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Underwear.  We pretty much all wear them, but we might not spend much effort obtaining them.  You might grab a 5-pack at the store or pick up a few if they’re on super-sale.  But for the most part, you probably wear your underwear until it falls apart.

Enter Splendies.

Splendies is an underwear subscription service that will send you three new pairs of underwear each month.  They have a variety of packages and pricing that can make buying underwear, a necessary chore, fun.

What Makes Splendies Unique?

The most prominent feature of Splendies is that they only provide underwear.  There are tons of fashion subscription services out there that focus on clothes, shoes, and accessories.  Splendies only sells underwear.  

Splendies is also a little cheaper than other underwear subscription services, and they have a variety of plans that can save you money the longer you use the service.  They also have coupons and deals throughout the year, so if you want to give it a try, you can at a discounted price.

Pros and Cons


  • You have a say in the style of underwear you receive
  • Cancellation available at any time
  • Cheaper than other underwear subscription services
  • Online shop offers discounted underwear outside of subscription boxes


  • No say in exact patterns or colors
  • Sizing is said to be a bit small
  • Returns may not be available

How the Signup Process Works

You can quickly sign up for Splendies and start getting new underwear delivered to your house.  First, you choose between their Splendies line or their Volupties line.  The Splendies line carries sizes small to extra-large.  Volupties’ sizes start at 1X and go all the way up to 3X.  

Once you choose the right line, you select your size.  Then you have the option of getting a box of all thongs, no thongs, or a surprise variety package.  After you pick that, you can choose the type of subscription you would like and how often you pay.  

After your subscription process is complete, you should get a new box every month between the 11th and the 19th depending on where you live.  If you decide you want to stop the service, you can notify the company and cancel at any point.  

Pricing and Value

Pricing for a Splendies starts at $13.99 per month for the classic line and $16.99 per month for the Volupties line.  However, you can choose between different packages for each line.  For Splendies there are:

  • check
    1 month ​​​​for $13.99
  • check
    3 months for $40.50 ($13.50/box)
  • check
    6 months for $79.98 ($13.33/box)
  • check
    12 months for $156.00 ($13.00/box)

The Volupties packages are similar in structure but a little more expensive.

  • check
    1 month for $16.99
  • check
    3 months for $49.97 ($16.49/box)
  • check
    6 months for $98.00 ($16.33/box)
  • check
    12 months for $192.00 ($16.00/box)

As you can see, the bigger the package, the less you pay per month.  If you choose the one-year package for either line, you can save $11.88.  If you do choose to get a three, six, or twelve-month package, you must pay the full cost upfront.  

Overall, this is a reasonably good deal on underwear.  Even if you choose the monthly package, you only end up paying about $4.66 per pair of underwear.  Choose the one-year package, and you only pay $4.33.  You can also buy inexpensive underwear through their shop if you don’t want to get new underwear every single month.  

You can also save money by referring friends to Splendies.  For every three friends that join Splendies, you can get a free month of underwear.

Public Perception

The overall consensus on Splendies underwear is that for the price, they are pretty good.  Most customers said that the underwear they received wasn’t the highest of quality, but they weren’t overly concerned with that.  

One big problem that many first-time subscribers ran into were sizing issues.  Many found that the undies they got were a bit too small and they couldn’t send them back.  Splendies does provide a sizing chart to help you accurately pick your size.  You can also size up from your average underwear size to make sure they fit.  

Other than sizing problems, most people enjoyed the package every month and found a few pairs of underwear that they really liked.  They weren’t expecting the highest quality underwear, and they liked that they didn’t have to go out and by new unmentionables.  

How It Compares

There are quite a few underwear and lingerie subscription services available, and Splendies holds their own among them.  One of their best features is that they are cheaper than most services.  BootayBag is a little less expensive at $12 per month, but they only send two pairs of underwear.  

There are other subscription services like Adore Me and Wantables Intimates that offer more lingerie options such as bras and bralettes.  These boxes also allow you to pick the exact underwear that you receive so there is less chance that you’ll get a pair you don’t like.  The services that offer bras and underwear do tend to be more expensive though.   

Splendies is one of the most accessible subscriptions services to use though.  Once you choose a line, size, variety, and plan you don’t have to worry about anything else other than opening your box each month.  It’s also very easy to cancel a subscription, and most customers have not had a problem with this.  


How can I cancel my subscription?

Can I change the size of my underwear after I already have a subscription?

Is there a shipping fee?

What happens if I get a damanged pair of underwear?

Why do some pairs of underwear not have tags? Does that mean they aren't new?

If you have any other questions about Splendies that this review hasn’t answered, you can always leave a question in the comment section.  We can try to answer them as best and fast as possible.

Is It Worth It For Me?

If you are someone that doesn’t like to shop for underwear or just don’t have the time to get out there and do it, Splendies might be an excellent choice for you.  It is a very basic service, and there are no hidden fees or charges.  You get to choose the cut (thong, no thong, or surprise pack) as well as how often you receive underwear.  

The one downside is that you don’t get to choose the exact underwear you get.  If you are particular about your undergarments, then you might want to find a subscription service that allows you to choose the underwear you receive.  If you need more under things like bras or bralettes, you might also want to find a service that includes those as well.

Overall though, Splendies is a good choice for anyone on a budget as they provide some of the least expensive packages.  Also, because it is easy to cancel it’s a good option for anyone who just wants to try it out to see if it works for them.  

Value for Price
Variety and Originality
Quality of Products
Ease/Convenience of Subscription
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