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Don’t just make dinner, make it enjoyable with this meal subscription service. Plated delivers pre-portioned ingredients to your door so you can make great meals with ease. You can stop spending your days worrying about what’s for dinner tonight – it’s taken care of.

You can elevate classic favorite meals, learn new cooking techniques, and discover fresh foods with this meal kit delivery service. Whether you’re just learning your way around the kitchen or you know quite a lot about cooking, you can find something fresh with this company. Here’s our unbiased Plated review.

How It Works

When was the last time you truly enjoyed preparing a meal? If you’re like many people today, cooking dinner is probably more of a chore than a relaxing activity. After all, you must look up exciting recipes, run to at least one grocery store, and then start cooking your meal.

To make matters worse, you often end up with too much of one ingredient and not quite enough of the other. So, you end up wasting some food and driving to the store to get something else. Who could enjoy such a process? Plated aims to bring joy back to cooking.

With Plated delivery, you can make show-stopping meals that taste as good as they look. Best of all, your family can enjoy making the meals together, and you can have less stress.

The Plated process works with four steps. That means you’re just a few clicks away from a better evening.

1. Pick Your Plan

Plated is a genuinely customizable meal kit delivery service. You choose how many people you want to cook for and how many nights you want meal kits delivered. No matter your family size and need, you can find a plan that makes sense for you.

Best of all, you can change your subscription at any time. Skip or modify weeks whenever you need, no questions asked.

2. Choose Your Recipes

Each week, you get the chance to choose between 20 new recipes. Plated even has options with desserts. Take a look at the upcoming menu and pick what makes your mouth water. The list has options for omnivores, vegetarians, seafood lovers, and even people with a sweet tooth.

3. Receive Your Box

Plated packs up exactly the right portions of each ingredient and send them straight to your door. Deliveries happen between 8am and 8pm. If you’re not home during those times, don’t worry. Each box is insulated to keep food fresh.

4. Cook and Serve Amazing Meals

The last step is the best. Get out the ingredients and get cooking. The recipes are easy to follow, so you can spend more time enjoying your evening and less time fretting over complicated instructions. When you have done the cooking, enjoy a lovely meal with someone special. It’s a great way to make dinner matter.


  • Options for everyone
  • Delicious recipes
  • No food waste
  • check
    Recipes are easy to follow


  • More expensive than other options
  • Lots of packaging waste

Plans & Pricing

To choose the right Plated plan for you, consider the number of servings and how many nights you want to receive a box. Keep in mind that each serving is designed to feed either one adult or two children. There are three plan types:

Two Servings Per Recipes

The first type of plan on plated includes two servings of each meal. Below are the pricing options for this kind of plan:

2 Servings Per Recipe

2 Nights per Week

3 Nights per Week

4 Nights per Week

$47.80 per week

($11.95 per serving plus $7.95 shipping)

$71.70 per week

($11.95 per serving plus free shipping)

$95.60 per week

($11.95 per serving and free shipping)

This is enough for either two adults, one adult and two kids, or one adult and lunch the next day.

Three Servings

The second type of plan includes three servings per box. The plan options are as follows:

3 Servings Per Recipe

2 Nights per Week

3 Nights per Week

4 Nights per Week

$59.70 per week

($9.95 per serving plus $7.95 shipping)

$89.55 per week

($9.95 per serving plus free shipping)

$119.40 per week

($9.95 per serving plus free shipping)

This is a great plan for three adults, two adults with two kids, or two adults and a teenager.

Four Servings

For bigger families, Plated offers a plan with four servings per meal. Shipping is always free with this plan. The options are:

4 Servings Per Recipe

2 Nights per Week

3 Nights per Week

4 Nights per Week

$79.60 per week

($9.95 per serving)

$119.40 per week

($9.95 per serving)

$159.20 per week

($9.95 per serving)

This plan is great for families with two adults and three children, two adults and two teenagers, or family-style dining.

Customer Reviews

If you have considered subscribing to this service for a while, you may have noticed that unpaid Blue Apron reviews are difficult to come by. After all, the company does not allow reviews on its Facebook page.

It is a tightly controlled brand, but we uncovered some reviews to get a good idea of what real customers think. Overall, reviewers enjoy this service, but some have a hard time justifying the price.

Users note that the ingredients come fresh and that even the most novice chefs can follow the recipes well. The meals end up delicious and even Instagram-worthy. Many people note that they use sauces and sides they learned to make with Blue Apron on all kinds of meals.

The best way to know if a service is any good is to ask people who have used it before. So, we scoured the internet to find trustworthy and reliable Plated reviews from real customers. What we saw is a mixed bag. While some people rave about the food they made with Plated, others struggled with service.

The variety of recipes is mentioned in quite a few reports. Many people love that they can try new recipes from around the world without ever leaving home. Others appreciate the convenience and how fun it is to cook at home with family again.

Many people remarked that the food they made was delicious and that ingredients arrived fresh. However, some customers noted that the ingredients they received were rotten or wilting. It seems that the quality of the food varies widely depending on your proximity to the company’s centers.

The recipes are easy to follow, even for novice cooks. Unfortunately, Plated’s customer service isn’t as highly regarded. Many customers struggled to get refunds they were due or change their services. Finally, some customers also remarked that the food is a little less than what they expected.

Overall Customer Rating

This seems to be a love it or hate it service, with slightly more people who love it. Overall, it gets a 6 out of 10 customer rating.

Recipes Available at Plated

Plated offers recipes from all over the culinary spectrum. Here are a few examples:

Plated vs. the Competition

Plated’s two main competitors are Blue Apron and HelloFresh. All three services deliver fresh ingredients to your door with delicious recipes. When it comes to the variety of plans, Plated is better, just because it offers more options.

Price on most of these plans is about the same. However, some of Plated’s options are more expensive than their Blue Apron and HelloFresh counterparts. Based on Plated reviews, you also get less food for that money. So, the value isn’t quite as good.

Each of these services offers a wide range of recipes for all types of eaters. HelloFresh and Blue Apron appear to have better customer service, which puts Plated behind the competition in many respects.

Is It Right for Me?

If you see one of the plans that works for your family and you don’t find it on the competitor’s site, Plated may be the right delivery service for you. Furthermore, if their recipes simply seem more appealing, give this service a shot. Otherwise, another service might be a better fit.

Deals and Coupons

When you order your first week from Plated, you will receive 50 percent off that week. The company automatically applies this coupon at checkout.


Plated is a meal subscription service that allows you to stop worrying about dinner and start enjoying it instead. You just select your plan and start getting pre-portioned meals delivered to your door.


  1. Taste


    Ease of Preparation


    Variety of Meal Options


    Value for Cost


    Customer Service


    I’m not sure why these ratings are so low. We love Plated! We get the 4 person, 4 night box and if you subtract that cost from your weekly grocery bill, it’s basically a breakeven with your typical budget. Plus, it’s much healthier than boxed dinners you’d get at the store to feed a family of four!


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