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Product Testing USA is a rarity among survey sites - it focuses on physical products that you can test, ranging from products sent to your door to mystery shopping to secret reviews of restaurants. While surveys may occur, they aren't the focus of the site.

That said, it's best to think of Product Testing USA as a kind of sweepstakes site. In most cases, they don't need more than a handful of reviews for any given product - so while tens of thousands of people may sign up, the number of people who actually receive a given product is likely to be in the single digits. To help smooth things out, you can select which product categories you have a chance of receiving a product for.

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What Makes Product Testing USA Unique?

While some other survey sites have the occasional product test, they don't focus on it nearly as much as Product Testing USA does. There's no setup of taking a certain number of surveys or reviewing a certain number of products to get a reward, either. Rewards are almost always received at the time of the experience (such as getting a free meal at a restaurant in return for your review), so there's no worry about being cheated after you've done the work.

Thus, while actually being selected as a tester, shopper, or diner is rare, it's usually worth it if you are.

Pros & Cons Of Product Testing USA


  • Has tests for a variety of products
  • Allows testing products, secret dining, and mystery shopping
  • Usually gives 'rewards' ranging from tens to hundreds of dollars


  • Actually doing things is rare (many are never chosen)
  • Video recording equipment may be required
  • exclamation-triangle
    Hard to do whenever you want to

How The Signup Process Works

The signup process isn't quite as clear as it should be, but you can reach it by clicking on one of the offers on their front page. It's good to pick something that interests you but remember the odds of actually receiving that product to test are pretty darn low.

From there, you're taken to a screen that explains the offer and process in more detail. Be sure to scroll down on this page. At the bottom of the page, you'll see a series of FAQs about eligibility, use of your information, and most importantly, the reviewer requirements. If there's anything you disagree with - for example, you may not be able to get a review done within seven days of receiving something - you shouldn't sign up.

From there, a link at the top of the screen allows you to add some basic information. Later on, you'll be asked to provide a significant amount of demographic information. This helps companies determine who is eligible to receive a particular product. For example, if a beauty company wants to test cosmetics in the Latino community, the products may only be sent to female Latino's in a certain age range.

(It's rare for companies to only want reviews. Instead, it's more likely they'll seek information from specific demographics they need more data on.)

Ways To Earn Cash

Product Testing USA does not allow you to earn 'cash', per se. Instead, you are asked to interact with products in several ways, and the reward is getting to have that product. Here are the three major methods they use.

Product Testing

In this format, you're asked to test a specific product and provide a written review, a video review, and photographs of using the product. For example, if you test a pillow, you may be asked to review how it affected your quality of sleep and provide some pictures of how it looks on your bed. This is a relatively straightforward process, and the reward is being able to keep the product once you have it.

Mystery Shopper

Often considered the 'best' thing to be selected for, Mystery Shoppers are given a gift card to visit a certain store, buy products, and review their experience. The good part is that you're usually allowed to buy whatever you want within a generous range - people have reported amounts as high as $200 on the gift cards.

Like Product Testing, the real reward is being able to keep the products you were given.

Secret Diner

Secret dining is the last of the three common options (although saying any of the categories are 'common' to be selected for may be a bit optimistic). If you're chosen for this, you're asked to visit a certain restaurant, have a meal, and describe your experience. The reward is getting to have the meal, which can be a great opportunity to visit someplace new.

How Much Are Products Worth?

That varies. Products usually range from tens to hundreds of dollars, and in theory include expensive products like tablets, gaming consoles, or makeup kits. It's hard to say how many of these are actually sent out, though our feeling is that very few of the expensive items make their way into people's hands. Unfortunately, there are no specific numbers we could find, but it's likely that less than 1% of members get anything considered truly valuable.

Payment Options

As explained above, Product Testing USA does not have 'payments', exactly - you get the products or dining experiences that you get. This company is not a way to make money - it's a (low) chance to get a free product in exchange for a review, and there's really no way to do more than they pick you for.

That said, you may get lucky with your selections. For example, you may be able to turn a store shopping card into another kind of card (such as buying Amazon gift cards), or you could purchase products at a store and later resell them for a tidy personal profit. Similarly, you could probably sell or donate any product you're asked to review once you're done with it. If nothing else, it could become a small but handy tax write-off, assuming you donate it to charity.

Public Perception

We searched online, and Product Testing USA reviews generally range from average to positive. The most common complaint is the low odds of actually being picked to do something.

Robert Lawrence, writing for The Affiliate Lifestyle, noted that Product Testing USA almost certainly sells your information to other companies (which you may agree to during the signup process), which can result in getting a significant amount of spam sent to your email. This makes it helpful to use an email account specifically set up for website signups, rather than your main account.

The company also has a Facebook page. At the time this guide was written, the company had an average 4-star rating after 930 reviews - that's a solid score and not something associated with scam companies. That said, it's helpful to read what both positive and negative reviews say. Higher reviews often come from people who actually received products to test, and most of those people seem quite happy.

On the other hand, negative reviews tend to come from people with comments like "I've signed up for dozens of products and gotten nothing, so it feels like a waste of time". Factors outside your control - like your demographics - can skew things even further against you.

The consensus is that Product Testing USA is a legitimate company, but a little fishy in how it shows and sells ads.

Product Testing USA vs. The Competition

There are several other product testing sites out there, but most of them either do it even more rarely (as in the case of survey sites that occasionally do product tests) or at a similar pace. In that regard, Product Testing USA actually stacks up rather well. Mystery dining cards tend to be worth $100, while mystery shopping cards are usually $200. Even products sent to your house can be worth hundreds of dollars.

In general, product review sites don't need that many people - as long as they can hit the right demographics, they're good. You're not likely to find much better than this company, but you can definitely find worse.

(That's not to say this company gives good odds of being selected - it doesn't. But since you're never going to have good odds, you can at least focus on companies that give good rewards to the people who are selected.)

Product Testing USA Hacks

There is no Product Testing USA hack you can use to improve your chances. The only things you really need to consider are how to use products, buy things, and create reviews on the low chance you are selected.

In general, you'll want to finish shopping or using a product within three days of receiving three days in the mail. Starting your work won't be a surprise - they send you an email to confirm your selection, and you have to respond to that before you'll get anything in the mail. That gives you plenty of time to plan.

Once you're done shopping or using the product, you can use the next few days to complete the review and any other paperwork. It's always better to do this sooner instead of later since you may be liable for repayment if you don't uphold your end of the bargain.


Here are some of the common questions people have.

What Sort Of Products Could I Test?

What Are The Odds Of Actually Becoming A Reviewer?

How Much Time Should I Expect To Invest?

I Have Another Question!

Ask it in the comments below, and we'll reply if we can find an answer.

Is It Right For Me?

That depends on how much effort you want to put in. The most likely scenario is that you spend a fair amount of time filling in data about your demographics, then see no real response. However, if you are selected, you're going to get about $100-$200 of stuff in return for relatively minimal effort. Think of it like a sweepstakes you're entering, not work you're trying to sign up to do.

If you're wondering 'Is Product Testing USA safe?', the answer is yes. You may get some spam - and we recommend using a special email account for that reason, with automatic forwarding of messages from Product Testing USA. Aside from that, however, there's really nothing to worry about.

Deals And Coupons

We could not locate any deals or coupons for Product Testing USA. And, at any rate, the structure of their business is such that there's never likely to be any.

Review Summary

Overall, Product Testing USA is a solid product testing site. The rewards themselves are good, but marred a bit by a low success rate and an unfortunately high amount of spam. It's certainly not a site to try and make money off of, or to fill your house with products from, but overall it's one of the better product testing companies out there.



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