Quilty Box Review – A Detailed Look at the Monthly Subscription Service

Quilty Box Mini

Nowadays dishonest labeling has made it difficult to find products you can trust. How can you be 100% confident in your purchases when companies have been straying from the truth more than ever before.  

Longtime spa director and beauty expert, Jeannie Jarnot, created Beauty Heroes with a mission to deliver beauty you can trust. 

It all started when she discovered the prevalent use of toxic ingredients used in the spa industry, and how they might have contributed to her own infertility.

Through the entire process, Jeannie works directly with brand founders to hand select and approve each product before it is featured by Beauty Heroes.

August Quilty Box

How Does It Work?

When you become a part of the Beauty Heroes community, you are given access to their online Beauty Store or you can join their monthly subscription box service where you can discover new products on a monthly basis.

In each box you will be given one full-sized Hero Product and a deluxe Sidekick product, although some months you may be given more depending on a set of factors. 

When you become a member, you will also receive a 15% discount in their Beauty Store, insider exclusives and early access to new product launches.

Beauty Heroes make it their mission to be a go-to trusted source for beauty, and they take great pride in exceeding customer needs.

In addition to gaining access to an online store and monthly subscription service, subscribers will be let into the Circle of Trust. This exclusive circle is made up of an esteemed group of health and beauty professionals who share their expertise as contributing authors and guest collaborators.


  • Cruelty-free

  • All-natural

  • Full-sized products

  • Responsive customer service

  • New rewards all the time


  • More pricey

  • Not as many well-known brands
Quilty Box Options

Plans & Pricing

The typical shipment consists of one Hero product and a Sidekick trial size, but this varies from time to time depending one how they can best introduce you to a brand and their Beauty Heroes.

Even though the number of products may vary, each of their monthly discoveries are valued at at least $90. Subscriptions automatically renew, but can be cancelled at any time.

Beauty Heroes ships anywhere within the United States -  shipping is included in the cost of subscription. All United States orders under $75 from their online beauty shop have a flat $5.95 shipping fee, but all orders over this threshold receive free shipping!

Beauty Heroes offers three different types of memberships to choose from their subscription service.  

3 Months - $115 ($38.33/month)

This subscription plan is one of the most popular among new members. The short time frame allows you an easy out just in case you end up disliking their services.

6 Months - $225 ($37.50/month)

Choose this plan and you will receive a half-year's worth of products from Beauty Heroes. This is the perfect middle if you don't want your subscription at either end of the extremes.

12 Months - $450 (37.50/month)

If you choose this subscription plan, you will receive products for an entire year. If you do the math, all of your products combined value at $1,080. If you subtract this from the actual price you're paying, that's a $630 difference! Talk about getting your money's worth.

All orders that meet a threshold of $125 after discounts and before shipping costs are eligible for their Love More gift with purchase.

If you like your subscription, you have the option to refer some friends for some extra rewards. When you login to your account, click on the button at the top of the My Account page to share your referral link with friends and family. This link can be shared via social media, email, or directly from the website. 

Customer Reviews

Customer feedback can hold a lot of weight when it comes to sizing up a potential product or service. If the majority of reviews are positive then it's likely you'll have a positive experience, and vice versa. In this case, most Beauty Heroes reviews had nothing negative to say.

In Beauty Heroes reviews, customers were very impressed with their services. Besides their all-natural products, one of their favorite factors was customer service. The majority of feedback praised the company's responsiveness. Their professionalism and genuine care for their customers really shines through their customer service. That's a quality that's hard to find in a lot of companies these days. 

If there were any complaints, it was that some customers wished that Beauty Heroes offered more products in some of their boxes. Some months you'll only receive 2 products.

Besides that, things were generally positive in regards to the essence of Beauty Heroes. If you've had your own experience with Beauty Heroes, tell us what you think! You can leave a review in the comments below.

The Competitors

With hundreds of options to choose from, it can be hard to know which beauty subscription box to go with. Let's take a look at how Beauty Heroes compares to one of their biggest competitors, Petit Vour. 

Both subscription boxes are similar in that they are all-natural and cruelty-free. Their products are both safe for people and the environment around us.

Beauty Heroes is different in that they work directly with brands all over the world to provide their subscribers with a diverse array of products to discover. Most of Petit Vour's products are made by the company itself.

Petit Vour is certainly the cheaper option -  Beauty Heroes is priced at almost double the amount. If you are looking for more diversity, though, then Beauty Heroes is the brand for you. Their products are sourced from all over the world, so you will be able to experience cool brands that you normally wouldn't get to try.

Both are great when it comes to providing a healthy beauty alternative, but in the end it comes down to what you are looking for. Whether it be a reasonable price, or a more exciting testing experience it all depends on the consumer.

After reading this you may think that Petit Vour is more up your alley. If that's the case, then check out our full Petit Vour Review to learn more. 

