My Geek Box Review: More Options and Big Names for a Better Box?


My Geek Box was established in the UK by Patrick Mathews in 2013. (My Geek Box US has a separate website, but the same features.) Buzzfeed featured the subscription box company on their list 10 Geeky Subscription Boxes You Need Right Now.

This My Geek Box review will cover most of the things you need to know before signing up for the curated subscription box. There are lots of geek and pop culture boxes out there, and the more you know before you buy, the happier you’ll be with your choice.

What Makes My Geek Box Unique?

My Geek Box offers four types of subscription boxes – the original My Geek Box, the Kids' Geek Box, the Geek Box Lite, and the IGN Box (a box for people who like games, TV, and films.)[G1] IGN, formerly Imagine Games Network is a video game news and review site.

Unlike many other geek subscription boxes, My Geek Box can be delivered worldwide. Choose from standard and tracked delivery or get free tracked delivery with purchases over a certain amount (varies by country).

Pros Of my geek box

  • Offers four different subscription boxes

  • Partners with IGN for a mystery box

  • Has an inexpensive box option

  • Many items from Marvel and other big-name companies

  • Ships to the UK, US and worldwide

  • Every box comes with a description card

Cons Of my geek box

  • Some people receive boxes with missing or damaged items

  • Fair to poor customer service

  • No email or phone contact number. You send messages through your account.

How the Signup Process Works

Go to the account creation page (pictured below) and fill out your name, address, email and other information. (You can also sign up through Facebook.) Add your referral code (if any), and you're ready to order. You can pay using PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, One4All or Maestro. Add discount code in the box before submitting your order.

My Geek Box Sign Up

Pricing and Value

The choices offered by My Geek Box give you a better chance of receiving products that interest you or your child.

My Geek Box

My Geek Box includes a limited-edition T-shirt each month and four to seven collectibles. The order options are month-to-month ($19.99), three months ($18.99), six months ($17.99) or 12 months ($16.99).

The IGN Box

The IGN Box contains collectibles from the Black Panther and other movie blockbusters, as well as TV shows and comics. Each box has $50.00 worth of products and five to seven officially licensed items. A month to month subscription is $31.99; three months is $30.99, six months $29.99, and 12 months $28.99.

My Geek Box Kids

My Geek Box Kids offers toys, collectibles, and games for kids aged [G6] five to 11.  Two boxes are available – the Little Hero and Little Princess.  The Little Princess box has products from Disney, My Little Pony, and other media. The Little Hero box features items from Marvel, DC and other popular companies. The month-to-month box cost is $28.99, three months $24.99, six months $23.99 and one year $22.99.

My Geek Box Lite

The Geek Box Lite option is only $8.49 a month and gives customers new to geekdom (or the financially challenged) a great way to sample new gear from big names in entertainment, including Marvel, Disney, Funko and DC Comics.

My Geek Boxes are shipped out between the 15th and 20th of each month.

Public Perception (Other My Geek Box Reviews)

Reviewers praise the originality, size, and quality of collectibles in the boxes. Some recent items reviewers enjoyed included a limited edition Black Panther Dorbz Figure, a Guardians of the Galaxy Talking Raccoon plush, and a Doctor Who Sonic Spork.

The number of boxes in the items may differ from month to month. The Kids' Boxes feature full-sized toys and artsy items. A Mom reviewing the Princess Box commented that her daughter's eyes lit up when she saw the Dora the Explorer miniature doll, a My Little Pony plushie and a Magic Marker set.

There are few complaints about the size, quality, or selection of products.

My Geek Box has 501 reviews on (UK), with a 61% bad rating. The company's representatives respond to these complaints quickly, but it's hard to tell if all situations have been resolved to the customers' satisfaction. Most of the problems involve changed delivery dates, missing or damaged items and difficulty canceling subscriptions.

The sheer number of complaints in the comment section of any My Geek Box review give potential customers the idea that once you’re in, it will be hard to cancel for any reason despite the information on the website.

How It Compares

With four subscription box options (and two options under the Kids’ Box section), My Geek Box offers you more choices than most other services. They also have licensing deals with Marvel and other major entertainment companies. Bam Box and smaller companies may not have access to many of these big-name items.

Price-wise, there are different options, depending on your budget, from the $8.49 lite box to the highest priced IGN boxes. You can also choose how often you want to receive boxes before renewing –month-to-month, three months, six months, and 12 months. Most services only offer yearly or month-to-month choices. High-quality, full-sized items from popular franchises are included in boxes, including T-shirts.

The only consistent complaints about My Geek Box involve customer service, with many complaints about delivery and broken or missing items. These complaints may be due to the volume of boxes My Geek Box ships, as they are one of the larger pop culture box companies. However, given the nature of the complaints, you should think twice before signing up for the service.

Some reviewers warn that you’ll need to contact the company through their Facebook page to get any response from the company.


What do I do if I receive a damaged or incorrect item, or if an item is missing?

How does cancellation work?

How do I receive special offers?

Can I get a refund for a box?

Can I buy items separately through the My Geek Box website?

Is It Worth It For Me?

My Geek Box offers full-size official merchandise from Disney and other popular entertainment companies, so it’s a good choice for most people. The Kids Boxes are sure to surprise and please most kids, though they’re a little pricey.

These boxes are good buy for most fans of popular action, superhero and sci-fi movies. If you like more obscure or retro items, you may want to try Nick Box or Bam Box.  

Coupons and Deals

My Geek Box has a referral program to attract new customers with discounted boxes and provide current customers with credits. Customers log in to their accounts and share a unique code with their friends. After a friend signs up and spends money, the customer receives a $5.00 credit.

Customers receive their rewards 24 hours after a friend places an order. All rewarded credits expire after one year. My Geek Box promo codes are available from, and, and other promo code sites.  

Review Summary/Overview

The Positive

My Geek Box gives customers so many options that you'll probably find a box, price and a frequency that's right for you. The Kids' Boxes cost more than the adult boxes, but they contain so many quality figures, dolls and toys, your money will be well spent, and all but the pickiest kids will love it.

The Negative

The major problem with My Geek Box seems to be their customer service and delivery policies. On the screen, the policies look good, but reviews from customers and bloggers alike indicate there are many issues with it in real life.

There are no email addresses or phone numbers to contact the company, only an online form you access through your account.  Based on the information we compiled for this My Geek Box review, our ratings for this subscription box service are as follows:


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