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MySurvey is a multilingual online survey company that allows consumers like you to participate in market research for a variety of rewards. The system itself can be accessed from most devices (PCs, tablets, smartphones, etc.) through its website or an app.

They claim to have paid over $32 million worldwide to members in 2014, with rewards taking the form of money, products, gift cards, vouchers, and various other forms of payment. MySurvey is part of Lightspeed, which describes itself as a digital data collection specialist.

Lightspeed is in turn owned by Kantar, a global consumer research firm that works with small businesses, governments, and Fortune 500 companies to provide data on what consumers are interested in. That's a solid pedigree for a survey company and a definite point in its favor.

What Makes MySurvey Unique?

The information age has made it easier to gather consumer opinions - but MySurvey has been doing it for over 40 years and provides information for publications like the Conference Board's Consumer Confidence Survey.

MySurvey also claims to have the world's largest panel of consumers to give surveys to. That's difficult to fact-check, but they do cite more than 4 million members across 40 markets. Like most research sites, there's a good chance many of the cited accounts are no longer active, but you don't get signups in the millions without having a robust system.

Pros & Cons


  • Large list of potential rewards
  • Credible presence and history
  • Does not sell personal data without permission
  • check
    Has many different types of surveys, including the occasional delivery of physical products for sampling


  • Limited information on their site until after you sign up
  • Surveys can be started anytime, but are delivered in batches, so it's hard to do extra
  • exclamation-triangle
    Website could use some updating

How the Signup Process Works

MySurvey uses a one-page registration form that includes contact information. Unlike most sites on the internet, they ask for a considerable amount of personally identifying information, from your postal address to your birthday, education, employment, household income, and even your status as a grocery shopper.

Unlike on most websites, these are legitimate questions - the answers are used to help filter surveys by the kinds of people companies want to get information from. If you're part of a highly-targeted group, you'll get more surveys. On the other hand, if you're not in a major demographic, you may not have as many opportunities to earn money.

(This issue is not unique to MySurvey and shouldn't be considered disqualifying. It's just how the survey industry works.)

At the end of the signup process, you're asked to verify that you accept the terms and conditions, their privacy policy, their sweepstakes rules, and their rewards program rules. Don't skip over those - they contain genuinely important information.

If you're interested, you can get started here.

Ways to Earn Cash

MySurvey offers several ways to earn cash and other rewards. Here are the major options.


These are the most common way of earning money. Surveys take up to 20 minutes to complete and emphasize questions on subjects like vehicles, business-to-business situations, accessories, tourism, and restaurants. Some surveys may begin with qualification questions that determine whether or not you'll be able to finish the survey and earn a reward.


A rarer way to earn cash, diaries are typically mailed out instead of recorded online. With these, you're asked to record certain behaviors for a set period. While diaries can be on almost any subject, they usually relate to product questions like how often you drink beer, visit restaurants, or use sponges in the kitchen.

Diaries are often extremely specific about what they're asking for, and the extra time required means rewards tend to be proportionately better. Unfortunately, rewards can also be much slower - don't expect to cash out a diary the same day you finish it.

Product Sampling

The other rare way to earn cash, product sampling involves physical delivery of something a company wants to test. Like diaries, the amount of work involved, and the actual reward can vary wildly. Rewards may include getting to keep the product, a higher-than-usual amount of points, or another prize unique to the situation.

Some companies want additional feedback from the same group of test users, so it's possible you'll be asked to test several versions of the same product.

How Much Are Points Worth?

The actual value of points varies based on what you're trying to cash them out for. The 'cash' option, delivered through PayPal, is 1200 points for $12 (120 points/dollar). However, some users have reported finding gift cards at better rates, such as a $20 CVS card for 2,300 points (115 points/dollar) or a $25 Kohl's card for 2,850 points (114 points/dollar).

All rewards require at least 1,000 points.

Payment Options

MySurvey has a wide variety of payment options, ranging from direct cash to gift cards, physical products, and other types of rewards. In practice, most people who successfully cash out will do so for something in the $10 to $30 range - don't expect to fund your vacation by answering surveys.

Some of the most common payout options include:

  • PayPal: Direct cash payouts go through PayPal at a rate of 120 points/dollar, minimum $10. PayPal is widely used and trusted and can be configured to deliver the money right to your bank account if you link them.
  • Amazon E-Certificates: If you'd rather go shopping, MySurvey offers Amazon certificates that can be redeemed to partially or wholly pay for an order. Most people use these as a de facto discount on a larger order.
  • Macy's Gift Card: If you prefer outfits and makeup, MySurvey prominently offers Macy's Gift Cards as well. These are usually physical, so they're sent through the main and correspondingly much slower to use.
  • Bloomin' Brands Gift Cards: Bloomin' Brands includes restaurants like Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba's Italian Grill, and Bonefish Grill. Like the Macy's cards, these tend to be physical gift cards that can be brought in to help pay for a nice night out.