October Quilty Box

Product Quality

Quality over quantity is the new way to shop. At Beauty Heroes, products are 100% safe for topical use, and they always make sure to select products with ingredients that are good for you.

Before anything makes the shelf, it has to meet their ingredient standard. All products that pass this standard are organic, biodynamic, and curated by companies that care about your health and the health of our planet. If you are unsure about anything that is used in their products, they provided a detailed ingredient intel of each of their selections.

Beauty Heroes care so much about the wellbeing of their customers that they keep track of all things that you are allergic to, so you never have to worry about having an unexpected allergic reaction.

All Hero products are full-sized, and you will receive free samples and gifts with every purchase.

They also have a section in their Beauty Store where you can buy products in sample or travel sizes. This is convenient if you want to experiment before you commit to buying the full size. If there is something specific that you want to sample, you can contact their customer care team at hero@beauty-heroes.com and they will do their best to help you out.

Is It Right For Me?

If you're looking for a fresh take on beauty and skincare, Beauty Heroes is the subscription box for you. By choosing Beauty Heroes you are guaranteed products that are freshly made, directly from their brand partners. 

If you're someone who's looking to get your hands on brands like TooFaced or Urban Decay, you may want to look elsewhere. What's special about Beauty Heroes is that it's more of a discovery box, so you get to experiment with lesser-known brands that are cruelty-free and healthier.

Deals and Coupons 

Right now Beauty Heroes is offering a free copy of Be Your Own Beauty Hero, an eBook created to empower you with the knowledge and resources you need to make healthy beauty choices, to all new members! Subscribe and get your free copy today.


If you enjoy crafting, then you probably make more than your fair share of trips to a craft store. You're there so often that you usually encounter the same fabric and pattern selection. In between projects, maybe you have ventured outside your crafting comfort zone and visited other stores to get some variety.

So far, you've only had some success with finding a new selection more often than every four months or so. Much of what you've discovered in your experience is that craft, and fabric stores usually stock seasonally. You've become a bit restless and want to think outside the box when it comes to your crafty creations.

Well, perhaps the answer to being outside the box is to order one. Monthly subscription services are becoming popular these days, with offerings that vary from wine to paper supplies. In the crafting arena, Quilty Box is one entrant that is worth taking a closer look at.

Between colorful designs and quality products, it provides anyone who loves to craft and quilt the chance to have a little variety in what might otherwise be a drab and carbon-copy world. We take a closer look at the product below to give you all the information you need to be able to decide whether this subscription service is right for you.

What Is Quilty Box and How Does It Work?

Quilty Box is a monthly subscription service that provides you with quilting supplies every month. The box is centered around a featured artist's style, which typically means you don't get much duplicative content throughout the year. Since there is such a wide variety of quilters and techniques, your haul will be unique every month. Think of it as a quilt in the box being delivered to your front door.

The boxes ship on the 11th of every month, which, depending on where you live, means you could be working on your new creation by the 14th. One reviewer likened it to be receiving a birthday present every month because you never know what you're going to get, but it's always amazing products.

Quilty Box Logo

The materials are only high-end and valued over $60. Their web page doesn't give you exact details on current boxes or even past boxes; however, they do provide some generalities of what previous boxes have contained. There are four to five high-quality products. Precut fabric bundles are included and may come in 2.5-inch strips, 5 or 10-inch squares, half-yard bundles or fat quarter bundles. Patterns, thread, or notions are also included, although the product you get and the amount is unknown until your box shows up.

When we looked further into past boxes, we were able to find pages where customers revealed what was in the box for a specific month. For example, we found the box sent in March 2018. It contained the supplies to make a cute quilt with bunnies on it. The items in that box were listed as follows:

  • Aurifil thread
  • Glow-line tape
  • Machine oil ToolTron
  • That Purple Thang little foot
  • Jade and Cottontail pattern bundles from Inspiration magazine
  • Terrarium fat quarter bundle by Robert Kaufman

The finished product appears to be the size of a crib or lap quilt, but we did not find any specific dimensions listed. We did find it colorful and very cute.

How Much Does the Service Cost?

Quilty Box is one subscription service that really gives you options, not just in subscription type but also in products. They have three different boxes to choose from, and none of them appear to be precisely the same. In fact, one offering is limited edition and only sent quarterly for a year. All box subscriptions include shipping unless you are an international customer, then shipping rates will vary.

There are four subscription options offered by the company. There is a slight price advantage in signing up to receive the product for multiple months; however, it is not too substantial of a cost savings. The most extended option presented is a year. There are month to month, three month and six months plans that are also available. The six-month plan seems to be the most popular, which makes sense.

Quilty Box Homepage Screenshot

People want to be sure that it is something they will use before committing to the full year. When you subscribe to the multi-month plans, you pay in full. If you decide to just go with the month-to-month option, you will be billed on the 21st of each month. One good thing about starting out month-to-month is you can decide if you like the products enough, and then you can always increase that at any time. You must change your subscription preference prior to the 21st of the month, so you don't get double billed.

