Mine Chest Review: Better Than Loot Crate?


Since its initial release in 2009, Mojang’s Minecraft has quickly become the number one sandbox game on the planet. Known for its modding community and its blocky, procedurally generated world, Minecraft has won the hearts and minds of gamers everywhere.

And finally, ‘crafters everywhere have a geek box specially made for Minecraft fans. With its first boxes being shipped only in 2015, Mine Chest has already gained a reputation as the go-to geek box for Minecraft fandom. And since it is officially licensed by Mojang, the makers of Minecraft, you can rest assured that only authentic items are included.      

In January 2018, it was announced that Loot Crate will no longer distribute Mine Chest. Instead, Mine Chest is moving back to MineChest.com where it will be owned independently by Adventure Chest. This means Mine Chest is headed in a new direction, one that could either spur further growth or gradual decline.

With the announcement of this exciting new crossroads, we decided to finally order our subscription. For three months, we had a first-hand experience with Mine Chest and all the Minecraft goodies it has in store. And with this, we bring you our first ever Mine Chest review. Read on and find out whether this hot new sub box is the right choice for you.

What Makes Mine Chest Unique?

As the name suggests, Mine Chest is all about appealing to the ever-growing Minecraft community. And like its namesake, Mine Chest is an imaginative and unique experience—something that the over-saturated geek box market is desperately in need of.

While Minecraft is famous for its simplicity, Mine Chest is anything but. Just like the game it is based upon, there is always something new with Mine Chest. Whether it is an item you’ve never seen before, or a collectible you never thought existed, Mine Chest is loaded with surprises in every box.

Skimmers be warned, we’re about to go into some heavy detail regarding the specifics of Mine Chest. So, if time is of the essence, we recommended taking a look at our quick breakdown of our Mine Chest review below. To keep things balanced, we included both the upside and downside to the subscription.

Pros Of MIne Chest

  • Includes officially licensed collectibles from Mojang

  • Awesome Minecraft-inspired box packaging

  • Jam-packed with premium quality items

  • Mojang-licensed t-shirt in every box

  • Perfect for kids and teens

Cons Of MIne Chest

  • Prone to shipping delays

  • Only ships once every two months

  • Serves U.S. subscribers only

  • Sometimes t-shirts are mis-sized

  • Low cost-to-value ratio

Where Do You Sign-up?

With Mine Chest, the sign-up process is super easy. Simply visit their homepage here and scroll down to the bottom of the page. At the bottom you will find a three-field sign-up form where you will input your name and email address. Fill this out and hit “Subscribe”, then wait for the confirmation email to arrive.

Here's the screenshot of the sign-up section:

Minechest Signup

Once you receive the confirmation email, follow the link in the body of the text. This will take you to their Billing and Shipping form. Once this is complete, you’re all set and ready to start your unboxing adventure.

Pricing and Value

One of the few drawbacks to Mine Chest is the lack of discount subscription packages. Currently, the only subscription plan available is the standard $39.99 USD plan, which charges bimonthly. This makes each box cost a total of $40 plus applicable taxes.

Unlike other geek boxes, there is no “value guarantee”. This means that there’s no telling exactly how much retail value the contents of your box will contain. While this may sound a bit off-putting to some, based on our experience you can rest assured that you will receive your money’s worth.

Our three boxes each contained a minimum of $60 worth of value according to each individual item’s MSRP price on Amazon. So, while this comes up short in comparison to other boxes such as Loot Crate and Lootaku, Mine Chest actually includes items every Minecraft lover will appreciate and actually keep around the house.

In our view, Mine Chest offers excellent value in this regard. This is because nothing will end up in the trash bin. And honestly, the same cannot be said of the trinkets and filler that’s known to wind up in other lower-value sub boxes.

In other words, don’t fall for the price-to-value ratio on paper. Because Mine Chest has a lot more to offer than that alone. Instead, Mine Chest’s true value lies in the novelty and quality, and not the price, of its contents.

What ‘Crafters’ Are Saying About Mine Chest

Since its arrival on the scene only three years ago, Mine Chest has garnered a reputation as one of the leading new sub boxes among gamers. And their devout legion of fans certainly attests to this fact. For example, Mine Chest boasts over 100,000 ‘Likes’ on their Facebook page, several times more than other leading boxes like Lootaku.

And subscribers, for the most part, have nothing but positive things to say about their experience. One fan noted that their box was now their “nine-year-old son’s favorite subscription box”. Another remarked that their new Mine Chest box was “awesome” and “immediately recognizable” as an official Minecraft product.

But while trawling other reviews online, we did stumble across a common complaint that often plagues sub box companies. You guessed it—shipping delays. Although our boxes arrived on time, other subscribers complained that theirs arrived weeks later than expected. To prevent this, try emailing the Adventure Chest team here to ask about its shipping status early on.

Mine Chest vs. the Rest

No Mine Chest review is complete without adding a little context. Below, find out how Mine Chest measures up against other leading gaming-oriented geek boxes. Note that all prices listed are in US dollars, with shipping and handling fees included unless otherwise specified.

minechest logo
Loot Gaming Logo
TekCrates Logo
Lootaku Logo




$29 / month

$25 / month

$20 / month

+ shipping

Variety of Selection

Ease of Sign-up

Item Quality

Is It Worth It For Me?

Do you love Minecraft? Do you squirm in anticipation at the thought of a Minecraft mystery chest magically appearing at your doorstep every month? Well look no further, because Mine Chest is the geek box for you.

We consider Mine Chest to be the ideal choice for both longtime players and newcomers to the game. This way, new players will become further acquainted with the fandom and veteran crafters can enjoy real-life collectibles based on their familiar in-game experiences.

However, Mine Chest might not be worth the $40.00 bimonthly price tag if you have no interest in Minecraft at all. We get it, we’ve been there. We’ve all seen the Let’s Plays and the streamers and thought “what’s the heck is the hype all about?!”

If after all this time you still feel like you’ll never be able to get into the game, then maybe you should pass on this one. Instead, Loot Crate or Lootaku might be more to your liking, as they cater to general interest gaming fans. But for diehard fans of the franchise, you’re bound to find that Mine Chest is unlike any other geek box out there. From the exclusive 8-bit collectibles to the packaging itself.

With just a six-month subscription plan, you will end up with a tower made of life-sized Minecraft blocks. Each block-box varies according to the month’s theme, from purpur blocks to brick. This makes the physical box itself a collectible all on its own!

It’s the little things that win us over with Mine Chest. That’s why we have decided to give Mine Chest a rave review.

Coupons and Deals

If you want to squeeze the maximum value out of your subscription, use coupon code “SAVE10” at checkout. This code takes 10% off your subscription charge, which amounts to roughly $4.00 per payment.

Variety of Boxes
Value for Price
Quality of Items
Customer Service
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