Notably, MySurvey requires you to sign up to see the full list of rewards. That's one thing we don't like - it can be hard to keep a website updated with an ever-changing list, but it would be nice to see a wider variety of potential rewards described.

Public Perception of MySurvey

There are quite a few MySurvey reviews available, and these help to paint a broader picture of users' experiences with the company. Unfortunately, in many cases, these reviews trend negative.

NerdWallet writer Devon Delfino noted that MySurvey has a somewhat unclear disqualification process, though most disqualifications occurred in the first few minutes. She also noted that MySurvey gave out sweepstakes entries as compensation, but the chance of actually winning something there is fairly low.

Many commentators on Sitejabber concurred with this assessment, often reporting problems like being locked out of their accounts just before they could have gotten a payout. Another common complaint on this site is that some surveys would have people complete almost the entire thing - providing useful information - only to get disqualified at the end.

Several users indicated that they felt MySurvey had gotten worse over time, with frequent server errors and a general lack of rewards. At the time of this review, Sitejabber had 105 reviews for MySurvey, and 73 of them were 1 Star. That's not promising.

Trustpilot broadly concurs with Sitejabber, with several dozen complaints about technical issues preventing people from getting their rewards. Other frequent problems cited include an inability to contact customer support and, in one case, only getting rewards for 2 out of 12 surveys completed.

This is all troubling, although it's important to keep some context in mind: If MySurvey really does have over 4 million members, as they claim, then even several-hundred people complaining about frequent errors represents a very small percentage of their users.

SurveysSay breaks from the mold with a 4/5-star review of MySurvey. They note that despite the high point requirements, slow processing times, and frequent errors, MySurvey remains popular - but other reviews have placed it in wildly different areas.

In short, MySurvey tends to result in either very positive or very negative experiences... and as time has gone on, it's definitely trended negative.

MySurvey vs. The Competition

MySurvey definitely isn't the best survey site around, though opinions vary on how far from the top it is. Most people agree that it's definitely not as good as Swagbucks (a survey site especially popular with students), and often put it under sites like Toluna, OnePoll, and Valued Opinions.

Actual rewards tend to vary based on what part of the world you're in, and prize thresholds often vary by currency, so that's worth keeping in mind when making comparisons.

If there's one area where MySurvey tends to stand out, it's the sheer number of surveys you can complete. Most people can expect to see a significant number of surveys, though this only helps if you can avoid frequent disqualification.

MySurvey Hacks

Using the right MySurvey Hack can help you get the most from your experience. First, it's important to understand the timing of the site. Most of their surveys are completed in 15-20 minutes, making them a good choice for completing during bus rides, while you're watching television, or otherwise generally idle.

It's hard to complete too many in a row - especially with the potential frustration of regular disqualifications - so we recommend focusing on trying to complete one or two each day. If you find that you're regularly failing to get points, save yourself the frustration and go to a different survey site instead.


Here are some of the most common questions people have.

Is MySurvey Free?

How Can I Earn Points?

What Kind Of Rewards Are Available?

I Have Another Question!

Let us know in the comments below, and we'll answer it if we can.

Is MySurvey Right For Me?

When you're really asking 'Is MySurvey safe?', the answer is a big old "maybe". The most common issue with MySurvey is that it's gotten less reliable over time - between long surveys that disqualify people at the end and frequent system errors that stop you from getting points at all, actually profiting from MySurvey can be frustrating at best.

It's a large company, and it has some history behind it, but you're definitely taking a gamble if you sign up. That said, many people have gotten payouts in the past - and we recommend not fully committing to MySurvey unless your early experience is positive.

For what it's worth, many people who used the site felt that the interface - while buggy - was also cleaner and easier to use than much of its competition.

Deals and Coupons

We were unable to locate any special deals or coupons for MySurvey.

Review Summary

MySurvey is a large survey site, but frequent connection and payout issues stop it from being a top recommendation. This is especially unfortunate since many people cited positive experiences during its early years. Overall, we cannot recommend MySurvey as one of our top options for online surveys - though we hope it's able to turn around, stabilize its system, and get back to the good service of its early years.

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