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Taking the time (and money) to put together a photo album to give to your boyfriend could make a big positive impact on your relationship.

But where do you start? Should the album have photos of the two of you together or just of him? Should it cover just the past year or the entire span of your relationship thus far?

Here are a couple ideas to help you craft the perfect photo album for your boyfriend.

Show Your “Together” Story

One of the most often-though-of photo album ideas for boyfriends is to make a collection of photos of the two of you together. Here’s an example:

our story begins photo book with man and woman touching hands

You could highlight some of your favorite adventures or activities that you’ve done together. Or tell the story of how you met in a creative and romantic way. How about your favorite dates you’ve been on together?

Show Off Your Boyfriend’s Accomplishments

Most people like to be reminded of their accomplishments, and I bet your boyfriend is no exception.

What sorts of things has he done that he considers noteworthy or remarkable? Has he received any awards or certificates?

You could make an album that shows of photos of him making a speech, receiving an award on stage, running through the finish line, etc. Get a little creative, like if he has a handful of certificates or physical award items, put them together and take a photo of them and put it in the album.

Be careful to avoid his accomplishments that he’s embarrassed about, even if you and other people think they’re remarkable. You want him to flip through the pages of the photo album and to feel good about himself and to feel your love and support for him.

Also be careful to make it meaningful and well thought out, but not too cheesy.

If you’re struggling to put together the photos in a meaningful way, you can use a services where you give someone your collection of photos and they’ll put it together as a photo album in a meaningful way. PikPerfect is my personal recommendation if you want that level of service and creativity.

Make A “Highlights Of The Year” Album

If this past year was filled with particularly meaningful experiences, making a “Highlights of 2019” photo book could be meaningful to your boyfriend. Especially if he accomplished something significant or if the two of you went on a special trip.

photo album with names on a plain cover

TIP: Use Your Words!

Yes of course “A picture is worth a thousand words” but that doesn’t mean your words aren’t important. Including text to accompany some of the photos in the album could be very meaningful to both you and your boyfriend.

The common “guest book” style photo album actually works well for this type of album because it give lines or blank space for you to write in the album after it’s printed. Here’s an example of what a guest book style album could look like:

guest book style photo album

Or if you’re creative, you could use a design program on your computer to write up your message and turn it into an image for the album.

If done right, you could even hand write a message, put a flower or cut-out-heart on the paper, and take a picture of that and put it in the album.

The possibilities are endless, but hopefully these tips have helped you think of some good photo album ideas for your boyfriend. Let us know in the comments below if you have a good idea that we missed!

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