How Meal Kits Can Lower Your Weekly Grocery Bill

meal kits

You're digging through your fridge when you come across a long-forgotten bag of carrots or some chicken that has seen better days. Along with those forgotten ingredients, there are a few mystery packages of leftover take-out food.

How much did you spend on that food, which is now about to end up in the trash? If you're like the average American, you might be spending more than $150 on groceries every week, and that's not counting meals out or delivered to your home.  

Although meal kits might seem to have a high sticker price (Blue Apron kits cost between $8.74 and $9.99 per serving, for example), they can be an excellent way to lower your weekly grocery bill. Here's why.

Why You Need a Meal Plan

One of the biggest reasons why people end up wasting food and money is that they don't have a meal plan. Think back to that chicken you found in your fridge. Did you buy it for a specific meal or did you pick it up thinking you'd figure out what to do with it later?

Often, food that we buy because it looks good at the supermarket or because it's on sale is the food that ends up going bad or to waste.

Having a meal plan can help you minimize food waste (and money waste) since you know exactly what you're going to cook and what ingredients to buy for your meals.

Meal Kits Reduce Frantic Grocery Store Runs

Have you ever gone to the supermarket after a long, tiring day at work? You're hungry, and there's just so much food at the store. So you end up buying whatever looks good, only to get home and realize you don't want any of it or that you didn't buy anything you can turn into a meal.

Poorly planned, frantic grocery store runs eat into your budget. When you have a meal kit subscription, you know that you'll have the ingredients you need to get dinner on the table with ease at least two or three times a week.

Time = Money

People who are skeptic about meal kits often note that they do cost more than buying ingredients at the supermarket. That might be true, but when you subscribe to a meal kit service, you're getting more than just some groceries.

You're also getting the convenience of having to choose and plan your meals for the week, which can take a couple of hours. You can now use that time for something more important to you, such as playing with your kids or catching up with your spouse.

Meal kits also save you the time you would spend driving to the supermarket, navigating the aisles, waiting in line at check-out, then driving home again.

Meal Kits are Cheaper Than Take-Out

The average serving from a meal kit costs less than $10. Except maybe pizza, you'd be hard-pressed to find take-out or delivery that cost that little. Plus, the meals you prepare from a subscription box are usually much healthier than what you'd get from a take-out place.

Meal Kits Improve Your Kitchen Confidence

Even if you're a complete novice in the kitchen, the more you cook from meal kits, the more confident you'll become. Subscribing to meal kit service can be a great way to jumpstart a home cooking hobby. As you become more confident in the kitchen, you'll be able to plan meals on your own, pick out the least expensive ingredients, and lower your grocery bill even more!


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