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As a cat lover, you are very aware of how much our feline friends love boxes. The only thing that might be better in their eyes is a box full of toys and treats! This brings us to meowbox. Founded in 2013 by Francois Deschenes and Olivia Canlas, meowbox is a company that offers a subscription service for cat toys and treats.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, meowbox delivers food and toys to their client’s front doors monthly. Is this service a purr-fect match for you and your cat? We hope to supply you with the information that you need below in order to decide that for yourself.

What Makes meowbox Unique?

One thing that makes meow box unique from the start is that they ask about your cat. The information that is provided will allow the staff to customize each gift box, including substituting items for cats that have diet restrictions. Another feature that makes meow box stand out is their dedication to cats. For each monthly box purchased, they will donate a can of food to a shelter cat on their customer’s behalf!

Pros and Cons


  • Automated service so you don't have to resubscribe for each box
  • Free Shipping
  • Continuous changing selection of items
  • Each box is crafted to cater your pet's specific needs


  • Number of items in each month's box varies from 4 to 6.
  • Currency conversion may cost extra for customers outside the US
  • Source countries for toy production is not stated

How The Signup Process Works

The signup process is rather simple. From the main page, you will click the subscribe button located at the top of the page between “How it works” and “Gift.” This will redirect you to the “We have a plan for every cat” page, where you can select either a monthly or bi-monthly subscription. You will then click on the “Select” button for the plan that you want.

This will bring you to a page where you can start the process of creating your account, beginning with entering your email address. The next page you are directed contains spaces to enter details for your cat (or adding more than one kitty), as well as your shipping address. After entering this information, you will be directed to a page that shows the information you entered and asks for a payment option (debit/credit card or PayPal). You will also be asked to choose a password that can be used for your account in the future, so don’t forget to write that down!

Pricing and Value

A meowbox can be purchased as either a subscription or as a gift. The cheapest price comes with a subscription and will run $22.95 per box. This price is the same for either the monthly or bi-monthly subscription. Each box will contain between four to six items.

Purchasing a meowbox as a gift is far more costly. A one time gift can be purchased for $32.95. A three-month gift is available for $83.85 ($27.95 per box). There is also a six-month gift available for $137.70, which is the most cost-effective as it equals out to the same $22.95 per box as a subscription price would be.

All gift boxes come with four to six items, and all gift and subscription boxes include free shipping. It is our opinion that the subscription and six-month gift selections are decent value for money, while we would pass on the one and three-month gifts as they seem overpriced for what you get.

Public Perception

The reviews that meowbox receives from their customer base has been positive. A common theme that everyone seems to be repeating over and over is how their cats are excited by the box the moment it arrives. This has encouraged comments asking if the company makes the boxes out of something extra or perhaps treats the boxes with something. More than likely, their pets are just smelling the catnip and other treats inside of the box.

Another theme that is touched on by customers is the unique, and often hand-made, items that are included with each delivery. Previous month’s contents have come in designs that have never been seen by customers before, and a majority of the reviews we have read indicate that the toys carry a quality of caring in there construction. Of course, the cats themselves seem to love the contents and reports are that they are entertained for hours.

The only negatives that ever seem to come up from meowbox’s customer base are that some of the food items do not seem to the liking of their pets. Cats can be finicky when they want to be, and a couple of customers commented that their cats ignored the treats offered in favor of the toys. For the majority of reviews that we read through, the cats loved the food samples included with the monthly deliveries.

How It Compares

There are other pet-oriented subscription services out there, including another subscription that is cat-oriented. KitNipBox is a subscription service based in the U.S. that has been in business since 2014. The signup for both websites is about the same, which means that both subscriptions are easy to use. There appears to only be a monthly subscription option for KitNipBox. 

The first difference is in pricing. KitNipBox offers the Happy Cat for $19..99 a month, as well as the Multi-Cat box for $29.99 a month. They also offer a one month gift for $29.99, three months for $24.99 per month, six months for $21.99 per month, and a one-year gift for $19.99 per month. But the box prices are not the only cost difference to take into consideration.

KitNipBox offers free shipping in the United States. For their Canadian customers, a $6.95 shipping fee is added to the price. KitNipBox also delivers to Australia, Europe, and Mexico. For these countries, a $7.95 shipping fee is added to the price of a box.

Another difference worth noting is the box contents. KitNipBox includes five items in their Happy Cat and seven items in their Multi-Cat boxes. There appears to be a wider variety offered as well, as hygiene products and other accessories are sometimes included. This is in addition to toys and treats of course.


Why did meowbox discontinue shipping to the United Kingdom?

Where are the items made included in the subscription made? 

How can you replace a damaged item?

What payment methods are accepted? 

How do you cancel a subscription?

If you still have questions about the products or services, make sure to leave a comment below with your questions so that we can answer them for you! 

Is It Worth It For Me?

The bottom line for you as a potential customer is deciding if meowbox is right for you and your cat. If you are a person who enjoys spoiling their pet with new toys and treats on a continuous basis, then we think a meowbox subscription will be right for you. The true worth of this service can only be known if you give it a try. Subscribe for a month and decide for yourself. If you do, make sure to come back and leave a comment below to let us know what your experiences were. 

Coupons and Deals

A multitude of coupons and codes appear to be available online from multiple sources, ranging from 10-30 percent off. These codes are dated, so we recommend searching for “meowbox coupons or discounts” to get the best current deal that is not expired.

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