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Restasis (cyclosporine ophthalmic emulsion) is the only medication obtainable by prescription with a proven track record of stimulating tear production naturally. Chronic dry eye disease is a condition that Restasis can be used to treat. Chronic dry eye creates eye inflammation that suppresses real tear production. Patients with tear duct plugs or using anti-inflammatory drops for their eyes did not experience increased tear production with Restasis.

Each milliliter (mL) contains an active ingredient of cyclosporine 0.05 percent and inactive ingredients of glycerin, castor oil, polysorbate 80, carbomer copolymer type A, purified water, and sodium hydroxide to adjust pH.

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Chemical structure of Restasis (triamcinolone acetonide)

Restasis Coupon (Discount Card)

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Manufacturer’s Coupon

Allergan, Inc., the manufacturer of Restasis, offers a discount savings card that may allow you to pay as little as $35 for a 90-day supply of Restasis single-use vials.

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Proper Usage

  • Do not allow the vial or bottle tip to touch any surface, including your eye.
  • Before using Restasis, gently shake the vial until you see color consistency throughout the liquid.
  • Space doses 12 hours apart and use one drop of RESTASIS® twice a day in each eye.
  • ​Take out contact lenses at least 15 minutes prior to using Restasis. Contact lenses should not be put in until at least 15 minutes after application.
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    Wait at least 15 minutes after applying Restasis before using artificial tears.
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    Each single-dose vial should be discarded after use.
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    Any increase in real tears you notice with Restasis will only continue with correct daily use.

Chronic dry eye disease is a chronic condition without a permanent cure. It is treatable, and Restasis can help. Restasis should be used daily and continuously as prescribed by your eye doctor. Individual patients may obtain different results.

Restasis is not artificial tears. Artificial tear products provide temporary eye lubrication and reduce eye dryness but do not help you make more of your own tears. Prescription Restasis is the only tested option that can increase natural tear production.

Dosage and Strength

Restasis is available in single-dose vials as a 30-day (60 vials) or 90-day (180 vials) prescription. Restasis MultiDose comes in a 5.5-mL bottle and is intended to be a 30-day supply.

Restasis MultiDose may be a great option if you prefer your eye drops in a bottle. The 5.5-mL bottle contains the same preservative-free Restasis formulation found in Restasis single-use vials. Restasis MultiDose uses less plastic in packaging, is the same price in comparison to a package of single-use vials and is more compact.

Any physician can prescribe Restasis.

Side Effects

Restasis should not be used if you have an allergy to any of the ingredients. The bottle or vial tip should never be allowed to touch any surface, including that of your eye. This will help prevent eye injury or contamination. If wearing contact lenses, do not use Restasis. If you wear contact lenses, take them out 15 minutes prior to using Restasis. Wait 15 minutes after each dose before putting the lenses back in your eyes.

The most common side effect is a temporary burning sensation. Other side effects include blurred vision, discharge, eye redness, foreign body sensation, stinging, watery eyes, itching and eye pain.

Drug Interactions

Discuss with your eye doctor any other medications you may use. Restasis can be used with artificial tears with a minimum wait of 15 minutes between applying products.

Patients having tear duct plugs or using eye drops for inflammation did not experience an increase in tear production.

Restasis is gluten-free and does not contain oats, wheat, corn, spelt, rye, barley, or ingredients derived therefrom.


Do not wear contact lenses while applying Restasis. Lenses should be removed from your eyes at least 15 minutes prior to using Restasis. Lenses can be put back in 15 minutes after applying drops.

Do not use artificial tears within 15 minutes of a Restasis dose.

If you are a patient who had cataract surgery, discuss with your ophthalmologist or optometrist whether Restasis is right for you.

Do not use medication after its expiration date.

Safe Storage

Store at 59°-77° F (15°-25° C).

All medicines should be kept out of the reach of children.

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There is currently no generic option available for Restasis in the United States.


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