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Saving money is something we all strive to do with virtually every purchase we make. With online shopping becoming more and more popular rebate sites have cropped up to help us save even more. Mr. Rebates is one such website that gives you the opportunity to earn cash back for making purchases at online retailers for things you would normally buy anyway.

Founded in 2002, Mr. Rebates quickly established itself as a legitimate cash back website. Not only do you get to earn cash back rebates for your everyday purchases, but you can also take advantage of special deals and offers through the site.

How Does It Work?

Mr. Rebates uses affiliate links to drive traffic to online vendors. Each vendor, in turn, gives Mr. Rebates a monetary incentive for pushing traffic to them. Part of this kickback is given to you in the form of cash back.

You start by signing up for a free account on the website. Once you create your account, you can start shopping right away. You will browse the various stores and coupons and click through the Mr. Rebates store to the online vendor of your choice.

From there, you will do your online shopping as normal. Once you check out, a coupon code is applied to your cart to verify the purchases and let Mr. Rebates know your account should be credited with a rebate.

Each purchase will show up with the rebate amount in your account within five days. Once you have accumulated a minimum cash back amount, you can request your payment. These payments can be deposited into your PayPal account, sent as a paper check through the mail or an Amazon gift card.

Ways to Earn Cash Back

You can earn cash back through any of the Mr. Rebates affiliate stores. Currently, Mr. Rebates boasts over 2500 online retailers including Ebay, Amazon, Walmart, and even Groupon.

You earn cash back by being a logged-in member and clicking the affiliate links from within the Mr. Rebates website. Once you click through your account is followed as you shop, and when you finalize your purchase, the merchant will notify Mr. Rebates of your cash back incentive.

This will be credited to your account, usually within five days. Some merchants will have delays due to large item return policies, and the rebate will not be credited until the return period is over. In some instances, this period can be as much as 30 days.

You can also save money through Mr. Rebates by shopping through their links. In addition to cash rebates, you can receive extra savings through coupons and Mr. Rebates Amazon cash back offers. The Mr. Rebates Amazon offers are for specific departments on the Amazon website that are offered to Mr. Rebates members.

You can easily combine offers such as price discounts and shipping discounts on top of your cash back bonus. Depending on the items you purchase, the coupons you use and the merchant sites you shop through, you can earn anywhere from three percent to forty percent cash back.

Special Offers

Mr. Rebates has a rotating weekly set of specials. These specials come in the form of huge discounts on everyday items that you are likely to purchase anyway. Each week new stores, new coupons and specials and new deals replace the previous week's options.

Once you are a member, you should make it a priority to view these specials before going on your shopping adventure. You will be able to find deals such as free shipping, item discounts or even buy one get one free options.

These specials aren’t just from some online merchant you have never heard of, but are from merchants you know, trust and shop at regularly anyway. Some of the weekly specials include deals from stores such as Old Navy, Bloomingdales, Walmart, Saks Fifth Avenue and the Banana Republic, just to name a few.

You can save a lot of money and earn higher cash back bonuses by checking out these deals every week.

Redeeming Your Cash Back

Using coupons and finding great deals on everyday items is always a good thing. However, the Mr. Rebates site is all about giving you cash back for the shopping you do through them. Earning your cash back is simple: Just click the link on Mr. Rebates website to the store you want to shop in, check out online, and you are done.

But how do you redeem your cash back once you have earned it? You must first meet the minimum required amount of cash back to redeem. Mr. Rebates requires that you have a total of at least $10 in your account before they offer a payout. However, you can request a payout at any time once your account total reaches ten dollars.

You should note that pending cash back items do not count towards your total. Even though they will show in your account, you must wait until they are approved and released before they become available for withdrawal.

Once you have accumulated enough earnings in your account to qualify for a payout, you can request a withdrawal. You will have three options for withdrawing your funds. If you select PayPal the funds will be transferred to your account within two business days.

The second option is to have a paper check mailed to you. You will avoid having to pay the fees associated with PayPal. However, the check can take up to 15 days to arrive. The final option is to have the funds put on an Amazon gift card. If you choose this option, you will receive an email within two business days that you have an Amazon card verification number.

Generally, these numbers will expire in 180 days. However, to avoid this all you need to do is log into your Amazon account, type in the number in the gift card balance area and the funds will be stored on Amazon with no expiration date.

