Scentbird Review – Always Sniff Before You Buy

Scentbird Review

Almost everyone has had the embarrassing problem of a “perfume graveyard” — stacked bottles of designer perfume collecting layer of dust on your dresser. Scentbird was created to provide an alternative to this dilemma that is both practical and exciting.

Based in New York, Scentbird is a subscription service where members can try out new fragrances on a monthly basis. Over the years, Scentbird has received a lot of press concerning their services. It has been featured by big names like Forbes, Business Insider, and Refinery29.

How Does It Work?

Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for one bottle of fragrance, Scentbird allows you to try various scents without the regular inconvenience of travelling to the store and paying the unreasonable fees.

Each month, members will receive a 30 day supply of the fragrance of their choice. You can find your dream scent match searching by brand, mood, occasion or personality. Scentbird's TruScent™ Recommender holds thousands of scent profiles which helps you in choosing the fragrance that is right for you.

Once your order leaves the warehouse, you will be receive an email notification of its shipment along with a tracking number to help you monitor the delivery progress. For each order, the delivery time may vary according to the fragrance you’ve selected. As customers use up their new fragrance they will need more thus a new one is shipped each month. That way, no fragrance is left to collect dust on the shelf.

Scentbird Logo


  • Affordable price
  • 100% authentic fragrances
  • TruScent™ Recommender


  • Possible shipping delays
  • Automatic shipping

Plans & Pricing

If you are a first-month subscriber, your Scentbird package should ship from headquarters within a few days of your order. Make sure to choose your first scent within 12 hours. You can always change your fragrance if something new catches your eye, just make sure to do so before the 5th of next month which is the lock-in deadline starting with your second scent. 

By the second month, all subscribers fall on the regular billing and shipping cycle. This means that you’ll be billed on the 5th of each month, and can expect your package to ship around the 3rd week of each month. The package normally arrives within 7 to 10 days.

Listed below are the payment plans that Scentbird offers to their subscribers:

1 Month Package


3 Month Package


6 Month Package


12 Month Package


For a full supply of your favorite perfumes, Scentbird keeps things reasonable. Each payment plan is a viable option, it just depends on the subscriber. If you're new to Scentbird and just want to test the waters, then the monthly package may suit best for you. If you are a seasoned subscriber, then the 12 month package may be an easier option.


Customer Reviews

With quality products and a fair price, what could possibly go wrong? Scentbird reviews were generally positive, but no company is perfect. There were numerous complaints of delayed shipping; fragrances took between one to two months to deliver after payment.

Additionally, Scentbird ships their products automatically once you subscribe, which can result in unexpected charges if you're careful. Despite these obvious setbacks, Scentbird's customer service team does take time to recognize their mistakes. Some subscribers have claimed to receive an extra fragrance as an apology for the long shipping delay.

On a more positive note, Scentbird allows members to cancel their subscription at any time. This is a great feature in comparison to other websites where accounts are much more difficult to cancel. Want to share your own thoughts about Scentbird? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below.


Scentbird vs Competitors

According to my own findings, there is nothing quite like Scentbird. It's unique in that it is one of the only beauty boxes to focus exclusively on fragrances. There are some companies like Sephora Play that offer a sample fragrance as an added bonus to their monthly boxes, but when it comes to perfume there is nothing as far-reaching as Scentbird.

Product Value

Scentbird offers over 450 designer fragrances to choose from like Dolce & Gabanna, Gucci, or DKNY. Each month, members get a generous supply of fragrance (0.27oz/ 8ml) in a travel-friendly spray. Each bottle equates to about 140 sprays – enough to apply more than 4 times daily for 30 days.

If you're new, you will receive a sleek, white case with your first order. Scentbird offers 100% authentic fragrances that provided by authorized vendors or by the brands directly. This means that you'll never have to worry about receiving fake fragrances.

Is It Right For Me?

Everyone's different, which is why it's important to pick a beauty box subscription that is right for you. If you are looking to try out some new fragrances while still keeping to a budget, you may find Scentbird to be the best choice.

Overall, anyone who has a tight schedule or wants to try something new would like Scentbird. Since Scentbird focuses exclusively on men and women's fragrances, it may not be a good fit for someone who is looking for more than just perfume. In this case, they might like a box from Sephora Play because they include a bonus fragrance with their cosmetics.


Referrals & Promotions

Anyone who subscribes using Scentbird's standard coupon is entitled to 25% off their first month subscription, as well as $15 credit towards any full-size bottle purchase. You can use any coupon code on the checkout page by clicking the “Have a coupon code?” option, which will open a bar for the coupon code to be applied after you click the “Apply” button.

If you are currently subscribed to Scentbird, head to the referral page for your unique referral link and to send e-mail invites or share your code on social media for your friends and family. Each time a friend subscribes using your unique referral code, both of you will earn one free month for your Scentbird subscription.

Additionally, for a limited time Scentbird is offering 2 Gift Sets for the price of $99! Normally set at the price of $119.90, there are a variety of sets to choose from. Each one has its own unique theme and includes 3 deluxe fragrances. Click here to get this limited time offer.


  1. Quality of Products


    Value For Cost


    Customer Service


    Scentbird is great there’s honestly nothing like it. I always feel better when I have a nice perfume on. The only problem I’ve had if any, is that took me forever to choose a fragrance! I’m a very indecisive person so it took me a while to decide on one lol. But besides that, nothing but praise!


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