MeUndies Review: How It Works, Ratings, and User Reviews

MeUndies Review

Talk of MeUndies is everywhere as of late. If you’re active on Instagram or regularly listen to podcasts, there’s no doubt you’ve heard people raving about the popular underwear subscription box. Available for men, women, and children, MeUndies is the self-proclaimed “funnest brand” in the world of underwear thanks to the bright colors and cute designs of their undergarments.

In addition to making a statement with their underwear, MeUndies is dedicated to providing a soft, comfortable underwear experience for all. The subscription box nature means you’ll receive new pairs on a regular basis, so you’re never left hanging.

Created by Jonathan Shokrian in 2011 after a bad underwear shopping experience, MeUndies has since grown into one of the most well-known subscription box services in the world today, complete with a cohesive brand image and cultural image. We’re here to cut through the chatter and give you an honest MeUndies review.

We look at everything from the signup process to the pricing layout to the product itself. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision about whether MeUndies is right for you.

What Makes MeUndies Unique?

MeUndies is unique in just how simple and straightforward their service is to use compared to competitors. An intuitive website, natural sign up process, and easy ordering and selection of products makes MeUndies shine in the world of underwear subscription services.

It’s clear that the team has thought through every aspect of the service from the customer perspective – a nice touch since many subscription boxes are still confusing for first-timers to learn how to use. Another highlight of MeUndies is the quality of their products. Unlike some companies that offer an incredibly extensive product line, MeUndies offers relatively few products.

MeUndies Homepage Screenshot

The catch is that all these products are top-notch. The small product line gives them the ability to ensure that each and every product is top-of-the-line. There’s no product that’s not exceptional as far as comfort, quality, and fit are concerned. Finally, MeUndies is perhaps the subscription box service with the best branding. They’re managed to create a special brand image. The company’s fun, playful, hip marketing in itself attracts to users to its service.

In addition to the brand image itself, MeUndies pours money into its marketing efforts. As mentioned above, they’re all over Instagram. And if you’re a fan of listening to podcasts, there’s no doubt you’ve heard your fair share of MeUndies advertisements. Best of all, these marketing efforts are understated. They’re not in your face. They don’t annoy you – rather they make you want to see what all the fuss is about yourself. 

Pros and Cons


  • Near perfect fit
  • New pair(s) sent every month
  • Simple signup and selection process
  • Incredibly comfortable/durable design made from a reliable cotton fabric
  • Lots of colors and patterns available
  • Available to both men and women


  • Expensive (one pair costs as much as a 5-pack of generic underwear)
  • Limited edition designs sell out quickly
  • Subscription discount only on certain designs

How the Signup Process Works

One thing we like about MeUndies is that you aren’t required to buy the monthly subscription box. Some subscription box services require customers to do this. With MeUndies, you have the choice of the monthly subscription (they call it a membership) or you can shop through most of their catalog separately.

The subscription box has its benefits though. In addition to special access to limited edition designs, the monthly membership also nets you a 33% discount on all products. Sign up for a MeUndies subscription and you’ll receive new underwear each month, depending on your needs and preferences.


Pick a pair, any pair.


Expand your horizons.


Make it yours.

MeUndies makes it easy to skip months, change to new plans, add or subtract the number of pairs of new underwear you want each month, and so much more. Best of all, the membership section of their website makes exploring all of these options a breeze. The design of the website is so simple almost anywhere will be able to use it with ease.

All you have to do to is sign up for the monthly subscription box is select the type of product you want (men’s underwear, women’s underwear, or socks), the style and size you prefer, the type of designs you like most, and the specific design you want for your first pair.

From there, you’ll be prompted to enter your personal information and payment information as well as what you’re looking for out of the rest of your subscription plan. Learn more about the MeUndies membership.

MeUndies Men

Pricing and Value

Another nice touch from MeUndies is the variability in their pricing structure. You can sign up for a monthly membership plan to receive regular shipments of underwear on the cheap – or shop from their inventory by making one-time payments at full price.

The plans are incredibly flexible. You can select exactly how many pairs you want to receive each month (and change these at any time). Most people start by receiving one new pair each month and then go from there. MeUndies offers a great selection, including men's underwear such as boxer briefs and lounge pants, as well as a great selection women's underwear. 

MeUndies also makes cancellation easy. There are no hoops to jump through. Don’t want to continue with the service anymore? Then cancel your membership in less than a minute. As far as specific pricing goes, a single pair of underwear is $16.00 as part of the monthly subscription plan. Buy this same pair of underwear independently and you’ll pay $24.00.

MeUndies doesn’t currently offer any deals where you can pay for several months in advance for an even lower price. You can simply expect to pay $16.00 for each pair of underwear you order as part of your membership plan. Shipping is free to anywhere in the United States or Canada. Returns are also free within the first 90 days.

MeUndies Women

Public Perception

MeUndies maintains a great reputation in the United States and around the world. Most user reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Seriously though, it’s actually hard to find people with complaints about MeUndies. Perhaps the only complaint that most users seems to note is the price.

$16 is a lot to pay for a single pair of underwear, especially when that same price will score you a 5-pack of generic underwear. The thing is that MeUndies isn’t generic. These are very high quality pairs of underwear that are comfortable and fit well. The fabric is durable and will last for a long time without wearing out.

Most MeUndies customers that have written reviews rant and rave about the quality. If you take the word of other reviewers as truth, it’s clear that MeUndies makes some of the best underwear around.

How It Compares

MeUndies certainly isn’t the only underwear subscription box – they have a lot of competition in this field. Perhaps the company’s two top competitors are Loot Underwear and Adore Me. The biggest benefit of Loot Undies is the price. For just $10 per month, you get three pairs of underwear sent straight to your door.

The downside is the quality. Loot Undies aren’t bad quality, but there’s no denying that both the overall quality and the design is inferior to that of MeUndies. While Loot Undies and MeUndies offer roughly the same type of service, Adore Me is slightly different. The monthly subscription box is designed with lingerie instead of everyday underwear in mind. 

For just $24.95, an Adore Me monthly subscription gets you one pair of personally tailored and selected lingerie sent to your home. If you’re looking for lingerie, you won’t find it at MeUndies. Adore Me is a better choice for you in this regard.

MeUndies Packs


MeUndies has an extensive customer support page on their website. It covers the most common MeUndies frequently asked questions and provides customer service information. Some of the most common include:

Can I customize my pack?

How do I change my membership?

When are new designs released?

Is MeUndies Worth It For Me?

MeUndies is perfect for anyone that loves having new underwear on a regular basis – but hates shopping for underwear in person. The designs range from bright and colorful to subdued and basic. Several style types are available for both men and women.

The catch is that these are high-quality pairs of underwear – and they come with the high price tag that you’d expect. Those that prefer to spend the littlest possible on underwear should definitely look elsewhere.

Coupons and Deals

Coupon codes for MeUndies regularly pop up on the Internet. currently has the greatest selection of such coupon codes. Remember that simply signing up for the monthly subscription service is in itself a stellar deal, netting you up to 30% of the normal purchase price.


  1. Product Quality


    Subscription Management


    Value for Price


    this subscription box is seriously ridiculous and a ripoff. $14 for a pair of underwear i wouldnt even pay at victorias secret, let a lone a pair that looks like it came from walmart. i tried them out because i heard their advertisements on nearly every podcast i listen too, and they were a total let down. really disappointed i didnt know better


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