Pros and Cons

As with anything there are bound to be advantages and disadvantages. Some may be a deal breaker for you while others may seal the deal.


  • Fast and free set up of membership account.
  • The welcome bonus is given after your first purchase.
  • Coupons offer better savings than most other sites.
  • check
    No extra steps to earn cash back.
  • check
    Cash back awards can be withdrawn at any time, once qualified.


  • No in-store options, online vendors only.
  • Must be logged-in to the Mr. Rebates site to earn cash back.
  • exclamation-triangle
    Exchanging items can nullify cash back rewards.
  • exclamation-triangle
    Most merchants will not report cash back earnings when shopping with a gift card.

Customer Reviews

In the age of online shopping, surfing and browsing, everyone has an opinion. Members of Mr. Rebates are no different. They want their voices heard loud and clear, both for the good and the bad.

Overall most of the reviews are highly positive. One member stated she has been with Mr. Rebates for over five years and has accumulated over $2 thousand in cash back, on top of her coupon savings. She went on to say that she has never had an issue that some other people are complaining about.

What complaints? Some reviewers claim they didn’t get a cash back bonus that was correctly earned. Other reports state that while the offer was there and they clicked the link, the refund never showed up.

Without knowing all the details, you have to take the complaints on a case by case basis. There are several things that you must watch out for to ensure you don’t run into any issues. For example, shopping on Amazon through Mr. Rebates will earn you a cash back award. However, this is only in certain departments. So if you buy from a department that is not on the list, even though you are on Amazon, you won’t receive a cash back award.

One thing that is noticeably not being complained about is the customer service of Mr. Rebates. All reviewers that have had to deal with Mr. Rebates customer support team had stated they had a very pleasant experience. This is backed by Mr. Rebates A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Mr. Rebates Vs. The Competition

There is a lot of competition out there for Mr. Rebates. Notably the pioneer of the online savings platform: Ebates.

Many companies have come and gone trying to get into the rebate game. Mr. Rebates was not the first, and they have advantages and disadvantages over the other companies. For example, Ebates has a higher welcome bonus ($10 instead of $5), but you have to work harder to get it.

Mr. Rebates also offers a referral bonus like most other sites. Except with Mr. Rebates, it is not a one-time pay off. Ebates, for example, will give you 25 dollars for each person that joins and completes the welcome bonus. Mr. Rebates will give you 20 percent of your referrals earnings, forever.

Building Your Strategy

The best method to save money and earn a cash back reward through Mr. Rebates is just to shop slowly. Each item on your list should be accounted for, but you may not be able to get them all in one place.

You should slow down and compare your list against the offers on the site. Be sure to check the weekly deals first and don’t be afraid to make several small purchases at several different affiliate sites, as opposed to one large purchase.

You will be able to take advantage of multiple savings opportunities and spread your cash back around by paying attention to the offers and ensuring your purchase qualifies.

The Deal Meisters’ Tip

To get the most out of Mr. Rebates, you should shop smart. Keep an eye on the weekly specials that allow you to save even more and ensure you are logged in. The higher rewards and larger savings come with paying close attention instead of just aimlessly clicking and buying.

Is It Right For Me?

Mr. Rebates works best for those that shop mostly online. Because they don’t have in-store options or telephone ordering options, the avid online shopper will find that Mr. Rebates has some of the largest savings deals with their affiliates and can offer larger cash back awards than a lot of the other similar sites out there.

If you spend money shopping online, Mr. Rebates might be worth a stop and see if their affiliate stores are ones you go to regularly. If so, one extra click to save money and earn cash back could benefit you quite well.

Deals And Coupons

Mr. Rebates offers a welcome bonus of five dollars. This is already halfway towards your first monthly cash out. To qualify for the welcome bonus, you must be a new member and create a free account.

Once the account is created and set up, you only have to make one qualifying purchase through the Mr. Rebates site. Once the sale is completed, and your rewards are released, the $5 welcome bonus will be credited to your account.

Review Summary

Mr. Rebates is an online-only cash back and coupon incentive site. By creating a free account and visiting merchants through the Mr. Rebates affiliate links, you will save money and earn cash back.

Once you have earned cash back totaling over $10, starting at the first of the month, you can have your cash back awards deposited via PayPal, as a paper money check mailed to you or as an Amazon gift card. Mr. Rebates made the process simple and streamlined to help you save while shopping online.


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