world by storm. Known for their rare exclusive items, Lootaku’s premium boxes are gaining in popularity fast. In fact, nearly every box sells out weeks in advance.

It didn’t take long for us to catch wind of the hype. That’s why we bought a monthly subscription ($44.99 USD) so we could put Lootaku to the test. After three months of use, we can honestly say we’re floored by the sheer quality of loot in these things.

If you’re a newcomer to geek boxes, or if you’re just looking to add another to your monthly subscription, look no further. Lootaku truly has everything a geek or gamer could ask for, and at an industry-leading price to boot. Sound like the box for you? Check out our in-depth Lootaku review below to find out more.

Unlike other geek boxes, Lootaku is all about quality over quantity. That’s simply the first thing we noticed about Lootaku—everything in the box is built to last. This means no more dealing with nasty super glue or annoying gobs of tape while you try to piece your flimsy figurine back together.

Better yet, Lootaku emphasizes exclusives over commercial items. Many rival boxes are usually found loaded with American posters and figurines that can be most in shopping malls and game stores. This sets Lootaku apart, as they always come with at least one or two items only found in Japanese or other Asian markets.

Pros of Lootaku

  • Loaded with exclusive Asian collectibles
  • Original theme boxes announced every month
  • Features full-size figure statues
  • Packed with items you won’t see in other boxes
  • Every box contains at least one (1) super-rare item
  • High value, costs half of its ‘retail’ price


  • Discount rates are comparatively weak (only $12.94 USD)
  • Slight preference for anime items over gaming
  • No shipping availability to many European markets

Where Do You Sign-up?

You’ll be pleased to know that Lootaku has a relatively hassle-free sign-up process. After confirming your email address, all they ask is for your shipping and billing info before you are registered for the next box shipment. And once they have shipped, you’ll get a notification in your inbox letting you know its status.

If you are interested in getting started, use this link. But since every nerd’s different, we recommend checking out their past boxes while you are there. Although the loot we got was epic, it’s smart to be on the safe side and make sure it’s right for you.

Pricing and Value

Lootaku offers several subscription packages for your convenience. Below we’ve laid out their three-tiered pricing plan, all in US dollars.

Lootaku 1 month subscription

1 Month “Rare” Plan

Lootaku 3 months subscription

3 Month “Epic” Plan
($2.97 savings)

Lootaku 6 months subscription

6 Month “Legendary” Plan
($12.94 savings)

Before you get carried away, it is important to note that each of the above options auto-renews at the end of every payment period. Every buyer should take this into consideration, so they don’t get any unwanted surprises on their credit card bill later down the road.

And while pricing is one thing, any honest Lootaku review has to get real about value. Talking value means getting into the gritty details about the cost-benefit in the contents of each crate. At roughly $43 per box (with a 6-month plan), each box is advertised as containing no less than $80 in retail value. This means each box is worth twice its price.

Other leading geek boxes may offer cheaper pricing packages, but they simply don’t offer the same degree of value. For example, one of the top loot boxes on the market sells for $40 per month, but they advertise their box contents as having only $45 in retail value. This pales in comparison to Lootaku, which packs over twice the combined MSRP value.

In short, Lootaku is offered at a justified price point that leads the industry in value. We can say with confidence that when Lootaku talks up the “value” of their box, they aren’t kidding around.

What Others Are Saying About Lootaku

With over 15,000 "Likes" on their official Facebook page, Lootaku is quietly gathering a cult following. And when reading through fan reviews, we found a common sentiment: Lootaku is among the best geek boxes on the market today.

In one Lootaku review, a fan named Robin concluded that Lootaku was a “must-have” for anime fans. Another reviewer found that Lootaku was a “great subscription”. To tell you the truth, we couldn’t find a single reviewer that didn’t recommend Lootaku.

And really, who can blame them? Lootaku is loaded to the brim with surprises and rare items we haven’t seen in any other geek box. If you don’t believe us, check out this cool unboxing video by a Lootaku fan. But be warned: there are spoilers ahead!

However, across several user reviews, we picked up on a common thread. In many cases, fans were a bit disappointed that wearable items such as t-shirts and hats were not in their size. To avoid this, simply fire an email containing your sizing to Lootaku’s staff here, or add it in the ‘Note’ section on their sign-up page.  

How It Compares to Leading Geek Boxes

Don’t get us wrong, there are many premium-quality geek boxes available today. With the rising popularity of Loot Crate over the past few years, imitation boxes have come and gone. But Lootaku seems to have really carved out its own niche within the anime and gaming market.

But what’s the cause for Lootaku’s success? We think it’s the cost-to-value ratio, which rivals even Loot Crate. If you don’t believe us, we broke down some of the top geek boxes and how they match up to Lootaku.

It’s a boss fight! Check out how Lootaku fares against other industry leaders. For each, we ranked their variety of selection, ease of use, and the quality of the box contents.

Lootaku Logo


Loot Crate Logo


Japan Crate Logo

Japan Crate

marvel collector corps logo







Variety of Selection

Ease of Sign-up

Item Quality

As you can tell above, you get what you pay for with Lootaku. By packing a truly epic value in each box, we’re sold on Lootaku as one of our staple box subscriptions. So, if you’re looking to "level up" from any of the other geek boxes on the market, we think Lootaku would make an excellent choice.


Here are three of the most common Frequently Asked Questions and their answers.

How Do I Cancel Subscription?

How Long Will It Take To Deliver Your Purchase?

Is There a Refund policy?

Is It Worth It For Me?

We think Lootaku makes an excellent choice for die-hard fans of gaming, anime, and Japanese culture. Although gaming purists might have a better experience with geek boxes that are not so oriented toward anime, such as Loot Crate or Cratejoy. But if manga and anime if your thing, we definitely suggest giving Lootaku a shot.

Based on our experience, we feel like Lootaku is quickly becoming the go-to subscription box for anime enthusiasts. While Loot Crate is an excellent choice in its own right, their box themes and contents are too diverse to appeal to any one niche. Lootaku, on the other hand, proclaims their niche loudly and proudly by stuffing premium anime figures and collectibles in every box.

Like us, we think you’ll be hooked after your first box. Whether that’s the case or not, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment below with a few words about your experience with Lootaku. Love it, hate it, we’re interested in hearing what others have to say.

Coupons and Deals

If you’re looking for the best deal, we got your back. You can save 5% off your Lootaku subscription if you use this link along with the code “DISCOUNT5”.

And if you decide to sign-up, we recommend saving your money and choosing the 6-month plan. This payment option shaves a few bucks off of each monthly box cost.

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