If you are a new subscriber, Quilty Box offers a $10 discount on your first order if you provide your email address. We wanted to make sure this was a legitimate offer, so we went through the steps to obtain our discount. Once you submit your email address, they send you a voucher good for $10 off your first order by providing a specific discount code.

This seems simple enough and does give you a further incentive to give the product a try. If you decide not to continue with the service or if you choose never to try it, you may want to opt out or unsubscribe from the emails.

Below we've listed the three different box types currently offered, along with their subscription options.

Quilty Box Classic

Jinny Beyer Box

This box is a limited-edition special subscription that only lasts for a year. It gives you Jinny Beyer's entire color story and it is for anyone who wants to expand his or her color theory. The colors presented in the preview look very deep. It is only available in two subscription options, outlined below.

The third option is a mini box that is perfect for those who are just getting their feet wet in the world of quilting. It allows a few supplies, tips and tricks that will help a beginner gather the materials and fundamentals needed to become a full-fledged quilter. This is also an excellent choice for those who keep a minimal amount of supplies on hand, and want to quilt while traveling. If you or someone you know likes to take a small project along on a vacation or even to the office to work on during lunch, this might be a great choice to get started.

We looked at the reviews of some past mini boxes and found that they contain materials to create a sample quilt. Like the classic, the box held fabric and a pattern inspired by the artist of the month. The instructions and interview with the artist were also included. It seems that this is, in fact, is more geared toward the beginner quilter who isn't quite sure of the materials needed, and who is really looking to tackle something small to gain confidence in quilting.

What Makes Quilty Box Unique?

Because a different artist inspires each box, there is virtually no chance that you will ever get the same project to do. Therefore, if you are looking for unique and limitless quilting projects, a subscription such as the one provided by Quilty Box is perfect for you. Let's face it, everyone hits a rut or feels like they're creating the same exact thing just in different colors over and over again.

A service like this one allows you to get an injection of fresh creative materials monthly, which in turn will inject some of that uniqueness back into your creative routine. Getting some inspiration is always a good thing for creatives, and variety is a great way to hone your quilting skills. Since the company offers different subscription boxes at different subscription prices, there is something to fit every person’s needs.

Quilty Box Classic
Jinny Beyer Box
Quilty Box Mini

It appears that they also do special edition boxes yearly, such as the Jinny Beyer box. This means if you are interested in that specific box, not only will it go away at some time, but it will also be replaced with a new one. This just adds more variety to an already diverse product offering.

If you enjoy patronizing a business that supports a good cause, then this will also be a positive for you. With every multi-month subscription, Quilty Box donates 5% of the profits to Quilts for Kids. This organization is a non-profit that creates and donates colorful and comforting quilts to kids in need. These kids may be sick in the hospital with life-threatening illnesses, and the colorful quilt gives them a splash of warmth and light in an otherwise grim situation.

Some of the quilts are given to kids who have been the victims of abuse and neglect and are now in shelters or foster homes. Not only can you get something that will help improve and advance your creativity, but you can also help support a cause that helps those who need hope the most. It's a win-win.

What Is the Public Perception of Quilty Box?

We decided to check out some of the reviews of the product to give you a better idea of what those who purchase think of it. All in all, we found very positive and glowing reviews and recommendations. One reviewer likened the box to a birthday present to herself every month, except she doesn't know what it's going to be. Another said she received hers as a gift, and it helped resurrect her defunct quilting hobby.

People in general enjoyed the quality of the products included in the boxes. There were many comments about the tools and gadgets that are also included, and how even if you don't wind up using them long-term, you may be able to gift them to someone who will. The instructions and bios included with each box were also highly reviewed. Many of the comments made were from people who were new to quilting or just wanted something new and refreshing in their quilting routine.

We did find some negative reviews concerning the Jinny Beyer boxes. We saw more than one comment to the effect that the box contained patterns that were already free on Jinny Beyer's website, and that the quality of the materials didn't seem to be up to the standard expected. One comment was made that Jinny Beyer's signature style piece, a horizontal stripe border, was not even included in any of the four boxes.

What Do We Think About the Quilty Box Subscription?

All in all, we believe that the product offered by this monthly subscription service is worth a try. If you enjoy creating beautiful and long-lasting quilts, then this box is going to be right up your alley. It gives you the fuel to keep those creative fires burning month after month.

One of the best aspects of the service seems to be the quality of the products included. Too often, we see these monthly boxes, and after reviewing them, come to the conclusion that they aren't worth it due to shoddy and cheap materials that aren't worth the price. This is not how we feel about researching this product.

Whether you're just starting out as a quilter or you've been at it for many years, a subscription box like the one offered by Quilty Box may be just what you need to take your skill to the next level. Plus, you can stop wandering up and down fabric aisles looking at the same offerings month after month. Now you can wait to receive your own little dose of inspiration delivered right to your door.


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